Indian YouTuber Harsh Beniwal(Shonty): Biography/ Wiki, Family, Income, Sister, Gf, Age, Controversy, and More.

Harsh Beniwal is an Indian YouTuber famous for his comedic videos, particularly the character “Shonty,”. Let’s reveal his biography.

Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Biography
Youtuber Harsh- Beniwal’s Biography

Who is Harsh Beniwal?

Harsh Beniwal, an Indian YouTuber, comedian, and actor, has pursued his passion for acting through his YouTube channel and successfully transitioned to Bollywood cinema to showcase his acting skills to a wider audience. He even had the great opportunity to perform in the Dharma Productions movie “Student of the Year 2”.

Personal Information

NameHarsh Beniwal
Nick NameHarsh, CeeBee, Puru
Date of Birth3 February 1996
Birth PlaceDelhi
MotherSunita Beniwal
SiblingsPria Beniwal
GirlfriendPratishtha Sharma(EX)
Marital Statusnot married
School/CollegeMaharaja Agrasen School
Shri Aurobindo College
ProfessionYouTuber, comedian and actor
Net Worth$2.2 Million
Personal information

Harsh Beniwal Age, Birth Chart, palm analysis.

Date of Birth3 February 1996
Time of Birth12:00:00
Place of BirthTuesday
Day of BirthSaturday
Zodiac SignCancer
Sun SignCapricorn
Birth Information


Harsh Beniwal Birth Chart
Harsh -Beniwal Birth Chart

Zodiac Sign: Individuals born under the sign of Cancer often possess creative talents and have strong attachments to their family, particularly their mother.

Pashyami Nakshatra: People born under Pashyami Nakshatra are fortunate and kind-hearted, always willing to help others in need.

PRITI Yoga: Individuals born under Priti yoga are intelligent and resourceful, often utilizing their cunning abilities to accomplish tasks.

Palm analysis of Harsh Beniwal

Palm analysis of Harsh Beniwal
Palm analysis of Harsh- Beniwal

In the palm of Harsh Beniwal, a good and straight Saturn line is visible. A good Saturn line indicates good fortune and a well-respected identity for the individual.

Harsh Beniwal Family life

A boy was born in the year 1996 on the 3rd of February in the Pritam Pura region of North West Delhi. He was born and raised in a very supportive environment where his parents always supported his desires, whatever he wanted to pursue.

Harsh Beniwal Parents


Information about his father is not yet known. The name of his father is not known yet.

Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Father
Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Father


His mother’s name is Sunita Beniwal is the mother of Harsh Beniwal. She is a housemaker and always supported his passion and handled the camera initially to support him in making his videos.

Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Mother
Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Mother

Harsh Beniwal Siblings


He has one younger sister named Priya Beniwal. She is a fashion blogger. she has 1.9lakh subscribers on his own YouTube channel where she features daily family videos and fashion vlogs. Harsh Beniwal has a younger sister named Priya Beniwal, who has made a name for herself in the digital world. She is a fashion blogger with a significant following on her YouTube channel, which has an impressive 190,000 subscribers. Priya regularly shares daily family vlogs and fashion videos on her channel ‘Pria Beniwal.’

Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Sister
Youtuber Harsh Beniwal Sister

Harsh Beniwal Struggle Story

Hash Beniwal possessed a natural gift for making people burst into laughter with his impeccable comedic skills. Even during his early education, he frequently took part in school dramas and quickly became a well-known figure among his classmates.

As he ventured into college, alongside his studies, he continued to nurture his creative side. It was during this time that he stumbled upon the Dubsmash app, which would change the course of his life. Harsh began using Dubsmash to create hilarious dubs and lip-sync to famous dialogues, showcasing his knack for humor.

Not stopping there, he even crafted his own unique audio dialogues within the application. Sometimes, he even humorously dubs into female audio tracks, adding an extra layer of amusement.

Harsh Beniwal Struggle time photo
Harsh -Beniwal Struggle time photo

With a desire to share his talent with a broader audience, Harsh initially began uploading his entertaining videos on Instagram. However, despite his best efforts, the response was not as encouraging as he hoped for.

