Actor Abhay Verma: From Ads Boy to Munjya Movie Superstar.

Actor Abhay Verma, the rising star of Indian cinema, gained recognition for his lead role as Bittu in the movie “Munjya.” Before this, Abhay Verma’s performance in Amazon Prime’s The Family Man Season 2” established him as an emerging face in the acting industry, setting the stage for his talent.

Abhay Verma
Abhay Verma

Who is Actor Abhay Verma?

Actor Abhay Verma, born on July 27, 1998, in Panipat, Haryana, comes from a business family. He is the younger son of Kavita Verma, a businesswoman, and his late father. Abhay is four years younger than his elder brother, Abhishek Verma, also in the acting industry, he is primarily known for his work in television serials.

Full NameAbhay Verma
Date of BirthJuly 27, 1998
Age25 years(2024)
Place of BirthPanipat, Haryana, India
MotherKavita Verma
BrotherAbhishek Verma(Actor)
Notable RolesBittu in “Munjya”, Kalyan/Salman in “The Family Man Season2”
EducationDropped out in second year of college to pursue acting
First MovieMann Bairagi
Breakthrough” The Family Man Season 2″
InterestReading books and watching movies.
Short Bio

Abhishek Verma Abhay Verma Brother

Abhishek Verma elder brother of Abhay Verma is a prominent actor in the Indian television industry, best known for his role in the popular serial “ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.” In this series, he portrayed Aditya Bhalla, the on-screen son of Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel. He also ventured in the TV serial” Apki Nazro Ne Samjha.”

Abhay Verma brother
Abhay Verma brother

Abhishek is 4 years older than his brother Abhay Verma. Both brothers share a close bond, supporting each other both personally and professionally.

Abhay Verma Mother

Kavita Verma is the mother of Abhay Verma.  She is a businesswoman and played a crucial role in supporting and nurturing his career.

Abhay Verma Family picture
Abhay Verma Family picture

Abhay Verma’s father is no more with them.

Abhay Verma’s journey from Panipat to Mumbai

He was not a good student and failed his  12th-grade exam twice. After failing the second time, he went to watch the movie “ Ramleela” at the theatre to refresh his mind after being beaten.

Watching the two-hour movie, he forgot all his stress and felt the magic of the film. To experience this magic again, he started watching movies continuously and observed what magic a movie has, that can make a person stress-feel.

After joining college, in his second year, he realized he was not meant for studies and could not continue. With a big dream in his mind, he packed his bags and took a train to Mumbai. He was very naïve when he arrived in Mumbai.

After coming to Mumbai, he started giving interviews and encountered a casting director who filled him with hope about getting a movie role. He met with the casting director for the first time and then had two more meetings. After the third meeting, he realized that the director did not actually want to give him work. Instead, the director had malicious intentions.

Discovering the true nature of the casting director intention’s, he became very scared. This fear was so overwhelming that he thought about giving up on his dream once and decided to go back to Panipat.

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Abhay Verma Advertisement journey

Despite the setback, he decided to stay in Mumbai and continue his pursuit of acting. He began to land roles in advertisements, which helped him gain recognition and experience.

 His journey started with his first ad for Munch, and continued to work in various ads, expanding his portfolio and gaining popularity as an advertisement boy.

Here are some of the notable ads he featured in:

  •  Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk
  • Pond with Sharavari
  • Dark Fantasy Choco Nuts with Alia Bhatt
  • Vivel Cool Mint with Kriti Sanon
  • Fortune Brand ads with Akshay Kumar
  • Subway India
  • Chupa Chups India
  • Pantaloons Fashions
  • Hyundai India
  • Sunfeast Snacky
  • Reliance Trends

Amitabh Bachchan gave two almonds on the set.

He also had the opportunity to work with Amitabh Bachchan in BEE ads. One set, Amitabh Bachchan gave him two soaked almonds, which he considered a blessing and prasad from God. He cherished this gesture and kept the almonds as a symbol of good luck. From Amitabh Bachchan, he also learned the importance of punctuality, which he applied in his career.

Abhay Verma and Amitabh Bachan
Abhay Verma and Amitabh Bachan at ad shooting

Abhay Verma Working with Amir Khan

In 2018, he was featured in a Datsun Go car ad with Amir Khan. During the shoot, he told Aamir Khan that his mother was a big fan. Impressed by Amir Khan’s humility and behavior, especially when he met his mother in the vanity van, he aspired to emulate Amir’s humble nature in his own life.

Amir Khan and Abhay Verma Ads

Abhay Verma Shared Interest with Alia Bhatt

He also starred alongside Alia Bhatt in an advertisement for Dark Fantasy Choco Nuts. On set, they bonded over their mutual love for music, which added to the enjoyment and made the experience memorable for both of them.

Abhay Verma Ad with Alia Bhatt
Abhay Verma Ad with Alia Bhatt

Abhay Verma Milton water bottle ads

Water Milton Ads

He was also seen in the Milton water bottle ads, famously known for the “ Cal Bhatk le na Bawre” song featured in the advertisement.

Abhay Verma Web Series

The actor made his debut with the web show” Marzi” on Voot. He gained further recognition with his role in “Little Things” on Netflix. However, it was his performance in “ The Family Man” season 2, where he played the role of Kalyan and Salman, that brought him widespread recognition.

Abay Verma in the Movie Family Man
Abay Verma in the Movie Family Man

He also starred in the web series “ Uljhe Hue,” which aired on Amazon  Mini TV. Another notable project is the Amazon Prime movie “Ae Watan Mere Watan,” in which Sara Ali Khan plays the lead role.

Additionally, he worked on the documentary “Safed,” which captures the raw and unfiltered lives of transgender individuals and widows. “Safed” was selected for the 14th  Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival. This documentary also earned him a place on the red carpet at Cannes.

He also appeared in the short video” Meri Pheli Bike” with Vatsal Seth.

Abhay Verma Movies

The actor’s first major role in a movie was in “ Mann Bairagi,” presented by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 2019, where he portrayed a young Narendra Modi. However, this film was not released. His very first appearance in a film was “ Super 30,” where he performed as a junior artist with only a short appearance as a part of the crowd.

He featured in the comedy-horror movie “Munjya’ alongside Mona Singh and Sharvari Wagh, playing the role of Bittu. The casting director selected him for this role due to his impressive interview, showcasing a good combination of fear and comedy. In “Munjya” which is also featured India’s first  CGI character, he effectively portrayed a blend of emotions including fear, comedy, and action.

Abhay Verma in Munjya Movie
Abhay Verma in Munjya Movie


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