Who is Seema Haider: A lover or a Pakistani secret agent?

Who is a Seema Haider?

Seema Haider is a Pakistani woman who marked the headlines for crossing the international border illegally to enter India. She claimed that her deep love for Sachin Meena, who lives in Noida in India, inspired her to cross the border.

Seema Haider life in Pakistan.

She was born on 1 January 2002 in Sindh, Pakistan. She was married to Ghulam Haider, a middle-class-born person. Her Husband, Gulam Haider, worked in Saudi Arabia to fill the needs of his family. The Couple has one daughter and three sons.

Seema Haider was not happy with her husband. Gulam Haider didn’t respect her and abused her with bad language.

Who is Sachin Meena?

Sachin Meena is a 10th graduate guy who lives with his family members in a rented house in Noida, Delhi. He earns 13,000 through labor work. In his family, he has a father, a mother, and one younger brother.

Sachin Meena and Seema Haider love.

Seema comes in contact with Sachin Meena through a game PUBG. During lockdown a love through game PUBG flourished between both. A virtual love between the couple flourishes to the extent level that both decided to get married without divorce from Seema Haider first husband.

In 2023 both decided to meet in real in Nepal and further got married in a temple. She converted to the Hindu religion for her love.

She sold her house for a visa to travel to Dubai from Pakistan and reached Nepal somehow. After that, she illegally crossed the border and enter Noida, India and start living with love Sachin Meena.

Her illegal crossing of the border and entering India sparks her love story into headlines. Many allegations are been put against Seema Haider that she is a Pakistani spy and should be put in jail for crossing the international border illegally.

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