Determined to reach a larger and more appreciative audience, Harsh took a bold step. He decided to launch a YouTube channel and Facebook page. On these platforms, he continued to pour his creativity into making funny and engaging videos, hoping that this would be his breakthrough moment.

But success didn’t come overnight. His video on this new platform struggled to gain the recognition he longed for. It was at this juncture that he decided to confide in his parents about his deep-seated passion for video creation and acting. To his delight, his parents not only understood his dreams but also wholeheartedly supported him. They believed in his talent and gave him their blessings to pursue his aspirations.

With his parent’s unwavering support, Harsh made a pivotal decision during his second year of BCA( Bachelor of Computer Applications). He chose to drop out of college and devote himself entirely to his passion for creating videos.

Through persistent and dedicated effort, Harsh Beniwal’s content began to resonate with a wider audience. Slowly but steadily, his videos reached countless people, and he emerged as a prominent figure in the world of online entertainment and comedy.

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Harsh Beniwal Education

  • He completed his early education at Maharaja Agrasen School.
  • He enrolled at Shri Aurobindo College in New Delhi to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree but later decided to switch his academic path and transferred to Vivekanand Professional Institute to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Applications degree.

Harsh Beniwal Career Path

He embarked on his career by venturing into Instagram in 2013, where he began creating and sharing videos. Over the years, his dedication and talent have attracted a substantial following, and today, he boasts approximately 6.1 million followers on his Instagram account.

On May 6, 2015, he launched his YouTube channel, aptly named “Harsh Beniwal.” This channel has since garnered a remarkable following, with approximately 1.55 crore subscribers. On his YouTube platform, he primarily showcases comedian content, producing videos that often span from half an hour to one hour in duration.

He launched a new YouTube channel, “Harsh Beniwal 2.0,” On June 9, 2020. This channel features a mix of comedy, gaming, and videos with the character “Shonty.” It has accumulated around 16.1 lakh subscribers.

Harsh Beniwal 2.0 Shonty
Harsh Beniwal 2.0 Shonty

 In addition to his successful YouTube career, he had the exciting opportunity to showcase his acting talents in the 2019 movie “ Student of the Year 2,” where he played the character Puggy.

He has also showcased his talent in the web series drama “Campus Diaries” and the series “Who is Your Daddy.”

Harsh Beniwal Campus Diaries
Harsh Beniwal Campus Diaries

Harsh Beniwal Girlfriends

Harsh Beniwal and Pratishtha Sharma

Harsh Beniwal was in a relationship with Pratishtha Sharma for several years. However, due to some internal relationship issues, they mutually decided to separate from each other.

Harsh Beniwal and Prathistha Sharma
Harsh- Beniwal and Prathistha Sharma

Harsh Beniwal and Meghna Gupta

After his breakup with Pratishtha Sharma, rumors began to circulate on social media suggesting that he was dating Meghna Sharma. However, the reality of their relationship remains undisclosed, as neither of them has publicly confirmed or commented on their relationship status.

Harsh Beniwal Controversy

A controversy between Amit Bhadana and Harsh Beniwal arose when Harsh incorporated elements of Amit Bhadana’s content in his video titled “India V/S Foreigners 2.0.” This incident sparked a debate and led to discussion within the online content creation community.

Harsh Beniwal’s Net Worth and Salary

His content reaches a vast and diverse audience, contributing to his impressive monthly income of 15 lakh INR. This substantial earnings stream has helped him amass an estimated net worth of $2.2 million, which is approximately equivalent to 16 crore INR.

Harsh Beniwal Physical appearance(approximate)

Body MeasurementChest- 42 inches
Waist-30 inches
Biceps- 14 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Physical appearance

Harsh Beniwal interesting facts

  • His hobbies include hanging out with friends, gaming, going to the gym, and watching movies.
  • His Favourite place is Dubai
  • He does not Smoke
  • He is a dog lover and has a pet Dog.
Harsh Beniwal Pet Dog
Harsh- Beniwal Pet Dog

Harsh Beniwal Awards and Achievements

2018Dadasaheb Phalke Best YouTuber
2019Haryana Entertainment and Music Best Youtuber
2023All round Comedy Creator of the Year
Awards and Achievements
Dadasaheb Phalke Best YouTuber
Harsh Beniwal won Dadasaheb Phalke Best YouTuber


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