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Karan Sangwan is a renowned law educator at Unacademy, an online teaching platform. He is the founder of Legal Pathshala, where he provides online coaching for judiciary exams and helps students succeed in various other law-related examinations.

Teacher Karan Sangwan Biography
Teacher Karan- Sangwan Biography

Who is Karan Sangwan?

Karan Sangwan is an online educator who provides law education to students. He is a well-known instructor on an online platform Unacademy with more than 14,000 followers. Additionally, he has founded his own online coaching platform called “Legal Pathshala” on YouTube, amassing a total of 1 lakh subscribers. Karan Sangwan helps students in cracking various law exams such as AIBE, CUET, CLAT, AILET, and more.

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Karan Sangwan family.

He got married in the year 2022. More information about his family member is not known presently. If any information is found it will be updated here.

Karan Sangwan education.

  • He did his bachelor’s degree in law from the Kurukshetra University of Haryana.
  • He completed his Master of Law LLM at the National Law University, Shimla(Himachal Pradesh).

Karan Sangwan Career.

  • After completing his law education he worked for one year at the C.R.Law College in Hisar.
  • In 2020, he became a part of the Unacademy online platform, where he garnered a following of over 14,000 followers.
  • Furthermore, he established his own YouTube Channel called “Legal Pathshala,” amassing over one lakh subscriber base.
Karan Sangwan Youtube channel legal Pathshala
Karan- Sangwan Youtube channel legal Pathshala

Karan Sangwan Controversy.

In August 2023, he faced controversy due to a statement he made in an online video, suggesting people vote for educated candidates in elections rather than those who simply change names. He mentioned that this could help educated individuals find better job Opportunities. His response was labeled as having an “Anti-Modi agenda,” which stirred up controversy. As a result of this situation, Unacademy received negative attention, and the owner, Roman Saini, decided to terminate Karan Sangwan, citing a breach of the company’s “Code of Conduct.”

Amidst controversy, Arvind Kejriwal posted on Social Media platform X and defended him that raising his voice for voting for educated people is not a crime.

Arvind Kejriwal supported Karan Sangwan.
Arvind Kejriwal supported Karan -Sangwan.


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