Simrat Kaur(Gadar2 Actress Muskaan): Biography/Wiki, Family, Birth Chart, Career, Controversy and More.

Simrat Kaur known as Muskaan of Gadar2 Movie. She is the well-promeninet actrees of Telugu industry. Let’s Unlock her journey from her hometown Bhayandar to Bollywood.

Simrat Kaur Biography
Simrat- Kaur Biography

Who is Simrat Kaur?

Simrat Kaur Randhawa, also known as Muskaan of Gadar2, is a popular Indian Telugu actress. Her portrayal of Muskaan, the love interest of Utkarsh Sharma, in Gadar2 captivated audiences and helped establish her as a rising star in Bollywood. Although Simrat has acted in numerous Telugu films, her standout role in Gadar2 remains a defining moment in her career.

Personal information.

Full NameSimrat Kaur Randhawa
Nick NameSimrat Kaur
HometownBhayandar( Mumbai)
Date of Birth16 July 1997
Birth PlaceAmritsar, Punjab
FatherNot known
MotherRanjeet Kaur Randhawa
SiblingsAmrit Paramdeep Kaur(sister)
School/ CollegeKishinchand Chellaram College
ProfessionIndian Actress and Model
Net Worth10 Crore
Personal Information

Simrat Kaur Birth Date, Age and Birth Chart.

Date of Birth16 July 1997
Time of Birth12:00:00 AM( Unknown)
Place of BirthAmritsar, Punjab
Day of BirthWednesday 
Zodiac SignScorpion 
Sun SignGemini 
Birth information


Simrat kaur Kundli
Simrat-kaur Birth Chart

Zodiac Sign: She is a Scorpio Zodiac. Scorpio individuals are very mysterious individuals. They have high determination, passion, and mysterious nature.

ANURADHA Nakshatra: Anuradha Nakshatra individuals are very hardworking and have artistic talents within them. They are very loyal and committed partners.

SUKLA Yoga: Individuals born with Sukla Yoga are very fortunate. This native is very friendly and have helping nature.

Rahu in Leo sign: Her Rahu is in the Leo sign which gives her worldwide famous for her artistic talent.

Sun in Gemini: Her Sun is in the Gemini Sign, which makes the native very communicative. These individuals are very restless because of their curiosity.

Simrat Kaur early life.

On July 16, 1997, in Amritsar, Punjab, she came into this world, born into a Punjabi family. During her childhood, her family relocated to small town Bhayandar in Mumbai. Since her childhood, she has the aspiration to become an athlete. She also took part in Karate and own black belt.

Simrat Kaur Randhawa Family.

Her family is the backbone of her that constantly supports her to become an actress, especially her parents always encourage her took an acting career. She lives with her eldest sister, mother, and father in small town Bhayandar in Mumbai.


Father: There is no data available about her father. But as soon as information about her father gets. It will be updated here.

Ranjeet Kaur Randhawa(Mother): Ranjeet Kaur Randhawa is the mother of Simrat Kaur Randhawa, and she is a housewife.

Simrat Kaur Parents
Simrat- Kaur Parents

Her parents have been instrumental in her film career by providing unwavering support and encouragement. Despite her initial aspirations to become an athlete, they consistently encouraged her to pursue acting and have played a significant role in her success.


Amrit Kaur(Sister):Amrit Paramdeep Kaur is the eldest sister of Simrat Kaur. She is married to Mahal Paramdeep Singh, an Athlete, and has two children. She loves to travel and eat varieties of food.

Simrat- Kaur sister
Simrat- Kaur sister

Simrat Kaur education.

  • She completed her elementary and secondary education from local school of Mumbai.
  • Along with her studies, she was also interested in Karate and own the Black belt.
  • She has attained a Bachelor degree in computer science from Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai.

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Simrat Kaur Randhawa career.

With the support of her parents, she began her modeling career, and in 2017, she landed a Cadbury ad opportunity.

Afterward, she got the chance to start her acting journey in the Telugu movie “Prematho Mee Karthik”(2017), where she starred alongside actor Kartikeya Gummakonda.

Simrat Kaur Prematho Mee Karthik movie
Simrat- Kaur Prematho Mee Karthik movie

Her strong performance in her first movie opened doors for her to act in more Telugu films like “ Parichayam(2018),” “ Dirty Hari(2020),” and “ Bangarraju(2022).”

Simrat Kaur Dirty Hari movie
Simrat- Kaur Dirty Hari movie

In 2021, she graced the music video Tere Bin Zindagi of Mika Singh and she also appeared in popular Punjabi music videos like Burj Khalifa and Laara Lappa.

After performing in Telugu movies, she wanted to shift in the Bollywood industry. After constant audition for two months, she got selected for the Bollywood movie Gadar 2. Her performance of Muskaan in “ Gadar2” not only turned her into a Bollywood star but also propelled her acting career to new heights.

Simrat Kaur Gadar2 Movie
Simrat- Kaur Gadar2 Movie

Simrat Kaur intresting facts.

  • She was a studious student during her early time.
  • She holds a black belt in Karate, and during the 8th grade, she used her expertise to teach Karate to students for a fee of Rs 350.
  • Initially, she wanted to become an Athlete, but her parents constantly encouraged her to become an actress.
  • She competed with more than 600 girls to make her place in Anil Sharma Movie Gadar 2.

Simrat Kaur Randhawa controversy.

She was embroiled in controversy when some bold and intimate pictures from her movie “ Dirty Hari” circulated on social Media. Actress Amisha Patel defends her, urging people not to spread negativity about new talents. Nevertheless, Simrat remained unfazed by the controversy and maintained her focus on her upcoming movie, “ Gadar2.”

Physical appearance(approximate).

Weight50 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Social Media.

Instagram M
Simrat-Kaur Social Media Accounts

Frequently asked questions.

Who is Muskaan of Gadar2 Movie?

Simrat Kaur Randhawa is a Telugu actress and model, who is the Muskaan of the Gadar2 Movie.

How Much Actress Simrat Kaur Randhawa Charged for Gadar2 movie?

For her part in the movie Gadar2, she charged Rs 60 Lakh.

What is the Age of Simrat Kaur?

She will be 26 Years old in 2023.

What is the net worth of Simrat Kaur Randhawa?

Her net worth is about 5-10 Crore.

What is the Religion of actress Simrat Kaur Randhawa?

She is an Indian Punjabi.


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