Savi Thakur: The remarkable journey from Engineer to talented Actor.

Savi Thakur is an Indian television actor known for his lead roles in many serials. Let’s know his height, age, girlfriend, family, career, biography, and many more intriguing details.

Savi Thakur biography
Savi Thakur biography

Savi Thakur Biography/Wiki

Date of Birth15th May 1990
HomeTownHamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
Age33 years
SchoolingHimachal Pradesh
CollegePunjab University
Blood GroupB+
Favorite ActorRanbir Kapoor
Favorite ActressAishwarya Rai
DreamTo excel in acting and grow further in the field
WeaknessSelf-doubt about doing things
StrengthSupportive family
Bio/ wiki

Savi Thakur is a prominent name in Indian television, best known for his portrayal of various lead roles. However, he gained widespread recognition and became a household name for portraying Vishnu in the serial “Namah Laxmi Narayan.” This role showcased his talent and garnered him a significant fan following.

नमः लक्ष्मी नारायण
Savi Thakur in नमः लक्ष्मी नारायण Serial

Apart from “Namah Laxmi Narayan,” Thakur has taken on several other lead roles in Indian television serials, showcasing his versatility and acting prowess:

Laal Banarsi(2023): Thakur showcased his acting skills as Garv Aggarwal, a shrewd and cold-hearted businessman, offered a stark contrast to Thakur’s personality, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Madam Sir Serial (2020-2023): In the comedy-drama serial “Madam Sir,” Thakur showcased his acting skills as SHO Amar Vidrohi for a short period. Despite the brief stint, his performance left an impression on viewers.

Savi Thakur Serial
Savi Thakur Serial

Guddan-Tumse Na Ho Paayega(2018-2021): Thakur took on the lead role of Agastya Birla in “Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Paayega,” where he was hailed as the hero of the show alongside Guddan. His portrayal added depth to the character and earned him praise from the audience.

Sethji(2017):  In “Sethji” Thakur played the role of Raghoji demonstrating his ability to portray diverse characters with conviction.

Kanishak in Porus
Kanishak in Porus

He also portrayed the role of Kanishak in the historical drama” Porus”.

Early Life

He was a diligent student at school, eagerly engaging in various activities. From a young age, he harbored a strong desire to become an actor.

Due to his father’s Army service, they moved frequently to different places. Each relocation exposed him to a new culture and lifestyle, yet his heart remained steadfastly attached to his birthplace, Himachal Pradesh.

Coming from an educated family with a focus on non-acting-related studies, he pursued his passion for acting against the family’s academic emphasis.

Savi Thakur childhood pic
Savi Thakur’s childhood pic

His first crush blossomed in 2nd grade, where he often shared lunch with her.

Savi Thakur Father

  •  He is always praised for being disciplined and punctual, it is his father who teaches him discipline and punctuality.
  • He was pretty naughty and couldn’t sit still as a kid, but his dad helped him learn discipline.
  • His dad was in the Army, so he moved around a lot, but he always made sure his son understood the value of time and being disciplined.
  • His father’s name is not available. As soon as the name becomes available, it will be updated.

Savi Thakur Mother

There isn’t much information about Savi Thakur’s mother, but she is described as a soft-hearted housewife.

Savi Thakur mother
Savi Thakur mother

Savi Thakur Sister

Savi Thakur’s sister, Sunaina Thakur, always encouraged him to excel in his performances. She provided genuine feedback whenever she watched him on screen, motivating him to do even better.

Savi Thakur Sister
Savi Thakur Sister Sunaina Thakur

Savi Thakur education

He attended Army School for his early education and completed most of his schooling in Himachal Pradesh. Later, he pursued his engineering degree from Punjab University.

How he turns from Engineer to Actor

After completing his engineering degree, Savi Thakur decided to pursue his passion for acting. In 2015, he made the bold move to Mumbai, the heart of the Indian entertainment industry.

Upon arriving on May 18th, 2015, he wasted no time and started attending auditions. His persistence paid off when, after just a few auditions, he landed a role in the DD1 Mythological show, Draupadi in 2017.

