Indian American artist and printmaker Zarina Hashmi: Biography, Birth Chart, Net Worth Family, Career, Awards, and Death at 83.

Zarina Hashmi biography
Zarina Hashmi biography

Personal Information of Zarina Hashmi.

Nick NameZarina
Birth Date16 July 1937
Birth PlaceAligarh, Uttar Pradesh
MotherFahmida Begum
FatherSheikh Abdur Rashid
Kishwar( Sister)
Husband Saad Hashmi
Death date25 April 2020
Death PlaceLondon
ProfessionIndian American artist
Net Worth $5 Million
Personal Information

Zarina Hashmi BirthChart.

Date of Birth16 July 1937
Time of Birth12:00:00( Unknown)
Place of BirthAligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Day of BirthFriday 
Zodiac SignLibra
Sun SignCancer
Birth Chart information

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Who is Zarina Hashmi?

Zarina Hashmi was an Indian American artist and printmaker. Zarina showcases her versatility in printmaking, employing diverse mediums such as intaglio, woodblocks, lithography, and silkscreen, often creating print series to evoke different locales or concepts.

Zarina-Hashmi bio, birth chart, age, death , career, family and husband

Zarina Hashmi Early and Family Life:

Zarina Hashmi was born on  16 July 1937 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. During the partition of Pakistan and India in 1947, her family moved to Karachi.

She married a foreign service diplomat at the age of 21. Her married was the beginning of her traveling to different countries. She travels to different countries like Paris, Japan, America, and Benkong. As said traveling to different places is a good source of gaining knowledge.

Spending time in different countries make her knowledgeable in printmaking and art movements. She always got sported by her lovely sister, named Rani. Her sister Rani always Supported and encouraged her in her artwork. Her source of inspiration was always her lovely family and husband.


Zarina Hashmi Parents


Sheikh Abdur Rashid: Sheikh Abdur was father of her who was a history professor at Aligarh University in India.


Fahmida Begum: Fahmida Begum was a mother of her. She was a housewife.

Zarina Hashmi Siblings:

She had four siblings Hamid(brother), Saeeda(Sister), Aslam(Brother), and Kishwar( Sister). Kishwar who was also called ‘Rani’ was one of the most supportive person in her career. Zarina was the 5th child of her parents and the youngest one of her siblings.

Zarina Hashmi Husband

Saad Hashmi: At the age of 21 she tied the knot to Saad Hashmi in 1958. She first met her husband at Aligarh University, and both were a student in the same class.

Saad Hashmi had service in Foreign Services that made Zarina Hashmi travel abroad. Her traveling to different countries helped her a lot to broaden her knowledge of arts, especially in printmaking.


She had never openly talked about her Children. Right now we do not have any such information. But in the future, if we get any such information in our hands, then we will definitely inform you.

Zarina Hashmi Education.

She obtained her Honours bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1958.

After she learned various types of printmaking methods from Thailand.

In Paris Studio Atelier 17, she sharpens her knowledge of printmaking.

Zarina Hashmi Career.

Zarina Hashmi was the one who brought a unique way of perspective to the world of art. Her artwork includes drawing, printmaking, and sculptures.

Her art symbol includes featured symbols that evoke the idea of movement, emigration, and deportation. Her symbol also includes the geometrical elements of the Islamic religion for decoration.

Zarina Art Work
Zarina Art Work

In 2011, she proudly represented India and influenced the audience with her heart-touching art at the 54th Venice Biennale.

Zarina’s unique approach to art was celebrated globally through the “Zarina: Paper Like Skin” exhibition in 2012 at the Hammer Museum of Los Angeles.


Her exhibition was further represented at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, making her artistic talent more recognizable and applicable to the world of art.

Zarina played an active role as a board member of the New York Feminist Art Institute and also taught papermaking workshops at the affiliated Women’s Centre for Learning, empowering women artists and promoting feminist art.

Google Commemorated Zarina’s 86th birthday with a Captivating Google Doodle, showcasing her remarkable works and celebrating her artistic legacy.

Google-doodle-celebrates-Zarina-Hashmi- 86th-Birthday
Google-doodle-celebrates-Zarina-Hashmi- 86th-Birthday

Zarina Hashmi Awards

1969President’s Award for Printmaking in India
1974A Japan Foundation Fellowship, Tokyo
1988Printmaking Workshop Fellowship, New York
2017Residency Award at New York University’s A/P/A Institute
2017Artist in Residence at the University of Richmond

Zarina Hashmi Books.

2007Weaving Memory: 1990-2006
2018Directions to My House
Books by Zarina Hashmi

Zarina Hashmi’s Net Worth

She had a net worth of about $5 Million as estimated at the time of her death in 2020.

Zarina Hashmi Death

Due to a Chronic disease called Alzheimer’s, she passed away on the 25th of April 2020 in London.


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