Rinku Singh(Cricketer) inspiring Family journey: Family background, Siblings and Family Members

Rinku Singh, an Indian cricketer, once faced tough family conditions. His family background inspires him to excel, aiming to give his loved ones a better life. Let’s reveal his family background, family members, Siblings, and family situations.

Rinku Singh Family
Rinku- Singh Family

Rinku Singh’s Family Background/HomeTown

Rinku, a boy destined for stardom in cricket, entered the world on October 12, 1997, in the picturesque land of Talanagri, situated in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Living with seven members in a two-room house was a challenge for him initially. Growing up in a challenging situation was tough for him. Balancing both his education and job was a struggle. From a young age, he had a keen interest in playing cricket. However, his family believed he should focus on work and studies for a better future.

Pressured by his family, he decided to take up a job. His elder brother suggested a position at a coaching institute, where he ended up with the role of sweeper. However, he found no passion in this job. He believed that sweeping wouldn’t uplift his family’s financial situation, but cricket might. He explained his aspirations to his mother, expressing his desire for a cricket career. He convinced his mother, who understood and supported his dreams.

Rinku Singh house
Rinku- Singh Aligarh house

Rinku Singh family

Rinku Singh Parents

Khan Chandra Singh(Father):

In the beginning, Rinku Singh’s father, Khan Chandra Singh, worked delivering gas cylinders for a company Called Goyal Jyoti Enterprises. At first, Rinku’s dad didn’t like the idea of him playing cricket. He wanted Rinku to focus on studying for a better future. But Rinku really loved cricket and spent a lot of time playing. This caused arguments, and sometimes his dad even used a stick to scold him.

The people living nearby saw how good Rinku was at cricket and told his dad that he should encourage him. His dad started noticing how hard Rinku worked and how much he loved cricket. So, he changed his mind and began supporting Rinku’s dream of becoming a cricketer.

Rinku Singh father
Rinku -Singh’s father

Even though his dad once punished him for playing cricket, Rinku didn’t give up. He kept practicing hard for cricket tournaments. He even did something really special. He bought a bike and gave it as a gift to his dad. This bike made it easier for his dad to deliver gas cylinders.  Because of this kind gesture, Rinku’s dad decided to support his cricket dream fully.

  • The story between his father and Rinku teaches us that no matter how tough things get if you work hard and show love to your family, you can achieve your dreams.

Vina Devi(Mother):

Rinku’s mother plays an important role in his cricket journey let’s see what her involvement in his journey………

Rinku had a big heart and wanted to help his family. His brother suggested a job at coaching, sweeping up. Rinku gave it a try, but he wasn’t happy. He wanted to do something better to support his family financially.

One day, he decided to leave the job and chase his dream of playing cricket. He left the job to make his mother understand that he could earn more money from cricket than sweeping. He believed cricket could change their lives. Rinku’s mother understood him like nobody else. She saw his determination and quietly saved money for him, believing in his dream.

Rinku Singh Mother
Rinku- Singh’s Mother

Rinku practiced cricket day and night, thinking of his mother’s support. She secretly slipped him money sometimes, even without telling his father. Her love and belief pushed him to work harder.

Rinku Singh Siblings.

Rinku Singh is the third among five siblings who rose to cricket stardom. Let’s reveal about his siblings.

Rinku Singh Brothers

Sonu Singh (Eldest Brother):

Rinku Singh’s eldest brother is named Sonu Singh, and there is only a 3-year age gap between them. Sonu Singh worked as an auto driver to help their family. When Rinku Singh was just 13 years old, his brother Sonu Singh got married to Aarti Singh.

Rinku Singh eldest brother
Rinku -Singh eldest brother
Aarti Singh (Sister- In- law):

Aarti Singh married Rinku Singh’s eldest brother, Sonu Singh, shouldering family responsibilities alongside him.  She is not only beautiful but also cares for Rinku like a brother. Her presence added more warmth and strength to their family.

Rinku Singh sister in law
Rinku Singh sister in law
  • Aarti Singh and Sonu Singh have two sons.

Mukul Singh (Elder brother):

Mukul Singh, Rinku Singh’s elder brother, took up the role of a sweeper at a coaching institute to help his family. He was the one who proposed the idea of a sweeper job to Rinku, hoping it would assist the family. However, Rinku declined the offer, as he was determined to chase his cricket dream instead.

Sheelu and Jitu (Younger brothers):

Rinku Singh has two younger brothers, Sheelu and Jeetu Singh. Just like Rinku, both of his younger brothers are into cricket and are following his example by playing cricket.

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Rinku Singh Sister

Neha Singh (Youngest Sister):

Neha Singh is the fortunate sister of the cricket star. Throughout his cricket journey, she has been a constant source of support and encouragement, always standing by his side.

Rinku Singh Sister
Rinku -Singh Sister

Seven people living in a two-room house, in a little home, Rinku’s determination shines brightly. He is like a hero, never giving up on his dream to change his family’s life. His desire to give his family a good life kept him going.  His family’s bad financial condition often acted as a hindrance on his journey toward that goal. However, his determination to provide his family with a better life served as a catalyst, driving his efforts forward. The story shows that even when things are tough, having a big dream and working hard can make a big difference.

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Rinku Singh Family Tree

Rinku Singh Family Tree
Rinku Singh Family Tree

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Many Siblings does Rinku Singh have?

He has a total of five siblings, four brothers and one sister.

What is Rinku Singh Village’s name?

His village name is Talanagri it is situated in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

What is the name of Rinku Singh’s father?

His father’s name is Khan Chandra Singh.


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