Amit the Shinning star: Breaking Stereotypes defies Gender Norms with his exceptional dance skills.

Amit the Shinning star is a YouTuber sensation captivating audiences with his graceful dance transformations into girl appearances, breaking gender stereotypes while inspiring self-acceptance.

Amit the Shinning star
Amit the Shinning star

Who is Amit Shining Star?

Nand Gopal, popularly known as Amit Shinning star, is a social media sensation celebrated for his remarkable dance performances in the form of a girl. His talent has garnered mixed reactions from the public; while some criticize him for using a girl’s appearance for fame, others applaud his graceful dance skills, which rival those of girls. Despite the divided opinions, Amit continues to shine as a unique and talented performer in the social media sphere.

Personal Information

Real NameNand Gopal
known nameAmit the Shinning Star
Birth Date26 Nov
Birth PlaceDelhi
Home townFaridabad Delhi
ProfessionalYoutube dancer
Net worth10 Lakhs
Personal Infomation

The transformation from boy to girl

Amit, a high school student in the 11th and 12th grades, harbored a deep passion for dancing. Eager to share his talent with the world, he launched a YouTube channel under the name ‘Amit the Shinning Star.’ However, his initial dance video struggled to gain traction, with views remaining disappointingly low.

Amit the Shining star turns into girl appearance
Amit the Shinning Star turns into a girl’s appearance

Then, one day, everything changed. Amit decided to take a bold step and uploaded in a video in which he transformed into the appearance of a girl, showcasing his dancing skills with fluid and graceful movements. The videos quickly caught the attention of viewers, amassing an unprecedented number of views and likes.

Encouraged by this unexpected success, Amit continued to create videos in which he donned girl’s attire and danced with impeccable finesse. This marked the beginning of his journey as ‘Amit the Shinning Star,’ and his fame began to spread like wildfire among a vast and appreciative audience. His unique blend of talent and courage had truly set him on a path to stardom.

Amit the Shinning Star’s birth information

Nand Gopal, a remarkable young boy, was born on November 26th in Faridabad, Delhi, into a well-educated family. Despite being given the simple name ‘Nand Gopal’ by his parents, he has shown an extraordinary ability to break boundaries and shine in his own unique way.

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Amit the Shinning Star family

While there may not be much public information available about Amit the Shining Star’s parents, it is clear that they have played a significant role in supporting his career journey. Despite his discretion in sharing personal details on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, sources suggest that Amit’s parents have consistently stood by him and encouraged his pursuit of his passion for dancing.

In the face of occasional negative comments and criticism directed at Amit for his choice to use girl appearances, his parents have remained a steadfast source of support. Their unwavering belief in their child’s talent and dream serves as a testament to the importance of family support in the journey of raising stars like Amit the Shining Star.

Amit the Shinning Star siblings

Amit the Shining Star often features a girl on his YouTube channel. Although he hasn’t said she is his sister, they seem like closer friends or siblings in their videos. When they make vlogs together, you can see their great friendship, which feels like a brother-sister bond. This connection adds a friendly and genuine feel to Amit’s videos, making them enjoyable for his viewers, even if we don’t know their exact relationship.

Amit Shining Star sister
Amit Shinning Star sister

Amit the Shinning Star

Amit the Shinning started his YouTube channel on May 9, 2020, to share his dance performances. With hard work, he now has an impressive 6.93 lakh subscribers. He makes money from his YouTube channel through collaboration and ads. He also earns by doing modeling and dancing at events. Amit has found different ways to make a living while doing what he loves, entertaining people online and offline.

Amit the Shining star YouTube channel
Amit the Shinning star YouTube channel