Ekin-Su-Culculoglu From Love Island to Contestant of Celebrity Big Brother 2024.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu, a British-Turkish actress renowned as the winner of Love Island, is now garnering attention as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu’s biography
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu’s biography
Date of BirthBirth PlaceAgeProfession
21 August 1994Islington, London30Actress and social media Influencer
Short Information

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu is a British-Turkish television personality, actress, and model. She gained fame as a contestant on the reality show Love Island. During her time on the show, she formed a couple with fellow contestant Davide Sanclimenti, and together they emerged as the season’s winners.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu was born to Turkish parents on August 21, 1994, in Islington, London, England.

However, when she was 10 years old, her family decided to move and relocated to Loughton, Essex. This shift in location likely changed her upbringing and environment, shaping her experience as she grew up.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at the age of 4
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at the age of 4

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu embraces a blend of British and Turkish cultures, which provides her with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu brother

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu has a younger brother named Arda Culculoglu, who is about 20 years old in 2024. Arda has a strong passion for music and guitars, which he shares on his social media platform. He has gained popularity as a social media influencer, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, with over 95, 000 followers on TikTok and 32.2 thousand followers on Instagram, Arda has built a significant online presence.

Ekin-Su-Lil brother
Ekin-Su-Lil brother

One notable aspect of their relationship is Arda’s protective nature towards his older sister, Ekin-Su-Culculoglu. Whenever she faces accusations or criticism, especially during her time on Love Island, Arda stands up to her and defends her honor.  This demonstrates the close bond between the siblings and Arda’s unwavering support for his sister.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu parents

Ekin Su Culculoglu’s parents are Sezer and Zekai Culculoglu. Her mom, Sezer, is 58 years old in 2024. They’re a close-knit family, especially Ekin Su and her mom. Sezer always stands by her daughter and supports her in everything she does.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu parents
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu parents

In an interview, Sezer mentioned that Ekin Su has always liked being in the spotlight since she was little. Despite this, Sezer is proud of her daughter and encourages her to follow her dreams. Their strong bond is important in Ekin Su’s life, giving her the confidence to pursue her goals.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu boyfriend

Ekin Su Culculoglu had a relationship with Davide Sanclimenti, a fellow contestant from the show Love Island in 2022. They fell in love during the show and even won a couple. However, their relationship faced challenges after the show ended, leading to rumors of their breakup.

Ekin-Su and Davide Sanclimenti
Ekin-Su and Davide Sanclimenti

Despite the ups and downs, they were seen together again, showing affection and care towards each other. Unfortunately, in January 2024, news surfaced once more about their final break up.

David Sanclimenti, who is known as the brand ambassador of Scimxa and Boohooman, took to his Instagram story on January 30, 2024, to officially announce their breakup. They had been together for 18 months before deciding to part away.

Ekin Su Culculoglu: Beauty Pageants

In addition to her accomplishment, Ekin- Su-Culculoglu represented in the 2011 Miss Asia Pacific World pageant, showcasing her beauty and poise on an international stage. Furthermore, she has participated in prestigious beauty pageants such as Miss Ireland and Miss Central London, further solidifying her presence in the world of glamour and beauty.

Ekin Su Culculoglu: A Journey in Entertainment  

Debut role: Isil in “ Kuzey Yildizi”

In her debut television role, Ekin Su Culculoglu portrayed Isil in the popular Turkish TV series “Kuzey Yildizi.” Isil’s role as a photographer showcased Ekin Su’s versatility and talent in acting.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu in Kuzey Yildizi

Triumph in Love Island(2022)

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at Love Island
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at Love Island

Ekin Su skyrocketed to fame in 2022 as she emerged victorious in Love Island season 8. Her chemistry with fellow contestant Davide Sanclimenti led them to be crowned as the show’s winners, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Dancing on Ice Adventure (2023)

Ekin Su showcased her agility and grace the following year on the reality show “Dancing on Ice.” Participating in the dancing competition, she mesmerized the audience with her impressive performance.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at Dancing of Ice Adventure
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at Dancing of Ice Adventure

Brand Ambassadorship and Contract Dispute

In August 2022, Ekin Su secured a lucrative deal as the brand ambassador for the fashion brand Oh Polly, signing a contract worth 1 million. However, after six months, she faced challenges as she was dropped by Oh Polly due to a dispute arising from the contract, particularly regarding financial matters.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu brand ambassdor of BPerfect Cosmetic
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu brand ambassdor of BPerfect Cosmetic

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu has recently been appointed as a brand ambassador for BPerfect Cosmetics, marking an exciting new chapter in her career and beauty journey.

Ekin Su Culculoglu in Celebrity Big Brother 2024

Ekin Su Culculoglu, renowned for her TV successes, joins celebrity Big Brother. Rumors hint at a possible romance with fellow contestant Nikita Kuzmin, adding intrigue to the show. Stay tuned for more drama and surprises as the competition unfolds.

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at celebrity Big Brother
Ekin-Su-Culculoglu at Celebrity Big Brother

Ekin Su Culculoglu’s physical appearance

Height171 cm
Eye colorDark Brown
HairLong Dark Brown
Weight55kg(121 lbs)
physical appearance

Ekin Su Culculoglu’s net worth

Ekin-Su-Culculoglu’s net worth is estimated to be around 1.6 million. This sum encompasses earnings from various streams:

Charging approximately $30,000 to $50,000 per show appearance.

Winning a prize of $50,000 on the show Love Island alongside her partner Davide.

She is leveraging her influence as a social media personality and actress to collaborate with brands, including securing a fashion deal with the renowned brand Oh Polly in August 2022, reportedly worth more than $1 million.

The income from these diverse sources has contributed to Ekin-Su-Culculoglu’s estimated net worth of $1.6 million.

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Ekin-Su-Culculoglu’s some interesting facts

  • Ekin-Su-Culculoglu prioritizes intellect over physical appearance when it comes to choosing romantic partners.
  • During her university years, she was known as Susie before eventually changing her name to Ekin-Su.
  • She holds beliefs in the existence of Aliens and other supernatural forces.
  • In her early childhood, she experienced loneliness and isolation, often eating her lunch alone and locking herself in the toilet.
  • Ekin-Su attended the East 15 Acting School to pursue studies in musical theatre, laying the foundation for her career in the entertainment industry.
  • Ekin-Su-Culculoglu has 3.8 million followers on Instagram(@ekinsuofficial).


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