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Urvashi Kiran Sharma is a popular YouTube songwriter who has gained significant recognition for her hit song “Mein Chali Mein Chali.” This song has garnered millions of views on her YouTube video, making her a well-known figure among music enthusiasts and online audiences.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Biography
Urvashi Kiran Sharma Biography

Who is Urvashi Kiran Sharma?

Urvashi Kiran Sharma, a prominent musical artist, is renowned for her original songwriting on YouTube, consistently garnering millions of views for her videos. Hailing as the definitive voice representing Jammu, her viral sensation ‘ Mereya Sardara’ catapulted her to stardom, firmly establishing her as a celebrated musical artist in the realm of social media.”

Personal Information

Real NameUrvashi Sharma
Full NameUrvashi Kiran Sharma
Nick NameJuhi
Birth Date25th October
Birth PlaceJammu
MotherKiran Sharma
FatherRamesh Sharma
SiblingsSiddhant Sharma(Brother)
ProfessionMusical artist
Net worth1 Crore
Personal information

Urvashi Kiran Shrama age Birth Information.

She was born on October 25th in Jammu to a Pandit family. However, her birth year is unknown, so her estimated age is between 21-25 years old based on her youthful appearance and life experiences.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma childhood pic
Urvashi Kiran Sharma childhood pic

Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s Family

She was born on October 25th, though we don’t know the year yet. She was born into a family with a strong educational background, where most of her family members pursued careers in government jobs. Growing up in such a family influenced her a lot, making her education a big part of her life.”

Urvashi kiran parents

Ramesh Sharma(Father): Her father’s name is Ramesh Sharma, and he played a crucial role in supporting her career. During one of her interviews, she shared that her father used to help her by subscribing to her YouTube channel and encouraging others to do the same, all in an effort to help her channel grow and succeed.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma father
Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s father

Kiran Sharma(Mother): Her mother, Kiran Sharma, played a pivotal role in her journey to success. Her mother’s education and insight allowed her to recognize her daughter’s talent early on, leading her to enroll her in music classes. Her mother’s unwavering support became the cornerstone of her music career, helping her shape into the accomplished musical artist she is today.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma mother
Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s mother

Urvashi Kiran Siblings

Siddhant Sharma( Brother): Siddhant Sharma, the younger brother of Urvashi Sharma, didn’t have much interest in music. However, his parents bought him a guitar for a school program. After the program, Siddhant decided not to play the guitar and handed it over to Urvashi Kiran Sharma.  Little did anyone know that this simple act would set the stage for Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s destiny in music, as that guitar became the catalyst for her musical journey.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma brother
Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s brother

Urvashi Sharmma to Urvashi Kiran Sharma

To stand out from others with the same name, she made a special change. Instead of just ‘Urvashi Sharma,’ she added her mother’s name, Kiran, in the middle. So now, she is known as ‘Urvashi Kiran Sharma.’ This simple change made her name unique and added a personal touch to it.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Education

  • She did her schooling at K.C. Public School of Jammu.
  • She made the move to Delhi to further her education and obtain an MBA degree.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s musical education

Besides her regular schooling, she also learned how to sing from a neighbor named K.L. Verma, who was a singing teacher. He taught her various types of music, including classical. But she didn’t stop there; she also got help from other teachers like Rishab and Summit in Jammu. Summit, especially, taught her how to play the guitar, which was a big part of her musical journey. With the guidance of these teachers, she became the talented musician she is today.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Career

She began her music journey all on her own, featuring cover songs without any professional assistance.

During her college days, she made friends who were good photographers and shared her passion for playing the guitar. They decided to record her music performance, forming a little team that kickstarted her YouTube career.

With her friend’s help, she started sharing her music videos on her YouTube channel. Her fame started to rise, especially in Jammu, where she gained a lot of fans. One of her videos, ‘Mereya Sardara,’ went viral, taking her career to the next level.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Mereya Sardara song
Urvashi Kiran Sharma Mereya Sardara song

Encouraged by the positive response to her cover songs, she decided to create her own original music. Now, she exclusively posts videos featuring her own songs that she writes herself.

When she started her YouTube channel, she was living in Delhi, which made her less known to the people in Jammu.

In 2017, she posted her very first cover songs on YouTube, marking the beginning of her incredible musical journey.

Her song ‘Mein Chali Mein Chali’ became a massive hit on her YouTube channel. It quickly gained popularity and became one of the most searched and viral videos on social media. This song, in particular, crossed over 12 crore views, solidifying her status as a social media sensation.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Mein Chali Mein Chali Song
Urvashi Kiran Sharma Mein Chali Mein Chali Song

She does not just cover Hindi songs; she also covers Punjabi and Jammu Dogri language songs.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Original Songs

2017Mereya Sardara84 lakh
2018Mere wala sardar27 lakh
2020Pia6.4 lakh
2021Tere wali5.3 lakh
2023Kanjoos mundeya8.2 lakh
Urvashi Kiran Sharma scripted songs

Urvashi Kiran Car collection

Through her dedication and talent in music, she achieved the remarkable feat of owning a Thar car, which falls within the price range of 10 to 16 lakhs.

Urvashi Kiran Sharma Thar Car
Urvashi Kiran Sharma Thar Car

Urvashi Kiran Sharma’s net worth and Income.

As an independent musical artist, she generates income through:

  • Brand Endorsements: Promoting brands related to music equipment, such as microphones and headphones.
  • Promoting other artists’ songs: Earning money by promoting and collaborating on other musician’s songs.
  • YouTube: Earning revenue from her YouTube channel through ads where she uploads her music videos and content.
  • Instagram: Earning through social media, possibly through sponsored posts or partnerships.
  • Live Shows: Performing at live events and concerts, where she can sell tickets and merchandise.
  • Endorsements: Engaging in endorsement deals with various brands, contributing to her income.

Through all these she generated 1lakhs to 8lakh monthly income. Her estimated net worth is nearly 1 crore.

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Some interesting Facts

  • She was selected for Indian Idol in 2016 but couldn’t participate because of an exam schedule conflict.
  • She aspired to be an independent artist and didn’t have a strong desire to join Bollywood. However, if the opportunity ever came her way, she wouldn’t pass it up.
  • She is a strong believer in Hinduism.
  • She is also known as the voice of Jammu.
  • She is also called a million wali viral girl.
  • When she was in fourth grade, she won the school singing competition by singing a Dogri song.
  • She has 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.
Urvashi Kiran Sharma YouTube Channel
Urvashi Kiran Sharma YouTube Channel

Physical appearance(approx)

Body measurementchest-34
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Physical appearance

Social Media

YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/c/UrvashikiranSharma/1.06 M
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