Actress Ridhi Dogra: A Journey from Television Stardom to Bollywood Success. Biography/ Wikipedia.

Ridhi Dogra is an Indian television actress who gained recognition for her roles in television series and became widely noticed for her performance in the blockbuster movie “Jawan(2023). as Kaveri Amma”

Ridhi Dogra biography
Ridhi Dogra biography

Who is Ridhi Dogra?

Ridhi Dogra is an Indian actress who has made a name for herself through her roles in numerous television shows. She is particularly well-known for her portrayal in the popular TV series “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak.”

She also achieved stardom in the film industry for her role as Kaveri Amma in the 2023 Shah Rukh Khan movie “Jawan.”

It was this role in “Jawan” that marked her transition to the world of cinema, solidifying her status as an actress with a diverse range of talents.

Personal Information

Full NameRiddhi Dogra
Nick NameRiddhi
Date of Birth22 September 1984
Birth PlaceJammu
HomeTownNew Delhi
FatherAshok Dogra
MotherRenu Dogra
SiblingsAkshaya Dogra
EducationMass Communication
School/College Apeejay School Sheikh Sarai
Kamala Nehru College
Net Worth$ 5 Million
Personal Information

Ridhi Dogra’s birth information, Birth date, Age, and Birth Chart.

She was born on September 22, 1984, in Jammu. A few years after her birth, her family moved to Delhi.

Date of Birth22 September 1984
Time of Birth12:00:00 Am
Place of BirthJammu
Day of BirthSaturday
Zodiac SignCancer
Sun SignVirgo
Birth Information


Ridhi Dogra Birth Chart
Ridhi Dogra Birth Chart

Zodiac Sign: Individuals born under the cancer zodiac sign are known for their deeply emotional nature. They have creative and imaginative minds. This individual is especially known for their strong emotional attachment to their family.

Nakshatra: People born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, have the impact of Rahu, which bestows them with natural talents of arts. They are also known for being very focused and determined when they set their minds to something.

Yoga: People born under Siddha Yoga are often very lucky when it comes to money. This yoga is believed to bring financial prosperity into their lives.

A person born with Rahu in Taurus in their birth chart is likely to have a strong financial condition. Such individuals may earn from speaking or through their physical appearance. They tend to be well-respected in their social circle and may possess creative talents as well.

Ridhi Dogra’s Early Life

She always had a dream of becoming a dancer since she was a little child, and the stage was her ultimate goal. Her dance teacher, who happened to be her favorite, was the one who inspired her the most.

However, things weren’t easy for her during her school years. From the 6th to the 9th grade, she was relentlessly bullied by some of her classmates because of her fair complexion.

Her classmates were cruel towards her, even physically rubbing her skin and falsely accusing her of using makeup to appear fairer.

Despite facing such adversity, she did not give up. Instead, she found solace and strength on the stage, where she danced with unwavering determination.

Ridhi Dogra childhood pics with brother Akshya Dogra
Ridhi Dogra’s childhood pics with brother Akshay Dogra

Ridhi Dogra Family

Ridhi Dogra came from a family that didn’t have any connections to the movie business. Even though she didn’t have family support, she kept chasing her dream of becoming a dancer because she loved it so much. Her strong determination and love for dancing kept her going.

Ridhi Dogra parents

Her dad is Ashok Dogra, and he works as a businessman, putting a lot of effort into his job. Her mom, Renu Dogra, is a housewife, and she takes really good care of their family with a lot of love and dedication. Together, they make a happy family where everyone has an important role to play.

Ridhi Dogra Parents
Ridhi Dogra Parents

Ridhi Dogra Sibling

Akshay Dogra(Brother): Akshay Dogra is Ridhi Dogra’s elder brother, and he is an Indian actor and producer. He has been in TV shows like “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon,” “Do Dil Ek Jaan,” “Waaris,” and more. Many people know him because he has done great work in the Indian TV industry.

Ridhi Dogra Brother Akshay Dogra
Ridhi Dogra Brother Akshay Dogra

Ridhi Dogra and Uncle Arun Jaitley

Ridhi Dogra’s paternal uncle was the former Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, and Sangeeta Jaitley, Arun Jaitley’s wife, is her paternal aunty(Buaji). Despite having influential family connections, Ridhi chose to carve her own path and never sought support from her uncle Arun Jaitley, demonstrating her determination and independence.

Ridhi Dogra Uncle Arun Jaitley
Ridhi Dogra Uncle Arun Jaitley

Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat Love Story? ( Love to Divorce)

Their love story began as a strong friendship, which later turned into a loving relationship, and they eventually got married.

At the start, their married life was wonderful, like a garden full of beautiful flowers. But as time went on, their personalities clashed, and their energies didn’t match.

Even though they decided to get married because of their strong friendship, they realized that their connection had faded over eight years of marriage.

Sadly, they had to separate because they believed it was the best way forward.

Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat
Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat

Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat’s first Meeting.

A lot of people think they first met while working on the TV show “Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak.” But the real story is that they actually met on the set of a short Yash Raj Films project before that.

The intimate scene on the show brings them close.

While working on the set of the show, they had to film an intimate scene together. During the filming of that intimate scene on the bed, their intense involvement caused the bed to break quite badly. This particular scene brought them closer than they had ever been before, and it sparked a deep and genuine love between them.

Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat from love to marriage.

Rakesh Bapat’s family was on the lookout for a suitable bride for him. His sister insists he marries his best friend Ridhi Dogra. Considering the suggestion he asked Riddhi for marriage. Ridi excitedly marked the decision to marry. On May 29, 2011, both tied the knot on a traditional occasion.

