Armaan Malik Youtuber Unique Love Story: 3 wives and six children: Out of the box family.

Armaan Malik YouTuber known for his unusual love story. Let’s reveal his love life and family members with his six children and three wives.

Armaan Malik Youtuber family picture
Armaan Malik Youtuber family picture

Meet Armaan Malik YouTuber with an extraordinary life story, He’s not just a regular YouTuber; his life is full of interesting twists and turns. With three wives, six children, and a career as a fitness trainer, model, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Armaan’s journey is a fascinating tale of determination and love.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Biography/Wiki

Real NameSandeep Malik
Other NameArmaan Malik
Nick NameGudu, Armaan
Birth Date15 December 1988
Birth PlaceHansi, Haryana
WifeSumitra(divorce), Payal, Kritika
ChildrenChirayu, Zaid, Aryaan, Tuba and 2 more
ProfessionYoutuber, Zym Trainer and Model
Net Worth15 core
Biography and Wiki

Armaan Malik Youtuber Religion/Real name

In the year 2010, Armaan Malik YouTuber made a big decision to change his name from Sandeep to Armaan. He did this because he wanted a name that sounded more special and unique, like that of a celebrity. He felt Sandeep was too common and didn’t make him stand out.

As his real name is Sandeep that indicates his religion is Hindu.

Armaan Malik’s YouTube school days

Armaan Malik was born on December 15, 1988, in Hansi city of Haryana.

When he was a child, he didn’t like going to school and often skipped school, to play without knowing his parents.

 One day, a neighbor told his parents that he wasn’t going to school for 20 days. For this, his mother had beaten and scolded him.

 His father asked him about his future plans, and Armaan admitted that he didn’t want to study.

So, his father sent him to labor work in construction. He gradually slowly progressed in this profession. Later, he also drove an auto rickshaw.

Her mother seeing his child doing low-grade work used to taunt him no one will marry you if you continue to do this work.

After his parents’ death, he shifted to Delhi for better opportunities. There he started to work as a spot boy for 10,000 rupees.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Family

Armaan Malik’s family hails from Hansi City in Haryana.  Tragically, both of his parents passed away at a young age.

 In addition to his parents, Armaan has a brother and a sister,

Currently, Armaan Malik is living in Delhi with his family consisting of his two wives and four children.

Armaan Malik Youtuber parents

NameNot knownNot known
Death CauseLiquior takingCancer
Armaan Malik Youtuber parents
  • Arman Malik’s mother always believed in him, saying he looked like a hero and would one day become one, and her word came true as he achieved success.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Siblings

NameKuldeep MalikSapna Malikkuldeep-Armaan-malik-youtuber-brother
MarriedMarriedDivorcedArmaan Malik Youtuber sister
ChildrenNot knownTanvi MalikArmaan Malik sister daughter Tanvi
ProfessionNot knownYouTuber
Armaan Malik Siblings

Armaan Malik’s sister Sapna is married and got divorced. She is also a YouTuber. She has a daughter named Tanvi.

Armaan Malik Youtuber sister
Armaan Malik Youtuber sister

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wives

Armaan Malik Youtuber’s marriage life is not as normal as many. He has an unconventional marriage life, which is not believable to everyone. Let’s discuss it briefly:

Armaan Malik YouTuber’s First Wife: Sumitra(divorced):

Armaan Malik married Sumitra at 17, but their marriage ended in divorce due to internal misunderstandings. They have one daughter and one son from their marriage. Armaan and Sumitra are not in contact with each other.

Armann Malik’ youtuber first wife

Armaan Malik Youtuber’s second wife: Payal Malik: Armaan Malik and Payal Malik love story:

In March 2011, Payal Malik, an employee at a bank, first met Armaan Malik. Armaan visited her bank to complete some financial transactions.

Armaan Malik Youtuber second wife Payal Malik
Armaan Malik Youtuber second wife Payal Malik

During his visits, Armaan got Payal Malik’s phone number as he wanted to open a bank account. This exchange of numbers marked the beginning of their communication.

Over the week of talking both developed a link for each other. Both fall in love with each other. Payal took the life-changing decision to marry Armaan despite her belonging to the conservative Haryanvi Gujarati family.

The couple settled in Delhi and worked hard to settle their life and start living their life happily.

