Manisha Rani’s Family: Parents and siblings-A closer look.

We all know the Big Boss Ott2 Contestant, Manisha Rani, and her funny jokes on the show. But there is a sad story behind her smile. Her family background isn’t very happy.  She lives with her single father and takes care of him.


Manisha Rani’s Family Overview.

Father NameManoj kumar
Mother NameRagini Devi
BrotherRahul Raj(Eldest brother)
Rohit Raj(Younger brother)
SisterSharika Rani(eldest sister)
Family overview

Manisha Rani’s Family?

Her family resides in Munger, Bihar, which is 5 hours away from Patna. She is not the only one in her family; she has three siblings. They live in a joint family arrangement with her father, his four brothers, and her grandparents, including both a grandmother and a grandfather.

Manisha Rani Family
Manisha-Rani Family

Manisha Rani Parents

Her father’s name is Manoj Kumar, and her mother’s name is Ragini Devi. When she was in fifth grade, her parents got separated due to some family issues, and her mother went with another man and settled down with him. Her father works in a courier department.

Manisha Rani Father
Manisha- Rani’s Father

After her mother left. She had to take care of her family and juggle cooking, studying, and managing everything together. Despite her parents’ separation, her father chose not to marry another woman, as he believed that stepmother might not take good care of the children.

 Her father initially did not support her acting and dance career. However, as time passed and he witnessed her passion and determination for her pursuits, he began to support her.       

Manisha Rani Siblings

Manisha is not the only child of her parents; she also has three more siblings, Rahul Raj(eldest brother), Sharika(eldest sister), and Rohit Raj(youngest brother)among whom her eldest sister Sharika consistently supports her in her dancing career. She and her eldest sister jointly take care of the family after their parents’ separation, sharing responsibilities for cooking and family management. In the initial stages, her father was unsupportive of her aspirations, and it was her eldest sister who stood by her, providing the necessary encouragement for pursuing her dreams.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the name of Manisha Rani’s father?

Her father’s name is Manoj Kumar who worked in a courier service.

What is the name of Manisha Rani’s eldest sister?


Her eldest sister’s name is Sharika.

How many siblings does Manisha Rani have?

She has three siblings. Rahul Raj(eldest brother),Sharika(eldest sister) and Rohit Raj(youngest brother)

What is the name of Manisha Rani’s mother?

Her mother’s name is Ragini Devi.


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