Rowhi Rai Social Media Influencer: Biography, Family, Boyfriend, and More.

Rowhi Rai, a notable social media influencer, has gained prominence for her content focused on clothing, fashion, and daily Vlogs.

Biography of Rowhi Rai
Biography of Rowhi- Rai

Who is Rowhi Rai?

Rowhi Rai is a well-known personality on social media. She is well-known for creating haul videos. In 2023, Rowhi Rai ventured into the world of acting with her debut role in the Netflix web series Social Currency.’

Personal Information.

Full NameRowhi Rai
Home TownNoida, Uttarpradesh
Date of Birth 29 December 2000
Birth PlaceDarjeeling, West Bengal
FatherNot known
MotherNot Known
SiblingsRoshan Rai(eldest brother)
Rounak Rai(elder brother)
BoyfriendNipun Dhawan(Ex)
Sahil Narang (rumoured)
College/UniversityDelhi University
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Net worth$2k per month
Personal Information

Rowhi Rai Family,

Rowhi Rai was born on 29 December 2000 in the region of Darjeeling, West Bengal. During her childhood, her parents separated due to family issues, and as a result, her family had to live in impoverished conditions within a single room.

In pursuit of better opportunities and a stable income, her family relocated to Delhi, Where they eventually settled down.

From a young age, Rowhi was cute and became the neighborhood’s favorite with her charming presence. Her lovable nature made her a cherished part of the community.

Rowhi Rai Parents.

Father: The name of her father is not known yet. In the year 2019, her father passed away, and her mother had to look after all three children alone. They weren’t very close to their father because of their early separation from the family.

Mother: The name of her mother is not known. Her mother and father first met at a grocery shop. When her mother was 14 years old, she fell in love with him, and they married each other.

Rowhi Rai mother
Rowhi- Rai’s mother


Roshan Rai(Eldest Brother): Roshan Rai is her eldest brother of her. When her father passed away, he decided to start a sports academy. While running the academy, he also managed his studies in animation. Her initiative helped her family to come out of poor conditions. He married Aishwarya Rai.

Rowhi Rai eldest brother Roshan Rai and wife AaishwaryaRai
Rowhi -Rai’s eldest brother Roshan Rai and wife AaishwaryaRai

Rounak Rai (Mid Brother): Rounak Rai is the elder brother. He attended Amity University and also got a master’s degree. While doing this, he joined his older brother’s sports academy to help support their family.

Rowi Rai Family picture.

Rowhi Rai family picture
Rowhi- Rai family picture

Rowhi Rai Boyfriend.

Nipun Dhawan: Nipun Dhawan and Rowhi Rai’s love connection began with the MTV show ‘MTV Love School.’ Later, after the show, they separated from each other.

Rowhi and Nipun
Rowhi and Nipun

Sahil Narang: Sahil Narang was a frequent presence in many of her featured videos. Observing their chemistry, rumors began to circulate about potential connections between them. Rowhi Rai always introduced him as her best friend.

Sahil Narang boyfriend of Rowhi Rai
Sahil Narang boyfriend of Rowhi- Rai


She did her from Delhi University.

Car Collection.

She owns the car Hyundai Venue, which is worth 13lakh.

Rowhi Rai Car collection
Rowhi- Rai Car collection

Rowhi Rai Career.

She began her career at her brother’s Sports Academy to support her family. Then, she started making Tik Tok videos in 2016 and became famous on social media as an influencer.

After the banning of TikTok, she switched to making short videos on Instagram and quickly amassed a large number of followers.

In 2019, she launched her own YouTube Channel called ‘Rowhi Rai,’ where she created content like travel, food, haul videos, and family vlogs. Her debut featured video was titled ‘Types of Momos Eaters.’

In 2019, she participated as a contestant alongside social media star Nipun Dhawan in the fourth season of ‘ MTV Love School.’ The show was broadcasted on MTV India.

She also participated in the show ‘MTV Ace The Quarantine’ in 2020.

In 2023, she made her acting debut in the web series Social Currency,’ alongside fellow contestants Parth, Mridul, Bhavin, and others.

Social Currency Rowhi Rai
Social Currency web series of Rowhi -Rai

Some facts about Rowhi Rai.

  • She loves to travel to different countries.
  • She is vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
  • She has a pet cat.
  • She got a winged tattoo on her right wrist.
Rowhi Rai Tattoo
Rowhi- Rai Tattoo

Rowhi Rai Controversy.

Rowhi Rai Sharad controversy:

In 2022, she received negative comments and trolling for making videos about “What I Eat in My Father’s Sharad.” Netizens criticized her for sharing content on such a sensitive ritual.

Elvish Yadav and Rowhi Rai controversy:

In 2023, a controversy erupted between Rowhi Rai and Elvish Yadav. It began when Rowhi Rai made comments on Elvish Yadav about not showing respect toward women. She also mentioned that Elvish Yadav didn’t know how to talk to her mother. Rowhi expressed the idea that someone who can’t speak respectfully to their mother can’t respect other women.

Rowhi Rai’s physical appearance(approximate).

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Physical appearance

Social Media

Social Media


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