All about Kritika Malik’s dynamic Personality: Birth Details, Birth Chart, and numerology.

Kritika Malik is an Indian Social media influencer, content creator, and fitness enthusiast. She is well-known for her fitness videos, lifestyle content, and fashion posts on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Let’s deep search on her personality, and find out what type of person she is.

Kritika Malik personality
Kritika Malik personality
NameKritika Malik
Date of Birth20 March 1994
Time of Birth12:00:00 Am(Unknown)
Place of BirthNew Delhi
Day of Birth Sunday
Zodiac SignGemini
Sun SignPisces
Birth Information of Kritika Malik

Kritika Malik Birth Chart and Kundli

Kritika Malik birth chart and Kundli
Kritika Malik birth chart and Kundli

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Kritika Malik was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. She has many traits of this zodiac sign. Geminis are known for being very talkative and loving parties. They enjoy chatting and making jokes. Extroverted by nature, Gemini enjoys mingling with people and is naturally curious about the world around them.

Besides being cheerful and outgoing, Geminis are also intelligent. Kritika’s personality reflects these Gemini traits, making her a lively and engaging presence online.

Nakshatra: Mrigasira

Kritika Malik, born under the Mrigashira Nakshatra, has a playful nature. People born under this star often seek a luxurious lifestyle. The planet Mars influences this Nakshatra, giving them physical strength because of Mars, they also tend to speak openly, sometimes without thinking about how others might take their words.

Yoga: Ayushman yoga

Kritika Malik was born under Ayushman yoga, this yoga makes the person a very creative individual. This yoga grants the person with good health. People with Ayushman yoga often have a strong constitution and the ability to overcome obstacles in life. They are likely to experience overall well-being and success in their endeavors.


Kritika Malik, born in Ashtami Tithi, has made her a very hardworking and determined personality. Individuals born on this tithi have strong work ethics and restless nature. People born under this tithi are involved in worldly things and like to speak the truth.

Why Kritika Malik’s unusual Marriage?

  1. In her horoscope, Kritika Malik has Jupiter in Libra, and this Jupiter is in a retrograde position. Libra is the sign of relationship and partnership. With retrograde Jupiter in Libra, she is likely to have a marriage that is out of the norm of society.
  2. Venus in Pisces creates a desire in Kritika Malik to seek a relationship with a deep spiritual connection. When she falls in love, she bonds with her partner on a spiritual level rather than focusing on worldly desires. This inclination leads her to marry someone who doesn’t fit societal norms, as she prioritizes the spiritual connection she feels with that person.

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Kritika Malik Numerology

Kritika Malik Born on Date: 20/ 03/1994.

According to this date of birth let’s calculate her life path and destiny number.

Life Path Number of Kritika Malik: 2

Kritika Malik has a Life Path Number is 2, which means she is cheerful and sensitive. People with this number, ruled by the moon, are caring, creative, and emotional. They are gentle in how they speak, which makes others feel at ease around them.

Number 2 personalities like Kritika are good at understanding others’ feelings and are often seen as good listeners.

In a relationship, they are loving and nurturing. Kritika showed this side in Bigg Boss ott3, especially in her romantic interactions with her husband, Arman Malik.

Payal Malik, Arman’s first wife, mentioned in one of her interviews that Kritika is sensitive and sometimes needs to be treated with care, similar to a child. This sensitivity is also mirrored in Kritika’s reactions in Bigg Boss ott3, where she was seen with a lively demeanor but was also easily hurt by others’ words.

Additionally, the physical attributes attributed to her Life Path Number 2, such as her chubby face shape and jolly nature. She is always seen with a smiling face. They are believed to be influenced by the moon’s association with number 2.

Kritika Malik Chubby face(Numerology)
Kritika Malik Chubby face(Numerology)

Overall, Kritika Malik’s Life Path Number 2 manifests in her caring, emotional, and romantic nature, as well as in her ability to deeply connect with others on an empathic nature.

Destiny Number of Kritika Malik: 1

Kritika Malik’s Destiny Number 1, ruled by the planet Sun, gives her a lot of determination and a strong will to succeed. People with this number often become leaders and achieve high positions in their careers. They like to be in roles where they can be noticed and admired.

This number also makes Kritika very creative and independent. She has a lot of confidence in herself and can handle challenges well. It gives her the energy and stamina to keep going even when things get tough.

Overall Destiny Number 1 takes her in the creative field and she will achieve success in her career. This number gives her the qualities needed to lead and stand out in her career.

Kritika Malik Lo Shu Grid

For Lo Shu Grid Calculation we need the date of birth, life path number, and Kua Number of Kritika Malik.

Date of Birth20/ 03/1994
Life Path Number2
Destiny Number1
Kua Number9
Kritika Malik Lo Shu Grid calculation
Kritika Malik Lo Shu Grid
Kritika Malik Lo Shu Grid

Complete Mental Plane or Mind Plane:

Kritika Malik’s Lo Shu Grid shows a complete Mind Plane, also known as the Mental Plane. This indicates that she can complete any task she undertakes and possesses the determination to go the extra mile to achieve her goals. The filled Mental Plane provides her with a logical approach and makes her a constant thinker. Additionally, it signifies that Kritika Malik has a strong memory power.

Three times 9 in Lo Shu grid of Kritika Malik: Kritika Malik’s Lo Shu grid features three times 9, which highlights her helpful personality and prioritize making others happy. She has a high energy level to achieve her desire.

Two times 1 in Lo Shu grid of Kritika Malik: Two times 2 presents in her Lo Shu Grid indicate that she has a communicative personality, allowing her to easily express her feelings and understand others as well.

Two times 2 in Lo Shu grid of Kritika Malik: Kritika Malik’s Lo Shu Grid includes two instances of the number 2, which contributes to her caring personality and ability to understand the feelings of others. These traits also enable her to handle relationships positively and constructively.

Kritika Malik Career as Youtuber why?

  • In Kritika Malik’s birth chart, the Sun and Venus are in the Pisces sign, which signifies her creative nature. Her Sun in Pisces means that her soul feels fulfilled when she engages in creative work.
  • The Moon is her Atmakaraka and is located in Gemini, indicating that she enjoys environments where short, frequent communications are needed, such as YouTube. This further enhances her creativity.
  • Her life Path Number is 2, ruled by the Moon, highlighting her innate creative talents. Her Destiny Number is 1, ruled by the Sun, which is in Pisces in her birth chart, further attracting her soul towards creative pursuits.

Key points of her personality

  • She is a very emotional person.
  • She is a creative person.
  • She likes to be the center of attraction
  • She is an extrovert person likes to be a part of a party.
  • She has an emphatic nature.
  • She is romantic in relationship
  • She has a good energy level to achieve her goals.
  • She has a strong memory power.
  • She has a jolly-like personality.
  • She is a hardworking and determined person.
  • She has a cheerful and talkative personality.