Dolly Chaiwala: The Man Who Served Tea to Bill Gates and became a Social Media fame.

Dolly Chaiwala, The charismatic and innovative tea vendor from Nagpur, Maharashtra, captivates with his unique serving style and distinctive appearance, earning him the title of “Stylish Chaiwala” and widespread recognition across India.

Dolly Chaiwala biography
Dolly Chaiwala biography

Who is Dolly Chaiwala?

Dolly Chaiwala is the most popular tea seller in Nagpur, Maharashtra. He became famous for his unique way of serving tea to people. His special style caught the attention of locals and made him well-known throughout the area.

 Different styles of serving Tea to people:

Dolly Chaiwala has an incredible way of serving tea to his customers. Instead of just pouring tea into cups, he adds flairs with his movements, with swift and skillful gestures, he pours tea into cups, creating an almost mesmerizing performance.

But that’s not all. After serving tea, Dolly adds a special touch by placing a few cardamom seeds into the hands of each customer.

Dolly Chaiwala with a different ways of serving tea.

It is a small gesture, but it adds an extra level of warmth and hospitality to the tea-drinking experience. Customers are treated to a delicious cup of tea and a delightful display of Dolly’s fast-paced hand movements and thoughtful touches.

Bill Gates Loves Dolly Chaiwala Tea!

Dolly Chaiwala was unaware of the person to whom he was serving the tea. He thinks he is a foreigner and he serves the tea unintentionally. When he got back to Nagpur he came to know from his surroundings that the foreign person serving the tea was Microsoft owner Bill Gates.

Dolly had no idea who Bill Gates was! He just thought Bill Gates was another foreigner who wanted tea. So, he served him tea without knowing Bill Gates was super famous.

Bill Gates loved Dolly’s tea! He was so impressed that he said,” WoW Dolly Ki Chai.”  Bill Gates himself shared a video of him enjoying Dolly’s tea on Instagram.

Bill Gates visit Dolly Chaiwala
Bill Gates visits Dolly Chaiwala

In the caption of the video, Bill Gates wrote “ In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn- even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!”

Know more about him?

Dolly Chaiwala, originally named Sunil Patil, was born in 1998 in the quaint town of Nagpur, Maharashtra. Coming from a less privileged background, education wasn’t his strong suit.

Due to this and the modest circumstances of his family, he decided to discontinue his studies after completing the 10th grade.

Instead, Dolly chose to help his older brother with their family tea stall. His brother had been running the stall for 25 years before Dolly took over. It was a traditional family business, and Dolly stepped in to continue the legacy of serving tea to the people of Nagpur.

  • Dolly Chaiwala’s favorite actor is Johnny Depp, particularly known for his role as Jack Sparrow.
  • He uses a total of 30 liters of milk every day to prepare tea for his customers.
  • Dolly learned different styles of serving tea by watching South Indian movies, with Allu Arjun being his favorite actor from the South.
  •  His future aspiration is to serve tea to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Dolly Chaiwala’s tea stall has attracted a range of famous visitors, including Anurag Dobhal, a famous YouTuber. Notable personalities like Ashish Vidharthy, Jyoti Amge (the world’s smallest woman), and Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur have also enjoyed tea at his stall.

Dolly Chaiwala and Anurag Dobhal meet up
Dolly Chaiwala and Anurag Dobhal meet up

Dolly Chaiwala has expanded his appearance beyond his tea stall, appearing in numerous brand advertisements. One notable appearance was in September 2023 when he featured in a song titled “ Tere Yaar Ka Time.” The song was sung by Vcm Rapper.

Dolly Bike and Car Collection

  •  Dolly Chaiwala owns a KTM RC 200 Motorcycle, which typically costs around Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 2,50,000 in Indian Rupees.
  • Dolly Chaiwala also owns a Maruti car model named Eatica, typically priced between Rs 4.5 lakhs to Rs 6 Lakhs in Indian rupees.
Dolly Chaiwala Vehicle Collection
Dolly Chaiwala Vehicle Collection

Dolly Chaiwala Family

Dolly Chaiwala has an elder brother named Shailesh Patil, with whom he worked at their family tea stall. Further details about his family, such as parents or additional siblings, are currently unavailable.

Dolly Chaiwala elder brother
Dolly Chaiwala elder brother

Dolly Chaiwala’s elder brother, Shailesh Patel, has been working at a tea stall located at Civil Lines, VCA Ground Nagpur since 2007. Dolly himself joined his brother at the stall in 2010, marking the beginning of their partnership in the tea business. Together, they have been serving tea to their customers at this location.

His elder brother Shailesh Patel,  has one son and one daughter.

Social Media Award

Dolly Chaiwala was honored with the Lokmat Social Media 2023 Awards for being recognized as the “ Most Influential Chaiwala of India.”

Dolly Chaiwala Social Media Award
Dolly Chaiwala Social Media Award

Dolly Chaiwala’s unique appearance

In addition to his distinctive hand movement and serving style, Dolly Chaiwala’s unique appearance adds an extra flavor to his recognition, earning him the title of “Stylish Chaiwala.”

During an interview, he revealed that he modeled his appearance after the iconic character portrayed by Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, specifically, Jack Sparrow from the movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Hair ColorRed and Black
Eye ColorBlack
Physical appearance

Dolly Chaiwala’s signature look is incomplete without his yellow oversized goggles and multiple piercings adorning both ears.  To further accentuate his distinct appearance, he dyes his hair a vibrant shade of red, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to his persona.

Dolly Chaiwala appearance
Dolly Chaiwala appearance

In addition to his iconic yellow goggles, multiple ear piercings, and vibrant red hair, Dolly Chaiwala completes his look with a digital watch adorning his left and various bracelets on his right hand.

How much he earns( Net worth)

Dolly Chaiwala, renowned for his tea stall” Dolly Ki Tapri,” sets the highest price for his tea at 30Rs. With over 300 customers served daily, he earns a substantial daily income ranging from 3000 to 4000 Rs. Over time, this consistent revenue stream has enabled him to amass a net worth totaling 50laks.

Dolly Chaiwala Instagram: Amassed total followers 11.3 K