Anurag Dobhal(UK07 Rider): World-famous MotoVlogger: Biography, Gf brother, parents, love story, and more.

Anurag Dobhal, also known as UK07 rider, transitioned from teaching to becoming a successful Moto vlogger on YouTube, Let’s reveal his biography.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07) biography
Anurag- Dobhal(UK07 rider) biography

Who is Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider)?

Anurag Dobhal has achieved global fame as a renowned Moto vlogger, boasting an impressive Instagram following of 6 million subscribers. His widespread reorganization extends far beyond his home country, as he is affectionately known by his worldwide audience as a UK07 rider.

Personal Information

Real NameAnurag Dobhal
Nick NameUK07, Babbu Bhaiya
Date of Birth18 Sep 1997
Birth PlaceUttarakhand
Age26 Years(2023)
FatherJagdamba Prasad Dobhal
MotherManisha Dobhal
SiblingsAtul Dobha(Brother)
Bavya Chouhan(Sister)
GirlfriendSavya Kc(Ex)
Marital StatusUnmarried
School/CollegeUttrakhand University
Net Worth1.5 Crore
Personal Information

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Age, Birth Information, and Birth Chart

Date of Birth18 Sep 1997
Time of Birth12:00:00 Am
Place of BirthUttarakhand
Day of BirthThursday 
Zodiac SignPisces 
Sun SignVirgo 
Age26 years(2023)
Birth Information


Anurag Dobhal(UK07)-birth-Chart
Anurag- Dobhal(UK07-rider)-birth-Chart

Zodiac Sign: Pisces individuals are spiritual, family-oriented, creative, and highly knowledgeable due to their association with Jupiter.

Revati Nakshatra: Individuals born under the Revati Nakshatra are renowned for their profound spirituality and often hold the esteemed position of scholars within their community.

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Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider)early life: (Story of his Brain-Tumour)

His father is a very positive attitude person who becomes extremely happy when he hears that a child is joining their family. His father was overjoyed when he saw a newborn child(Anurag) smiling at him. The family’s life was going very well, but things turned for the worse when, one day, his parents noticed white foam coming out of Anurag’s mouth when he was only 4 years old while sleeping.  Living in the mountainous area of Uttarakhand, the people around them suggested natural remedies, while others believed that negative energy was affecting Anurag. However, his father did not take all of this stuff.

His father took him to the hospital at midnight, which was 7km away from their house. At midnight, a man at the hospital called the doctor to examine Anurag’s body. After checking his body, the doctor pronounced him dead. Upon hearing this, his father was devastated. He took Anurag’s body to the bus stand and started vomiting. Seeing this, he regained hope and began searching for a vehicle. He eventually found a compassionate but inebriated driver who understood his problem and helped him take his 4-year-old child to the doctor.

His young brother, Atul, also stayed in the hospital for 20-22 days during Anurag’s treatment. When the test results came in after the treatment, the doctor informed them that Anurag had a brain tumor. The reason behind his brain tumor, the doctor clarified, was that he had consumed cabbage containing a tiny insect that had entered his brain, leading to the tumor. Despite facing financial difficulties, his father managed to cover the treatment fees. Later, on, his father was transferred to Dehradun, where they lived for 14 years, and there Anurag’s health improved day by day and finally, he got out of the illness.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Family

Anurag-Dobhal (UK07 rider) was born on September 18, 1997, in a remote hilly area surrounded by mountains, he entered the world as the first child, bringing immense joy and happiness to his family.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Parents

Jagdamba Prasad Dobhal(father): Anurag Dobhal’s father, Jagdama Prasad Dobhal, worked as a government teacher with a modest income of 1200 per month during Anurag’s childhood. Despite financial constraints, he supported Anurag through a challenging brain tumor battle from age 6 to 14. Jagdama Prasad also played a key role in motivating Anurag to pursue his YouTube career, providing unwavering support and encouragement.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07) father
Anurag-Dobhal(UK07 rider) father

Manisha Dobhal(mother): Manisha Dobhal is not only the mother of Anurag Dobhal but also a dedicated housewife who has stood by his side through every twist and turn in life. Her unwavering support was exemplified when she generously shared her savings to help him realize his dream of purchasing his very first car. This act of selflessness from his mother helps his mother in achieving his goals.

Anurag Dobhal Family pictures
Anurag- Dobhal Family pictures(Right Father, left mother middle brother)

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Siblings

Atul Dobhal (Kalam Ink)(Brother): Atul Dobhal, also known as Kalam Ink, Anurag Dobhal’s younger brother, is just one year younger than him. He is a successful YouTuber with 8.4 lakh subscribers, and he showcases his talent through rap videos on his channel, aptly named Kalam Ink.

Anurag Dobhal Brother Atul Dobhal(Kalam-Ink)
Anurag -Dobhal Brother Atul Dobhal

Bavya Chouhan(Sister): Bhavya Chauhan is frequently seen alongside Anurag Dobhal in his videos, although due to differences in surname, it can’t be confirmed if she is the biological sister. She is a YouTuber featured moto vlogging and travel vlogging on her YouTube channel “Bhavya Chauhan.”

Anurag Dobhal and Bavya Chouhan
Anurag- Dobhal and Bavya Chouhan

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Girlfriends

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) and Savya rider(Love Story)

Anurag Dobhal and Nepali moto vlogger Savya Kc initially bonded over their shared love for moto vlogging in Nepal. Both were deeply falling in love with each other. However, their friendship soured when Savya openly supported views opposite to Anurag’s. Their disagreements escalated, causing a toxic rift, and they eventually decided to part ways, leaving their fans divided and disappointed.

