Bebika Dhurve Big Boss OTT2 violent Contestant: Biography, Birth Chart, Education, Career, Family and Controversies.


Bebika Dhurve Personal Information.

Real NameBebika Dhurve
Birth Date26 June
Birth PlaceMaharashtra
FatherJanardhan Dhurve
SiblingsHave five sister
School/CollegeK. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce
University of Health Sciences in Maharashtra.
ProfessionIndian actress, Dentist, and Astrologer
Net Worth1 Crore
Bebika Dhurve personal information.

Birth Chart

We are unable to predict her birth chart information as we do not have enough data regarding her birth year.

Who is Babeika Dhurve?

Bebika Dhurve is a dual-talented individual from India, serving as both a television actress and dentist. She has gained recognition for her portrayal of Devika Oberoi in the popular series Bhagya Lakshmi. Her fame skyrocketed after her participation in BigBoss OTT2. She was notorious for being the most aggressive contestant and showcasing her skills as a palm reader.


Babeika Dhurve Family.

She was born on 26 June in Maharashtra. She is the sixth daughter in her family. Due to her parents’ indecisiveness, her grandmother named her “Bebika” two years after she was born. During her appearance on Big Boss Ott 2, she shared with Salman Khan that her family had not given her a name until two years after her birth. Her family was unsure of what to call her and simply referred to her as “baby” for the first two years of her life. Eventually, her grandmother decided on the name “Babika” for her.


Janardhan Dhurve: Janardhan Dhurve is the father of Bebika Dhurve. He is a well-known astrologer. He appeared in the Netflix show ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ where he used to read the face of people by seeing their pics and predict about them.



The name of her mother is unknown, but some sources suggest that she is a homemaker who has always been supportive of her daughter’s career choices.


She has five older sisters and she is the youngest among them. She is the sixth child of her parents.

Bebika Dhurve Education.

Upon finishing her secondary education, she enrolled in K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce to obtain her bachelor’s degree. Subsequently, she pursued a BDS degree at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru.

Bebika Dhurve Career.

After completing her dentistry studies, she sought out job opportunities in both dentistry and acting. While continuing to audition for acting roles, she was eventually selected for the TV series Bhagyalakshmi. However, she later decided to leave the show due to the humiliation she experienced on set.

She left the television show Bhagyalakshmi and moved to the UAE to focus on her career as a dentist.

In 2023, she was invited to participate in Big Boss OTT2 as a contestant. During her time on the show, she gained attention for her aggressive behavior and was also observed reading palms.

Bebika Struggle Story.

Bebika decided to leave Bhagyalakshmi after experiencing humiliation on set and made her way to the UAE in search of work as a dentist. Unfortunately, finding a job proved to be a challenge as she had to reside in a cramped PG with 8-10 other girls due to financial constraints. Despite facing multiple rejections, she persisted in her job hunt and eventually landed a position at a prestigious hospital.

Bebika Dhurve Controversies.

Bebika, in the Big Boss OTT2, was known for her aggressive behavior, which often made headlines. She caused controversy when she spoke openly about being mistreated and humiliated during her time on the television show Bhagyalakshmi.

She often grabbed controversies in Bigg Boss Ott2 by commenting on Abhishek Malhan’s family Upbringing.

Bebika Dhurve Physical appearance(approximate).

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Physical appearance