Savi Thakur at his Debut serial Draupadi
Savi Thakur at his Debut serial Draupadi

Initially, he was considered for the role of Krishna, but Savi’s younger age led him to be chosen for the character of Arjuna instead. This marked the beginning of his transition from engineer to actor, setting him on a path to follow his dream in the world of entertainment.

His First Income

Before diving into the world of acting, Savi Thakur worked as an engineer in Chandigarh, earning a modest salary of 30,000 to 35,000 per month.

His first step into the entertainment industry began with auditions in Mumbai. However, his first show didn’t go as planned, resulting in rejection. Undeterred, he persisted, and he finally got selected for his first show draupadi, earning him a salary of around 60, 000 to 70,000. This marked the beginning of his acting career and a significant leap from his engineering job.

Personal Preference and Life Philosophy of Savi Thakur

  • Savi Thakur holds his family close, with a wallpaper of himself and his mother adorning his cell phone. He is most active on Instagram among social media platforms.
  • In his career, he values authenticity and dislikes overacting. He finds solace in the timeless melodies of Mohammad Rafi, with “Akele Hain Chale Aao” being one of his favorite songs.
  • His life motto revolves around staying positive, living openly, and pursuing his dream relentlessly. His philosophy is summed up as,” Positive Raho Kulke Jiyo, jo apka Man Karta hai Karte raho apne sapno ki taraf bhadte raho.”
  • Among contemporary artists, he admires Arjit Singh and enjoys singing along to his songs, especially “Khairiyat Pucho.”
  • Outside of work, Savi Thakur enjoys adventurous activities like paragliding, seeking thrills and new experiences whenever he can.
Savi Thakur doing adventure activity
Savi Thakur doing an adventure activity

Savi Thakur’s Music videos

Music VideoYearCo-Artist
Sahara2023Chitra Shukla
Tera Naam2023Shalini Chouhan
Sandal2019Sunanda Sharma
Music videos
Shambho music video featuring Savi Thakur.

“Sandal,” his first Punjabi music video featuring Sunanda Sharma, was instrumental in Savi Thakur’s entry into the music industry.

Physical appearance

Savi Thakur physical appearance
Savi Thakur’s physical appearance
FigureChest-42 inches
Waist- 30 inches
Biceps-15 inches
physical appearance

There are rumors about Savi Thakur that he built his body using steroids, but this is not true. In reality, he dedicated 12 years of hard work to achieve his attractive physique.

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Savi Thakur Income Source and Net Worth

Savi Thakur generates income primarily through his acting and modeling work, appearing in various shows and modeling assignments. Additionally, he earns as a social media influencer by branding and promoting products, including ads on platforms like Instagram. Some of his endorsed products include the Park Avenue grooming kit. He has amassed an estimated net worth of 1 crore through these sources.

Bike and car collections

NameRoyal Enfield Mahindra XUV 500
ImageRoyal Enfield bikeSavi Thakur car collection
Price1.5 Lakh12 Lakh
Bike and Car collections

Some Astrological facts about Savi Thakur

Savi Thakur moles
Savi Thakur moles
  • He has a mole on the middle of his forehead suggesting a calm and wise personality, indicating good luck in money matters.
  • He has a mole on the tip of his nose signifies quick thinking but also a tendency towards a short temper.

Savi Thakur’s Birth details

Birth Date15th May 1990
Birth PlaceHimachal Pradesh
Birth TimeNot Known
Birth DayTuesday
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Birth Date

Uttarashadha Nakshatra: People born in Uttarashada Nakshatra are known for their beautiful appearance and ability to maintain good relationships with those around them. They are hardworking individuals who dedicate themselves to their work.

Subha Yoga: Individuals born under Subha Yoga are characterized as soft-hearted and soft-spoken. They are dedicated to their work and approach tasks with sincerity and commitment.

Savi Thakur numerology

His life path number is 6, ruled by Venus, which bestows upon him creative and artistic talent.


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