Savya and Anurag love story
Savya and Anurag’s love story

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) and Ritika

Anurag and Ritika frequently appear together in videos on the UK07 channel, and while UK07 maintains that they are good friends, their close bond has led many in the audience to affectionately refer to them as a couple.

Anurag and Ritika relationship
Anurag and Ritika’s relationship

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Education

  • Anurag Dobhal completed his early education at a local school in Dehradun.
  •  He excelled in his studies from a young age and maintained a scholarly record, achieving above 90% in the 12th-grade examinations.
  • Later, he enrolled at Uttarakhand University to pursue further education, specializing in B.Com.
  • Following his college education, he applied for B.Ed. program and earned an impressive achievement, securing the 3rd rank statewide in Uttarakhand.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Career

UK07 rider from teaching to YouTuber

At first, he dreamt of becoming a teacher like his father. He began tutoring students for 300 rupees when he was quite young. After some years he got the chance to teach economics and accounting at a college and earned 5000 rupees for just one hour of teaching. This was a significant turning point in his career as an educator.

In 2018, alongside his teaching career, he ventured into the world of YouTube. However, his teaching commitments limited his ability to upload content regularly, allowing him to release only 2-3 videos per month on his channel.

His teaching career was going well, but in 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown hit hard. With no students coming for tuition, he fell into depression. It was then that his father suggested making videos on YouTube, igniting a new chapter in his career.

On his father’s advice, he began creating family vlogs, and that day marked a life-changing turning point for him.

He chose the name “UK07” for his YouTube channel with the intention of showcasing the Uttarakhand state to the world. Recognizing that Uttarakhand was relatively lesser-known compared to larger states, he aimed to introduce its beauty and culture to a global audience through his channel.

UK07 rider Recognition

His very first video, titled “ My Dad Crashed My KTM”,  went viral on YouTube across India.

The controversy with Amir Masjid became a pivotal moment in his YouTube career, capturing his following to reach 1 million subscribers.

As of 2023, he has amassed a total of 71.5 million subscribers.

Uk07 Rider(Anurag Dobhal) and Amir Majid Controversy

A controversy flared up between UK07 and Amir Masjid when Amir Masjid released a video titled “UK ki Rand.” This led to heated debates on social media. Elvish Yadav, Lakshya Choudhary, and Samarth supported UK07, but things took a turn when Anurag Dobhal’s girlfriend, Savya Rider, sided with Amir Masjid, leading to her breakup with Uk07

Uk07 Rider(Anurag Dobhal) Monthly Income

He holds the position of the highest-rated moto vlogger in India. His estimated monthly YouTube revenue stands at around $6,000, which translates to approximately 4 lakh Indian Rupees.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Net worth

Anurag Dobhal(UK07), the Moto vlogger, boasts an impressive collection of cars and bikes, estimating his total net worth at around 1.5 crore.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Car collection and price.

Rtatata car:

Ratatata car(Anurag Dobhal car collection)
Ratatata car(Anurag- Dobhal car collection)

He owns a white Rtatata car whose price range of approximately 90lakh to 1 crore.

Ford Mustang GT:

Ford Mustang GT(Car collection UK07)
Ford Mustang GT(Car collection UK07 rider)

 He won a blue Ford Mustang, a car typically priced between 90 lakhs to 1 crore.

Mahindra Thar:

Mahindra Thar(Anurag Dobhal Car collection)
Mahindra Thar(Anurag- Dobhal Car collection)

He added a Mahindra Thar to his collection of cars, which are priced at around 18.50 lakhs.

His other collection of cars included the Kia Sonet, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Supra MK5, etc.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) Bikes collection and price

Kawasaki Ninja:

Kawasaki Ninja(Anurag Dobhal bike collection)
Kawasaki Ninja(Anurag -Dobhal bike collection)

He possesses a Kawasaki Ninja sports bike, which falls within the price range of 90lakh to 1 crore.

Kawasaki Z900:

Kawasaki z900(Anurag Dobhal car collection)
Kawasaki z900(UK07- rider car collection)

He achieved a Kawasaki Z900, a motorcycle with a price range typically falling between 9lakh to 10 lakh.

Ducati bike:

Ducati bike(Anurag Dobhal bike collection)
Ducati bike(Anurag- Dobhal bike collection)

He won the Ducati bike collection. Its price ranges from 9lak to 10 lakhs.

Ninja H2:

Ninja H2(bike collection)Anurag Dobhal
Ninja H2(bike collection)Anurag- Dobhal

He owns his dream bike Ninja H2. This bike ranges from 30 lakh to 1 crore.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa(bike collection)
Suzuki Hayabusa(bike collection)

He also owns the Suzuki Hayabusa which is also known as GSX1300R. It is a sports bike whose price ranges from 16 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

Anurag Dobhal(UK07 rider) insider facts

  • In his interview, he said that he has anger issues.
  • He does not Smoke.
  • Anurag Dobhal tattoo on right hand.
Anurag Dobhal(Uk07) Tattoo
Anurag- Dobhal(Uk07-rider) Tattoo
  • He drinks occasionally.
  • He believes in Hanumanjii God
  • He gifted gold Jewelry to his mother when he earned his first income from YouTube
  • He also appeared on Josh Talk where he presented his life story
Anurag Dobhal(UK07) in Josh Talk
Anurag -Dobhal(UK07-rider) in Josh Talk

Anurag Dobhal’s physical appearance(approximate)

Body MeasurementsChest-42 inches
Waist-30 inches
Biceps- 13 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Physical appearance

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1) Uk07 rider’s real name?

A.1) UK07’s real name is Anurag Dobhal

Q.2) Uk07 code is of?

A.2) It is the code of Dehradun

Q.3) Uk07 district name?

A.3) The UK07 district name is Dehradun.


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