Actor Akhil Mishra, ‘3 idiot Librarian Dubey, Dies at 67 in Accidental Tragedy.

Famed for his role as Librarian Dubey in the movie ‘3 Idiots,’ actor Akhil Mishra has sadly passed away at 67 due to a kitchen slip accident.

Actor Akhil Mishra
Actor Akhil Mishra

Akhil Sharma Tragic Death.

On Thursday, September 21, 2023, Akhil Sharma tragically died in the hospital. The day, before Wednesday, September 20, 2023, he was working in the Kitchen, while doing something on the chair, his leg slipped causing him to injure his head and back. Seeing him bleeding, he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, but sadly, he did not survive.

Akhil Mishra had been dealing with blood pressure. The bleeding that resulted from his injury weakened him significantly, making it difficult for him to withstand the injuries. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, they were unable to save him, and he passed away on September 21, 2023.

After the passing of Akhil Mishra, his wife was extremely upset. She mentioned that he had been taking medicine for his blood pressure and had been feeling better.

Akhil Mishra’s Second wife Suzanne Bernert had to go to Hyderabad for a shoot, so a family friend stayed with Akhil to look after him. However, while this friend briefly went to the bank, and the incident took place.

When the friend returned home, they found Akhil on the floor, bleeding badly. He rushed him to the nearest hospital, but the doctor couldn’t save him because he had lost too much blood. It was a very sad and unexpected event.

Who is Akhil Mishra?

Akhil Mishra, born on July 22, 1956, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is a versatile actor known for his contribution to television and film. He showcased his acting prowess in notable movies like “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi” and “Gandhi,” “My Father,” garnering significant popularity and recognition. However, it was his cameo roles, particularly as Librarian Debey in Aamir Khan’s film “3 Idiots,” that earned him widespread acclaim and applause.

Akhil Mishra Family, Parents and Children.

Akhil Mishra’s father’s name is not known, however, her mother’s name was Arundhati Mishra who, unfortunately, passed away in October 2012. His children’s information is also not known whenever information gets known it will be updated here.

Akhil Mirshra Wife

Manju Mishra:

Akhil Mishra tied the knot with Manju Mishra in the year 1983. Manju Mishra, a well-known actress and producer, gained popularity for her role in the movie “Lamhe” in 1991. Both Akhil Mishra and Manju Mishra shared the screen in the film “Dhat Teri Ki” in 1983.

Akhil Mishra’s second wife Suzanne Bernert:

After his first wife passed away, Akhil Mishra decided to move forward with his life. He secretly married German actress Suzanne Bernert on February 3, 2009. Later, they traditionally showed their married knot to the public on September 30, 2011.

Suzanne Bernert wife of Akhil Mishra
Suzanne Bernert wife of Akhil Mishra

Akhil Mishra and Suzanne Bernert, who are both actors, appeared together in the movie “ Kram” and the TV series “Mera Dil Dewaana” aired on Doordarshan. They worked together on these projects, showing their acting skills and creative collaboration.

Actress Suzanne is widely recognized for her memorable portrayal of Helena in the popular series “Ashoka.”

When her husband passed away, she was on the shoot in Hyderabad.

After his husband, she stated, ” He was my better half, what I will do after his death.”

Biography of Actor Shashi Puri.

Akhil Mishra’s Net Worth

Akhil Mishra, both as an actor and director, earned his income through his craft of acting. Over his extensive career in the entertainment industry, he participated in numerous films, accumulating a total net worth estimated to be around 8 to 10 crore.


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