Scientist Eunice Newton Foote: Biography, Birth Chart, Family, Education, Career and Death at 69.


Personal Information of Eunice Newton Foote.

Nick NameEunice Newton
Birth Date17 July 1819
Birth PlaceGoshen, a town in Litchfield County
HusbandElisha Foote
Death date30 September 1888
Death Place Lenox, a town in Berkshire County
ProfessionScientist and women’s rights campaigner
Personal information

Birth Chart

Birth Date17 July 1819
Birth Time12:00:00(Unknown)
Birth PlaceGoshen, a town in Litchfield County
Birth DaySaturday 
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sun SignCancer

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Who is Eunice Newton Foote?

Eunice Newton Foote was the American Climate scientist renowned for her experiment that explored the relationship between carbon dioxide and Earth’s Temperature. She made a long-lasting and significant contribution to the field of climate science that still helps us to understand climate change.

Eunice Newton Foote
Eunice Newton Foote

Early and Family Life.

She was born on 17th July 1819 in Goshen, a town in Litchfield County. Her birthplace is unknown but she was brought up in New York.


Information regarding her parents is currently unavailable, As soon as reliable information about her parents becomes known, the article will be updated to provide accurate and authentic details.


Elisha Foote: After completing his education she tied the knot to Elisha Foote. He was a lawyer as well as an inventor. The couple had two daughters Mary and Augusta.


Mary: Mary was the first child of the couple. she was born on 21 July 1842 in Seneca Falls. Professionally she was a writer, artist, and advocate of women’s rights.

Augusta: Augusta was the second daughter of Eunice Newton Foote and was born on 24 October 1844 in Seneca Falls. She was a writer.

Eunice Newton Foote Education.

She did her schooling at the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York.

Eunice Newton Foote Career.

In 1856 she performed an experiment between gases and sunlight. During her groundbreaking experiment, she realized that Co2 tends to absorb more heat than any other Gase. She recognized that increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could lead to global warming.

In addition to her significant contribution to the understanding of climate change through her experiments, Eunice Newton Foote dedicated her life to advocating for women’s rights.

She signed the Declaration of the Sentiments to propel the women’s suffrage movement, while her involvement in organizations like the National Woman’s Right Association and the American Equal Rights Association Showcased her dedication to advancing women’s rights. Her remarkable contribution continues to inspire the spirit of girl power.

She becomes the fifth one to sign the Declaration of Sentiments. In her era, women were excluded from scientific involvement. Her contribution to the scientific world established women’s empowerment in her era.

On 17 July 2023, google doodle celebrated her 204th birthday.

google-doodle-celebration birthday of Eunice-Newton-Foote.
Google-doodle-celebration birthday of Eunice-Newton-Foote.

Eunice Newton Death.

She died on 30 September 1888 at the age of 69 in Lenox, a town in Berkshire County. Her contribution to climate change and her involvement in women’s rights always be remembered.

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