Twinkle Arora: Nehmat of Udaariyaan. Let’s reveal her inspiring journey.

Twinkle Arora is the famous face of Indian television who is known for the role of Nehmat Kaur in the television serial “Udaariyaan.” Let’s unlock her biography and life facts.

Twinkle Arora Biography
Twinkle Arora Biography

Twinkle Arora Biography/Wikipedia

Real NameTwinkle Arora
Other NameTwinkle
Birth Date12 September 1997
Birth PlaceDelhi
MotherSimmi Arora
SiblingsParul Arora(Sister)
Nitish Arora(Brother)
ProfessionIndian actress, model and dancer
Net Worth 3 Crore rupees.
Personal Information

Who is Twinkle Arora?

Twinkle Arora is an Indian actress who gained popularity as Nehmat in the television series “Udaariyaan,” which aired on Colors channel in 2021. She started her career as a dancer and model before transitioning into acting. Her role in “ Udaariyaan” marked a significant point in her career, and she has since become a recognizable face in Indian television serials.

Twinkle Arora
Twinkle -Arora

Twinkle Arora’s Birth Information, Age, and Birth Chart.

Date of Birth12 September 1997
Time of Birth12:00:00 Am( Uknwon)
Birth PlaceDelhi
Birth DayFriday
Zodiac SignSagittarius 
Sun SignLeo
Birth Information


Twinkle Arora Birth Chart and Kundli
Twinkle Arora Birth Chart and Kundli

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius individuals are very optimistic individuals who believe in supremacy. These individuals are very intelligent people who achieve higher degrees in their education. This zodiac sign is good in fortune.

PURVASHADHA Nakshatra: Individuals born under this nakshatra are characterized by their optimism and unwavering determination to attain their goals. They possess a bold nature and a strong desire to reach significant heights in their careers.

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Early Life:

Born on September 30, 1997, in Delhi, Twinkle Arora embarked on an inspiring journey from being a passionate dance enthusiast to a promising actress. Her childhood was marked by the profound loss of her father at a very early age, which shaped her resilience and determination.

Twinkle Arora childhood pics
Twinkle Arora’s childhood pics

From a young age, Twinkle displayed her talents, actively participating in extracurricular activities during her school years. She was a tomboy, full of energy and love for dancing, nurturing her passion for dance and acting since the first grade.

After completing her schooling, Twinkle Arora made a significant move, relocating to Chandigarh to pursue her college education. As she transitioned into the dynamic world of college life, her interest expanded beyond the realm of dancing. She eagerly engaged in college events and sought out platforms like, Moj, TikTok, and YouTube to exhibit her acting as well as dancing skills.

Twinkle Arora college events
Twinkle Arora college events

As time passed and Twinkle progressed in her college studies, she ventured into the world of modeling. This marked a pivotal moment in her career, opening doors for her to appear in music videos and further established her foothold in the world of entertainment.

Twinkle Arora Family

Twinkle hails from a loving family, including her brother Nitish Arora, elder sister Parul Arora, and mother Simmi Arora, Whereas her father passed away when she was very young. acting and modeling. Twinkle’s family has been her pillar of support, providing unwavering encouragement and love.

Manisha Rani Family.


Father-Loss of Father in Childhood

Twinkle’s life was marked by a poignant early loss of her father. Her father’s passing occurred when she was just a child. Her father’s name is unknown. As soon as her father’s name information is retrieved it will be updated here.

Mother(Simmi Arora)-

A Supportive mother

At the center of Twinkle Arora’s journey is her mom, who has always been there for her. Twinkle shared her dream of being an actor and model with her mom, and her mom cheered her every step of the way. Their strong bond gave Twinkle strength and inspiration as she faced challenges in the entertainment world.

Twinkle Arora Mother
Twinkle Arora Mother

A Heartbreaking Battle with Cancer

Tragedy stuck when Twinkle’s mother fell ill in August 2022. She was diagnosed with cancer, and her health took a critical turn. The news was devastating for Twinkle, who always wanted to make her mother proud of her success. As her mother battled the illness, Twinkle’s determination to reach her dream grew even stronger.

A Daughter’s Unshakable Determination

Even though her mom was sick, Twinkle didn’t give up on her dreams. She wanted more than ever to show her mom what she could achieve. In 2022, she auditioned for a TV show called “Udariyaan” and got a role in it. It was a big opportunity for her.

