Vijaya Patil, sister of Ajit Pawar 12 Interesting Facts.

Vijaya-Patil sister of Ajit Patil.
Vijaya-Patil sister of Ajit Patil.

Vijaya Patil is a sister of deupty chief minister Ajit Pawar. She was born to the parents Anantrao Pawar and Asha Pawar.

12 Facts about Vijaya Patil

  • Vijaya Patil is the full sister of Ajit Pawar.
  • She has been living in Kolhapur for the past several years.
  • She is the director of a publishing business known as Mukta Publication.
  • Her husband Dr. Mohanrao Patil is a renowned anesthesiologist.
  • She publishes educational books, postcards, and greeting cards through Mukta Publications.
  • Mukta publishing house was established in the year 2005. It is the fifth-largest publishing organization in Maharashtra.
  • She has been managing the Sakal group for some time. After that, how, she became fully involved in the publication work.
  • She has two daughters and both are married.
  • She has been living in a farmhouse at Pirwadi near Kolhapur for the past few years.
  • Whenever NCP leaders Sharad Pawar or Ajit Pawar come to Kolhapur, they visit Vijaya Patil’s house.
  • She hails from the Pawar family, is quiet and soft-spoken. But when it comes to work, she are equally strict and follow the rules strictly.
  • If there is a family storm in the Pawar family, She also takes the initiative to recover it.

Vijaya Pati brothers

Ajit Pawar: He is well known-politician. He is deupty chief minister of Maharashtra.

Ajit Pawar Vijaya Patil brother
Ajit Pawar Vijaya Patil brother

Shrinivas: He is a businessmen.