Biography of Indian Popular musical composer A.R. Rahman, a 2009 Oscar winner.


A. R Rahman’s quick information

Original NameA.S. Dileep Kumar
Full Name Allahrakka Rahman
Birth dateJanuary 6, 1967
ProfessionIndian Musical Composer
Birth PlaceMadras, Chennai, India
Father NameR.K. Sekhar
Mother NameKareema Beegum
SpouseSaira Banu
ChildrenKhatija Rahman, Rahima Rahman and A.R. Ameen
SiblingsA.R. Reihana, Fathima Shekhar and Ishrath Qadri
A. R. Rahman’s information

A. R. Rahman Kundli.

A.R. Rahman’s birth details:

Date of BirthJanuary 6, 1967
Time of Birth5: 50 am
Place of BirthMadras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Day of BirthFriday
Rashi SignLibra
Sun SignAquarius
A. R. Rahman’s birth details
A.R.,Rahman Lagna Chart
A.R.,Rahman Lagna Chart

Who is A. R. Rahman & Family background?

A.R. Rahman was born on January 6, 1967, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His father RK Shekhar and his mother Kareema Begum belong to a Hindu family and they gave him the name A.S. Dileep Kumar. His father was a musician who used to compose music for the Malayalam film industry. His father’s musical background build an interest in music in him.

He used to play piano at the age of four only and used to learn musical instruments in his father’s music studio. His father’s health was suffering from chronic illness. A. R. Rahman when in 4th standard at the age of nine lost his father in 1976. After the death of his father, he used to feed his family by playing Piano.

Why did A.R. Rahman convert from Hindu to Islam?

After the death of his father Dileep Kumar is the only one who supports his family through his earning. One day his sister got ill and was not able to recover for a long time. He and his family go to many temples but his sister could not recover.

One day they decided to visit a masjid where they met a Sufi who recovered her sister from her illness. This incident attracts A.R. Rahman to the Islamic religion and he decided to change his name from Dileep Kumar to Allahrakka Rahman.

A.R. Rahman’s wife and their kids.

India’s best music composer A.R. Rahman married Saira Banu the eldest sister of Malayalam actor Rahman’s wife. They both share peaceful and long-lasting relationships.

The couple is blessed with three kids Khatija Rahman, Raheema Rahman, and Ameen Rahman. Their eldest daughter Khatija Rahman tie the knot to her love Riyasdeen Shaikh Mohamed, on May 5, 2022.

A.R. Rahman Education and Career.

A. R. Rahman was not able to continue his studies because he had to work for his family as well as continue his study. This made him overburden and he was not able to pass the exam which made him drop out the school.

He then joined Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School but dropped it within three months. Then he decided to pursue his music talent and joined Trinity College of Music where he received a degree in Western classical music.

He started turning his passion for music towards the profession and created Jingels for advertisement. He has created more than 300 jingles that build his professionalism and discipline.

Leo Coffee Jingle

In 1991 he composed a jingle for a Coffee advertisement with film director Mani Ratnam. This is his first jingle after that he created about 300 jingles for advertisements like Asian Paint(1991), and Titan watches. etc.

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Roja (1992)

Mani Ratnam offers to write music for Roja(1992) movie. Roja is the first movie soundtrack made by A.R. Rahman which make him a popular musician in the eyes of the public.

Popular Soundtrack by A.R. Rahman

YearsSoundtrack for movie
1995Bombay, Rangeela
1998Dil Se
2005Rang De Basanti
2008Jodha Akbar
The soundtrack of A., R. Rahman

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A.R. Rahman Studio

A British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber heard A.R. Rahman’s soundtracks and offer him to write music for stage. A.R. Rahman worked with lyricist Don Black and composed scores for Bombay Dreams. Due to his fan following in London tickets were sold at a large amount in 2004. After that, his next project for stage performance was The Lord of Rings in 2006 in Toronto.

A.R. Rahman continued to work on movie soundtracks for Bollywood as well as for Holly Wood.

Some of the soundtracks for Hollywood movies are

YearSoundtracks for Hollywood movies
2006Inside Man
2007 Elizabeth: The Golden Age
2008Slumdog Millionaire
2009Couples Retreat
2010127 Hours
A.R. Rahman Hollywood movie soundtracks

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Awards Win by A. R.Rahman

  • IIFA Awards for Best song recording for the soundtrack of Rang de Basanti in 2007.
  • The Academy Award for Best Original Score for Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack in 2009.
  • He won two Oscar awards for the music composed in the movie Slumdog Millionaire in 2009.
  • R. Rahman won India’s third-highest civilian honor Padma Bhushan in 2010.
  • Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for movies Rockstars, Delhi-6 soundtracks in 2010.
  • He also won The Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media for “Jai Ho” song in 2010.
  • GiMA Award for Best Film Album for Highway and Rockstar movie music in 2012 and 2015.

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Frequently asked question

At what age AR Rahman converted?

In 1988 at the age of 23, he converted to Islam with his family members, and he changed his name from A.S. Dileep Kumar to Allahrakka Rahman.

Why did Rahman change his name?

A Hindu astrologer suggested a Muslim name “Abdul Rahman” and “Abdul Rahim”  for his better future and in 1988 his family converted to the Islamic religion. These two incidents influence him to change his name from A.S. Dileep Kumar to Allahrakka Rahman.

Why is AR Rahman’s music so different?

A.R. Rahman used to create a fusion of east-west music in his composition that make his music unique to others.

How much does AR Rahman make?

A.R. Rahman has a net worth of  $280 million dollars

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