Puneet Superstar: Reason for Big Boss OTT2 TRP down, Biography, Income, and why he is a Lord.


Puneet Superstar Personal information.

Real NamePrakash Kumar
Date of Birth1992
Birth PlaceGhaziabad, Delhi
Girlfriend/ wifehave a girlfriend but their name not revealed
Eduaction12th dropout
School/ College D.A.V. school in Ghaziabad, Delhi.
Haven’t attain college
ProfessionSocial media influencer
Net worth1 Lakh per month

Who is Puneet Superstar?

Puneet Superstar is a social media influencer. His beloved friends also called him Lord Puneet because of his charity work. He always made videos in demand of the Public. The way the audience wants the way he acts. His comedy videos do not have a concept but have an audience demand that entertains them.

Early Life and Family

He was born in the year 1992 in Ghaziabad, Delhi. He belongs to a financially weak family who does not have money to pay fees for his schooling.

There is no information about his family life. He never revealed true information about his family.

Puneet Superstar Education

He completed his primary school in the D.A.V. school in Ghaziabad, Delhi.

He was not able to complete his 12th as his family could not have money to pay for the fees.

He had not attended college/ University.

Puneet Superstar Career.

Initially, he worked in a company for 10,000 rupees. After 2015, he lost his job and started to make videos on TikTok.

In Starting, his Tik Tok videos didn’t get much attention from the audience, but he never gave up and continued to make videos. One day he observed that he got a thousand views for his video. This incident motivated him to make more videos.

His one of the video of tik tok “Aapne maa baap ke tukdo pe paal ke soa jaunga”,was become one of the viral video. This video was the turning point in his career and made him one of the influencers on the TikTok platform.

The journey of Tik_Tok stopped after its ban, and he shifted to Instagram and Youtube channels.

However, his Instagram reels were not getting many viewers and followers initially, and on June 2023, he started to create vlogs and comedy videos on his Youtube channel.

His video concept is based on comedy, like smashing of cake on a face, laying on mud, Putting slippers on himself, and a funny painted face that grabbed the audience’s attention in huge amount.

Puneet Superstar Painted face
Puneet Superstar Painted face

His ways of talking and comedy concept videos pull millions of views on his Instagram account. In one of his interviews, he revealed that initially, when his Instagram reels were not getting viral, he used to post about 100 videos per day. Finally, his hard work pays, and now he has about 3 million subscribers on his Instagram.

His dialogue, “Khothi bangle wale log’, ‘Nalle berojgar’ ‘chappari berojgar’ and many more are the tag lines of his videos

Most called his video concept ‘ Cringe,’ but in one of his interviews, he denied it by stating that whatever he posts is on the demands and requests of the public. He posted the video according to what the public requested him on message.

He also entered Big Boss Ott2 as a contestant, but he was evicted from the show within one day.

Puneet Super Star income.

He mostly earns from his youtube videos, Instagram reels, paid promotions, and wishing birthday people through event promotion. He earns about 1 Lakh in one month.

Why is Puneet Superstar called Lord?

People call him lord because he uses his earn money to feed people. In one of his videos, he stated, “No one will sleep with an empty stomach.” He mostly used half of his earnings to provide shelter and food to people.


Puneet Superstar and Bigg Boss Ott2 TRP. What’s the connection?

Puneet Superstar is one of the contestants of The Big Boss Ott2 who got evicted from the show within one day. While entering the show he was grilled by guests and marked his videos as cringe.


As for the concept of his videos, he started the same personality in the big boss house. He drops the bottle of Shampoo on himself. The incident provokes Big Boss and warns him not to do this further. But he rebelled against Big Boss and said that if Big Boss wanted to drop him out of the house, they may he does not care about it.

After the eviction of Puneet Superstar from the Big Boss Show all of his friends drop down the TRP of Big Boss in anger and rated down the Jio Cinema app.

Puneet Superstar social media platforms.

Social Media nameLinkFollowers
Youtube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/@Puneetsuperstar61502.28 Lakh
Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/puneetsuper_starrrr/?hl=en3 Million
Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/p/Puneet-super-star-100064730958622/773 followers

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