Nidhi Kumar(Temptation Island): Passionate dancer, Biography, Family, Bf, awards, and more.

Nidhi Kumar, a professional dancer and prominent Bollywood Dance YouTuber based in Dubai, also excels as an actor, model, TV presenter, and social media influencer, holding the title of Dubai’s first Indian Crowned Muser Musically.

Nidhi Kumar biography
Nidhi Kumar biography

Who is Nidhi Kumar?

Nidhi Kumar is a versatile internet personality known for her talents in dancing, presenting on TV, acting, and modeling. She is not just a social media creator but a skilled dance choreographer. Nidhi has made a name for herself in the entertainment world and as a successful entrepreneur.

Her breakthrough moment came when she appeared on the Indian reality show, Temptation Island, alongside her boyfriend Mohak Malhotra. This experience catapulted her into the spotlight and expanded her reach on social media.

Nidhi Kumar Biography/Wiki

Real NameNidhi Kumar
Birth Date28 September 1995
Birth PlaceDubai
FatherName not known
MotherName not known
BoyfriendHoney Harley Quinn(elder sister)
Married StatusUnmmaried
ProfessionChoreography and Actor
Net Worth1 Million
Biography/ Wiki

Nidhi Kumar Age, Birth Information, and Birth Chart

Date of Birth28 September 1995
Time of Birth12:00:00 Am( Unknown)
Birth PlaceDubai
Birth DayThursday
Zodiac SignLibra
Sun SignVirgo
Birth Chart


Nidhi Kumar kundli
Nidhi Kumar kundli

Zodiac Sign: Libras are friendly and charming people who value fairness and harmony in their relationships, enjoy socializing, and have a creative side.

Nakshatra: Vishakha Nakshatra individuals are determined, charismatic leaders who value fairness, face challenges for personal growth, and often have a spiritual inclination.

Viskumbh: People born under Vish Kumbh yoga are considered smart, intelligent, and good-looking, with the belief that this yoga enhances their best qualities and brings fortune, particularly in the aspect of accumulating wealth in their lives.

Nidhi Kumar family

Her parents have always been a supportive wall for her in her career. Her mother always wanted her to be an actress. Her mother always supported her in her dance. Seeing her passion for dance her family supported her to became a good dancer. As a joke, her parents always comment on her as teasing that when she was born in this world, the nurse commented ” Your daughter has come into this world dancing.”

Nidhi Kumar father
Nidhi Kumar father

When she was too young, 3-4 years old, she dreamed of having her dance studio. Her father is the one who encouraged her to open her studio just at the age of 25 years old, otherwise, she was thinking of after 30 years.

Nidhi Kumar has always had a strong support system in her parents throughout her career.

Her mom had a dream for her to become an actress, and she backed Nidhi’s passion for dance. Seeing Nidhi’s dedication to dance, the family stood by her, and her parents even playfully joked that when she was born, the nurse remarked, “Your daughter has come into this world dancing.”

Nidhi Kumar mother

Growing up in Mehrauli and later Delhi, Nidhi’s mother always deeply loved Bollywood. When Nidhi came into the family, she took it upon herself to make her a star. Waking up at 4 am daily, she was there for Nidhi, supporting her from morning till night.

Her dedicated and active involvement in Nidhi’s daily life became the backbone of Nidhi’s success.  She wasn’t just a supporter; she was the unsung hero behind Nidhi’s journey.

NIdhi Kumar mother and father
Nidhi Kumar’s mother and father

Unfortunately, as of now, Nidhi Kumar’s parents’ names are unavailable. Any new information about them will be updated here once it becomes accessible.

Nidhi Kumar Siblings

She has an elder sister whose name is Honey Harley Quinn. She is married and has one child.

Nidhi Kumar sister
Nidhi Kumar sister

Nidhi Kumar Boyfriend

In a modern love story, Nidhi Kumar discovered her love, Mohak Malhotra, through a dating app. Initially grappling with the complexities of a cross-cultural relationship, Nidhi and Mohak found themselves navigating differences. Mohak is rooted in the business world and stands in contrast to Nidhi, a creative soul.

Nidhi Kumar boyfriend Mohak Malhotra
Nidhi Kumar’s boyfriend Mohak Malhotra

Another distinction arose in their feelings towards pets, with Mohak being a passionate pet lover with Nidhi does not share the same affinity. Despite these differences, their love story unfolded uniquely.

  • . Meeting on a Dating App.
  • Nidhi and Mohak’s journey began with the modern twist of finding love through a dating app.
  • . Navigate Cultural Differences.
  • The couple initially faced confusion and uncertainties due to their diverse cultural background.
  • . Professional Contrasts.
  • Mohak’s business-oriented world contrasted with Nidhi’s creative pursuits, creating a dynamic blend of personalities.
  • Divergent Views on Pets
  • Mohak’s love for pets contrasted with Nidhi’s different perspective on having pets.
  • Fitness Enthusiast.
  • Mohak’s commitment to fitness was evident through regular workouts at the gym, showcasing another facet of his lifestyle.
  • Nidhi’s Bold Move.
  • Defying traditional norms, Nidhi took the initiative and proposed to Mohak, marking a significant moment.

