Tragic News: Tamil Actor Vijay Antony’s daughter commits Suicide.

Vijay Antony, a highly acclaimed actor and accomplished music director in India, was stuck by an unimaginable tragedy when he discovered the lifeless body of his 16-year-old daughter.

Vijay Antony daughter dies
Vijay Antony’s daughter dies

On September 19, a tragic incident unfolded when the police discovered Vijay Antony’s daughter, Meera, hanging at their home. This heart-wrenching event is as difficult for a father to bear as a piece of bread that cannot be swallowed.

Following the discovery of Vijay Antony’s daughter hanging at their residence, she was swiftly transported to the city hospital. Unfortunately, after a medical examination, the doctors confirmed her passing.

Vijay Antony daughter

Vijay Antony, the well-known Indian musical composer and playback singer, has two daughters: Laara Vijay Antony and Meera Vijay Antony. Among them, Laara is the older sister, while Meera is the younger one in their close-knit family.

Vijay Antony’s younger daughter Meera, who tragically took her own life, was a student in the 12th grade at a private school in Chennai, pursuing her education.

Vijay Antony daughter
Vijay Antony daughter

Sadly, on Tuesday, September 19th, at about 3 a.m., she took her own life at her home in Alwarpet, Chennai.

The police investigation indicates that young Meera took her own life due to the stress she was facing, possibly related to the pressure of her studies.

Her body has been sent for post-mortem examination, the result of which may provide further clarity on the tragic circumstances of her passing.

Condolences to Vijay Antony and Family on their loss.

Vinod Kumar, a prominent Indian actor known for his work in the Telugu film industry, has left a significant mark in the world of entertainment. He writes heartfelt condolences to Vijay Antony and his family as they mourn the loss of their beloved daughter.

Vinod Kumar condolence to Vijay Antony
Vinod Kumar’s condolence to Vijay Antony

RJ Balaji, a renowned Indian personality and actor, has been a familiar and beloved voice in the entertainment industry. He also joins in extending deepest condolences to Vijay Antony and his family as they navigate through this heartbreaking loss of their daughter.

RJ Balaji Condolence to Vijay Antony
RJ Balaji Condolence to Vijay Antony


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