After their marriage, Rakesh Bapat career’s took off. He got roles in big TV shows like “Bahu Hamari Rajnikant,” “Hongey Juda ana Hum,” and “Qubool Hai.” They also appeared as a perfect couple on “ Nach Baliye.” Their married life was full of happiness, like a beautiful garden in full bloom, both personally and professionally.

Rakesh Bapat and Ridhi Dogra marriage
Rakesh Bapat and Ridhi Dogra’s marriage

The couple was seen as the perfect TV duo, inspiring many couples in love. Their on-screen chemistry and real-life love story became a source of inspiration for countless lovebirds in the world of television.

Ridhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat’s Divorce

Everything seemed to be going well, but as they say, “Someone’s evil eye cast a spell. After seven years of marriage, they began to notice changes in their relationship.

The positive vibes that brought them together had transformed into something different. They both realized that their relationship was no longer bringing them happiness.

With heavy hearts, they made the mutual decision to part ways in the year 2011, hoping for a better future as things were not working out between them.

Ridhi Dogra Education

  • She completed her schooling at Apeejay School Sheikh Sarai located in Delhi.
  • She initially opted for a B.Com degree but later decided to switch to Psychology(Honours) at Kamala Nehru College.
  • Later, she pursued a degree in Mass Communication to follow her desire to be on stage.

Ridhi Dogra Career Ladder

Before embarking on her acting career, Ridhi Dogra gained experience working behind the camera. She held roles in advertising agencies, managed events, and contributed to marketing and public relations teams.

Ridhi Dogra Television serials

She made her debut in the entertainment industry with the television serial “Jhoome Jiya Re” in 2007, where she played the role of Himani. Following her debut, she secured a project in the television shows “ Laagi Tujshe Lagan” and “Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg.”

Afterward, she landed a prominent role as Priya opposite Rakesh Bapat’s character Aditya in the TV show “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak.” Her performance as Priya in this series was a significant breakthrough, and it brought her widespread recognition and fame in the television industry.

Maryada Lekin Kab Tak
Maryada Lekin Kab Tak

Following her success in “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak,” she became a prominent figure in the world of television shows. She went on to work in a series of successful shows back to back, including “ Radha ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi”(2008), Savitri-Ek Prem Kahani”(2013),” Woh Apna Sa”(2017), and many others. Her consistent work in these shows solidified her status as the queen of television.

Ridhi Dogra in Reality Shows

Ridhi Dogra is also seen in the reality show Nach Baliye 6 with her ex-husband Rakesh Bapat.

Naach Baliye 6 Ridhi and Rakesh
Naach Baliye 6 Ridhi and Rakesh

She also participated in the reality show “ Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi 6” in 2015, where she showcased her courage and determination in facing various challenging tasks and adventures.

Ridhi Dogra in Web Series

In 2020, Ridhi Dogra also delivered a noteworthy performance in the web series “ Asur2: Welcome to Your Dark Side”, Which was featured on Jio Cinema.

Asur Web series of Ridhi Dogra
Asur Web series of Ridhi- Dogra

Ridhi Dogra portrayed the character of Aastha in the web series “The Married Woman,” which was aired on ALTBalaji and ZEE5 in 2021.

In 2023, Ridhi Dogra appeared alongside actor Barun for the romantic show “Badtameez Dil,” which was aired on Amazon Mini TV.

Ridhi Dogra in Movies

After her performance in the web series “ Asur 2,” Ridhi Dogra made her debut in the movie “Lakadbaggha,” where she played the lead role of Akshara D’Souza.

Ridhi Dogra Lakadbaggha movie
Ridhi- Dogra Lakadbaggha movie

Ridhi Dogra had the incredible opportunity to portray the character of Kaveri Amma in the Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster movie “Jawan(2023).” Her role in the film received widespread acclaim from a vast audience, marking her successful transition from television shows to the world of movies.

Kaveri Amma of Jawan(2023)
Kaveri Amma of Jawan(2023)

Ridhi Dogra’s Upcoming Movie

Following her role in “Jawan(2023)” Ridhi Dogra is set to appear in the spy thriller movie “Tiger 3” alongside Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. This highly anticipated film is scheduled for release on Diwali, November 10.

“I believe in not taking your work too seriously. Keep doing it for the joy it brings, not just for big goals. Prioritize yourself, put yourself first.”- Ridhi Dogra.

Biography of Priya Atlee wife of Jawan(2023) director.

Ridhi Dogra insider facts

  • She likes to walk a lot.
  • She likes to be an Independent girl.
  • She is an avid reader, and she has a deep appreciation for books. Her favorite Book is “Buddha: Your Mirror.”
  • She loves writing
  • She makes it a habit to drink 1 liter of water immediately after waking up.
  • She likes to eat strawberries.
  • She is a great foodie, with a strong passion for enjoying a wide variety of delicious dishes.
  • Her favorite cuisine is Japanese “Sushi.”
  • She likes to drink cold coffee.
  • She drinks occasionally.

Ridhi Dogra Controversy

During Big Boss season 15, Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty found love in each other, but unfortunately, they separated. The audience trolled Ridhi Dogra, for the separation of the couple.

Ridhi Dogra’s Net Worth

Ridhi Dogra made a remarkable journey from television serials to the big screen in Bollywood, all through her long effort and commitment. Along the way, she accumulated an impressive net worth of around 8 crore.

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