Nidhi Kumar Education

She studied at the GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai. Later, she enrolled in the Manipal Academy of Higher Education- Dubai Campus to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Media and communications, specializing in advertising and Event Management.

Educational InstitutionDegree PursuedSpecialization
GEMS our Own English High School, in Dubai.Not specifiedNot specified
Manipal Academy of Higher EducationBachelor’s degree in Media and CommunicationsAdvertising and Event Management
Nidhi Kumar Education

Nikita Bhamidipati Biography

Nidhi Kumar Dance Studio

Even when Nidhi was just 3-4 years old, she dreamed of having her own studio, her father, being a source of constant encouragement, convinced her to make this dream a reality at the young age of 25, even though she initially thought of waiting until she was 30. She turned her dream into reality by establishing her studio, NKD(Nach Ke Dikha), in Dubai.

Nidhi Kumar Studio
Nidhi Kumar Studio

Nidhi Kumar YouTube Channel

In 2013, she started putting her dance videos on YouTube because she loved dancing. One video she shared to “Kaala Chasma” got super popular, and people started calling her the “Kaala Chasma” girl. But she didn’t just stick to YouTube-she shared her dance videos on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok too. Then, Sonic Music India liked her dance to “Mercy” and shared it on Twitter. That made more people notice her awesome dance skills.

Nidhi Kumar, a YouTube sensation, has two  YouTube channels:

Nidhi Kumar’s Main Channel:

Channel Name: Nidhi Kumar

Content Focus: Features dancing videos and choreography routines.

Subscribers: 658K Subscribers.

Launch Date: June 11, 2013.

Nidhi Kumar Youtube channel
Nidhi Kumar’s YouTube channel

Nidhi Kumar’s second Channel:

Channel Name: Nidhi Kumar Unfiltered

Content Focus: Daily vlogs, challenges, and behind-the-scenes content.

Subscribers: 9.54K subscribers.

Launch Date: 27 Feb 2017

Nidhi Kumar Unfiltered
Nidhi Kumar Unfiltered

Nidhi Kumar Live Concert

Nidhi’s artistic journey extends beyond the digital realm as she showcases her exceptional dancing talent on social media platforms and takes center stage at live concerts.

  • Nidhi showcased her talent internationally by performing at Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE.
  • She wowed the audience at EPIC FAM JAM with a captivating performance on the popular Noora Fatehi track, “Garmi.”
  • Demonstrating her organizational skills, Nidhi organized the NKDINDIATOUR in Bangalore. The event took place at the esteemed DHRUTAM STUDIO OF DANCE, Bangalore.
Nidhi Kumar EXPO Dubai UAE
Nidhi Kumar at EXPO Dubai UAE

Nidhi Kumar Temptation Island

She appeared with her boyfriend, Mohak Malhotra, on the reality show “Temptation Island” in 2023 to assess the strength and compatibility of their relationship. She participated in the show to test her loyalty to their relationship. Through her involvement in the show, she gained fame among a vast audience and became a recognized television face.

Nidhi Kumar temptation Island series
Nidhi Kumar’s Temptation Island series

Other television shows:

  • She made her acting debut in 2016 with the show “ Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan.”
  • In 2018, she served as the TV host for the program ‘Body and Mind.’
  • In 2020, she appeared on the show “Savdhaan India.”
Nidhi Kumar in Savdhaan India
Nidhi Kumar in Savdhaan India
YearTelevision show
2016Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan
2018Body and Mind
2020Savdhaan India
Nidhi Kumar Television shows

Nidhi Kumar Car Collection

She owns a cruise car that’s worth 13 lakh to 15 lakh.

Nidhi Kumar car collection
Nidhi Kumar’s car collection

She also owns the ‘ROCCO’ car, worth 30lakh to 40 lakh.

Nidhi Kumar ROCCO car
Nidhi Kumar ROCCO car

Nidhi Kumar Award and Achievements

  • 2013: Best Actress Award at Kaleido Awards
  • 2014: Award  at IMT Vaudeville Fest.
  • 2014: Gold Medal at Orbis’14 Manipal Dubai Group Dance
  • 2016: Miss Congeniality at Urban Diva.
  • 2021: Arab Asia Starz Season 2- Best Dancer Female 2021
  • 2023: UAE’s Best Influencer on the Kris Fade Show.
Nidhi Kumar Arab ASian Starz Season
Nidhi Kumar Arab Asian Starz Season2 Award

Nidhi Kumar’s salary and Net worth


Nidhi Kumar is a YouTube star, dancer, and choreographer in the UAE.

YouTube Success:

500,000 subscribers, and 113 million views for dance videos.

Net Worth(2023 Estimated):

Expected between $100, 000 and $ 1 million.

Income sources:

YouTube ad revenue, sponsorship, dance-related ventures.


The net worth estimated is speculative; verify with reliable sources.

Nidhi Kumar’s Physical appearance

Weight60 Kg
Body measurements28-26-28
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Physical appearance