A Story of quirky dresser Urfi Javed: Biography, Birth Chart, Family, Education, Career, and some insider facts.


Urfi Javed’s Personal Information.

Other NameUorfi Javed
Birth date15 October 1997
Birth PlaceGomti Nagar, Lucknow
MotherZakiya Sultan
FatherIfru Javed
SiblingsUrusa Javed(sister)
Asfi Javed(sister)
Dolly Javed(Sister)
Saleem Javed(Brother)
BoyfriendParas Kalnawat(Ex-boyfriend)
EducationBachelor degree in Mass communication
School/CollegeCity Montessori School
Amity University
ProfessionIndian Television actress
Net Worth172 crores
Personal Information

Urfi Javed Birth Chart Analysis.

Date of Birth15 October 1997
Time of Birth12:00:00( Unknown)
Place of BirthGomti Nagar, Lucknow
Day of BirthWednesday 
Zodiac SignPisces
Sun SignVirgo 
Birth Information



Zodiac Sign: Urfi Javed is a Pisces person, which indicates she has a unique way of creativity. Pisces individuals have very imaginative mind.

VYAGHATA  Yoga: Individuals born in the Vyaghata yoga have multi-talent that make them recognized among people. Vyaghata yoga individuals are very straightforward in their speaking, which leads to growing enemies towards them.

Rahu in Leo Sign: In her birth chart, Rahu is in Leo Sign which exploded her unusual creative side. Individuals with Rahu in the Leo sign gain high recognization for their creativity.

Venus-Mars conjunction: Individuals with Venus and Mars conjunction are very bold towards their creative approach. Their way of expressing creativity has boldness.

Who is Urfi Javed?

Urfi Javed, an Indian actress, is known for her outspoken personality and unique fashion sense. She often attracts attention for her unconventional outfits, which can sometimes reveal her body and make headlines.

Urfi Javed Early Life:

Urfi Javed was born on October 15, 1997, in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. She had a challenging childhood, growing up in a conservative family that prohibited her from wearing short dresses or revealing her body. Sadly, her father was abusive towards her and her family members.

In one of her interviews, she revealed that when she was in 11th class, Someone had uploaded her picture on an adult website. That picture got viral, and her father tortured and abused her mentally. Her relatives and friends started calling her a porn star. After that, she ran away from her house with her sister to Delhi to pursue her dream.

Urfi Javed Family:


Ifru Javed(father):

Ifru Javed is the father of Urfi Javed. During an interview, she shared personal information about her relationship with her father. She confided that he was abusive towards her and did not encourage her career aspirations. Eventually, he remarried and she decided to leave home and pursue her dreams in New Delhi.

Zakia Sultana(Mother): Zakiya Sultan lives in Mumbai with her children after her husband left her to marry another woman. She frequently posts mesmerizing photos on Instagram, leaving people in awe of her beauty. Some say she is even more stunning than her daughter, Urfi Javed.

Zakiya-Sultan mother of Urfi Javed


Urusa Javed(Sister): Urusa Javed is the older sister of Urfi Javed. She is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. Like her sister, she shares bold and stunning photos on Instagram.

Urusa-Javed sister of Urfi Javed.

Asfi Javed(Sister): Asfi Javed is the younger sister of Urfi Javed. She is professionally a blogger. She often shares pictures of her fashionable outfits, particularly traditional wear like the Salwaar suit. Her fans are in awe of her stylish appearance.

Asfi-Javed sister of Urfi Javed

Dolly Javed(Sister): Dolly Javed is Urfi Javed’s youngest sister, much like her sister, who is exploring fashion on social media. Like her sisters, she also shares her pictures on Instagram. People adore her sense of fashion.

Dolly-Javed sister of Urfi Javed

Sameer Aslam Javed( Brother): Sameer Aslam Javed is the lovable brother of all five beautiful ladies. He is the youngest of all four sisters.

Urfi Javed Family Tree


Family Picture


Urfi Javed Education.

She received her primary and secondary education from City Montessori School in Lucknow.

In higher education, she owned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Amity University.

Urfi Javed Career.

After running away from her home to Delhi she had to live her life in a difficult phase as she did not have much money in her pocket. Somehow she found a job in a call center and start earning money for her survival.

Later she got a job as an assistant to a fashion designer. Then she decided to move to Mumbai to make her dream comes true.

In Mumbai, she started modeling and ramp-walked in some fashion Shows. Chasing her big dreams, she began auditioning for TV serials

Finally, her patience was rewarded, and in 2015 she got her first role in the TV serial Teddy Medi Family.

Her, dream finally comes true and she got her second chance in the television serial Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania as Avni Pant.

After that, she got many opportunities to perform in serials like Chandra Nandini,  Meri Durga, Saat Phero Ki Hera Pheri, etc.

Her fame ladder uplifted after her appearance in the Big Boss OTT reality show in 2021 where she wore a dress made up of garbage bags.

In 2022 she became the most searched person on Google in Asia.

Some Insider Facts of Urfi Javed.

She changed her name from Urfi to Uorfi at the suggestion of a numerologist.

She is neither a believer in Muslim nor Hinduism. She wanted to live in a democratic country where individuals have their own choice regarding religion.

In 2017 she started dating Paras Kalnawat and had in relationship with him, but later they broke up in 2018.

Urfi Javed has always been in controversies for her unusual outfit. She is always slammed for spreading nudity and sexuality on social media.

Urfi Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/urf7i

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