Armaan Malik YouTuber’s third wife: Kritika wife: Armaan Malik and Kritika love story:

Kritika Malik lived in Subash Nagar, Delhi near where Payal was living. His connection with the Armaan family began when they met through a mutual friend, who was close to Payal and Kritika.

Kritika Malik third wife of Armaan Malik
Kritika Malik third wife of Armaan Malik Youtuber

In 2018, at a birthday party hosted by this common friend, Kritika and Payal got to know each other better and became best friends. Their friendship deepened over time, and they often went together, enjoying activities like watching movies and shopping. During this period, Kritika was Pursuing a makeup artist course.

In April 2018, Kritika adopted a dog and shared the post on social media. Payal saw the post and reached out to Kritika as she also wanted to borrow a dog for her son. This occasion marked Kritika’s first encounter with Armaan Malik.

Kritika continued visiting Payal’s home, where her bond with Armaan grew stronger. Payal even invited Kritika to celebrate Payal’s son Chiku’s birthday on May 5th. Armaan’s talent and interest in photography became evident during this time, and he offered to take photos of Kritika.

Upon Returning home, Kritika requested the photos that Payal’s husband Armaan had taken of her. Payal mentioned that Armaan had the pictures and would send them to her. During this Armaan and Kritika’s phone number got exchanged.

At one point, Kritika faced a family issue that led her to the police station. She called Armaan for assistance, and he promptly assisted her, successfully resolving the situation. Afterward, he dropped Kritika and her sister Radhika. There Armaan proposed Kritika, but she ignored it as a joke.

One day, Kritika and her friend had plans to visit Dehradun. However, there was a tragic incident happened, a friend of one of her family members passed away, and Kritika had already left home. Unable to return as she had told her parents she was in Dehradun, she called Payal and asked if she could stay her home for seven days.

During her seven days at Payal Malik’s home, Kritika and Armaan came closer, and eventually both fell in love.

To learn about the Manisha Rani Family visit the link:

Finally, On August 6, 2018, Armaan and Kritika officially tied the knot in a court marriage ceremony.

Wife nameMarriage date
KritikaAugust 6, 2012
Marriage date

Armaan Malik Youtuber Children/baby

First wife(Sumitra) baby:

Armaan Malik has a son and a daughter from his first wife, Sumitra. Unfortunately, we don’t have information about their name at the moment. We will update this information once it becomes available.

Second wife(Payal) and Armaan baby:

  • Payal and Armaan Malik welcomed their first child, Chirayu Malik (Cheeku) on 5th May 2016
  • Later, on 26 April 2023, they again welcomed their Twin children Ayaan(Krishna) and Tuba through IVF.
Baby NameImage
Chirayu MalikPayal Malik first son Chiku
AyaanPayal Malik son Ayaan Malik
TubaPayal Malik baby Tuba
Armaan Malik Youtuber baby

Third Wife(Kritika) and Armaan Malik Youtuber children:

Kritika Malika and Armaan malik welcomed their first child, Zaid Malik, on 6th April 2023 through IVF.

Kritika Malik first child Zaid
Kritika Malik first child Zaid

Armaan Malik Youtuber other love affairs(Gf)

 Payal and Kritika were not the only girls he had fallen in love with.  In one of his interviews, he revealed about his first love.

During his teenage years, around the ages of 17 to 19, Armaan Malik fell in love with a girl.

 He shared this with his mother and even spoke to the girl’s parents about their relationship. Unfortunately, the girl’s parents didn’t agree to the marriage because they had concerns about Armaan’s family’s financial background. 

This disagreement caused many problems between the two families, leading to the end of Armaan Malik’s first love story.

Controversy of Payal and Kritika Pregnancy


People were surprised when both of Armaan Malik’s wives announced they were pregnant at the same time. It seemed unusual, but they later explained that both had undergone a special procedure called in Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

In the beginning, Payal had a tough time as her first IVF attempt didn’t work, but then Kritika shared her pregnancy news. Luckily, Payal’s second IVF test was successful too, which is why both wives had their pregnancy news at the same time.  It’s a special story of their journey to become parents.

Armaan Malik YouTuber’s unique family life, where he and his two wives live together in the same apartment while raising four children, has certainly captured public attention. it is a scenario that might seem unusual and even impossible for many. This story stands as a testament to how Armaan Malik Stands out as a truly unique individual among us.


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