Mother of Twinkle Arora
Mother of Twinkle Arora

A success mixed with Sorrow

While she was shooting for “ Udariyaan,” Twinkle got sad news about her mother’s health getting worse. But she didn’t stop. She finished the shoot and rushed to the hospital to be with her mother. Her mother was in the ICU and couldn’t talk.

Twinkle really wanted to share her success with her mother, but that day never came. Her mother passed away, and Twinkle felt very sad and disappointed.

Twinkle tells her mother about her dream to become an actor and model. Twinkle’s mother supported her in pursuing her desire. Losing her mother was very hard, and she had a tough time coping with it while trying to achieve her dreams.


Sister-Parul Arora- Head of Visual Merchandise

Parul Arora,  Twinkle’s elder sister, has carved her own path in the world of fashion. She holds the esteemed position of Head of Visual Merchandise at Ritu Kumar. She always supported her sister Twinkle Arora in her career pursuit

Twinkle Arora sister Parul
Twinkle Arora sister Parul

Brother-Nitish Arora- The Graphic Designer

Twinkle’s younger brother, Nitish Arora, pursued a career as a Graphic Designer in Banglore.

Twinkle Arora brother
Twinkle Arora brother

Twinkle Arora Husband/boyfriend

She is currently single but hopes for a future partner who’s mature, humorous, physically attractive, loyal, independent, and nurturing

Twinkle Arora Education

  • Schooling: Twinkle Arora received her schooling at S.D. Public School in Hoshiar Pur, a city located in the state of Punjab.
  • College Degree: To pursue her higher education, Twinkle Arora made the transition from Delhi to Chandigarh She enrolled at DAV College in Chandigarh, where she successfully earned a degree in Marketing Management.

Twinkle Arora Career

Twinkle Arora’s career began as a dance choreographer, but things changed when she went to college. In college, she started modeling, and this eventually led her to the world of Punjabi music, where she found her place and began to shine.

Debut in the world of Punjabi Music

In 2019, Twinkle Arora stepped into the spotlight with her debut in the Punjabi music industry, featuring in the song “ Wine Shade” by Gursaab. This marked the beginning of her acting journey.

Twinkle Arora Wine Shade song
Twinkle Arora Wine Shade song

A Musical Journey Unfolds

Following her debut, Twinkle Arora Continued her musical journey with other Punjabi album songs such as “Canada Balliye,” “Road Map,” “Tainu Sunda Ni,” and “Golden Period.” However, it was her collaboration with Sidhu Moose Wala on the song “ Doctor,” alongside Bhaana Sidhu and Kjatti, that earned her notable acclaim and attention.

She also featured in Haryanvi’s song “Kaleho Kaleho” sung by Renuka Panwar.

Twinkle Arora Kale Ho Kale Ho Song
Twinkle Arora Kale Ho Kale Ho Song

Twinkle Arora: Making Waves in Advertisements.

Twinkle Arora’s career extended to entertainment, with impactful roles in advertisements. She joined with actor Randeep Hooda for a shaving gel commercial, leaving a lasting impression.

Twinkle also did sponsorship ads for prominent brands like McCaffeine, Sanfe, and Flavour Republic showcasing her versatility.

Twinkle Arora Cookies and Toasties ads
Twinkle Arora Cookies and Toasties ads

Journey Towards Web series

In 2021, Twinkle Arora seized a significant opportunity by joining the cast of the Punjabi web series “Bewaffa 2.” Her portrayal of the character Maahi garnered attention, and it marked the beginning of her journey towards recognition in the public eye. 

However, she was not satisfied with this, she wanted big recognition so that she could fulfill her mother’s desire before her death. To achieve this goal, she tirelessly auditioned for various roles, determined to make her mark in the world entertainment industry.

Udaariyaan: A Turning Point

Determined to achieve widespread recognition, Twinkle Arora continued her journey in the entertainment industry. In 2022, she auditioned for Season 2 of the television serial “ Udariyaan.” After a successful initial audition, Twinkle was shortlisted and, following subsequent rounds, secured the role of Nehmat, the daughter of Priyanka Chahar Choudary’s character.

During the filming of “ Udariyaan,” Twinkle faced personal Challenges related to her mother’s passing.  She experienced an emotional breakdown on set, reflecting her real-life grief.

Udaariyan Twinkle Arora
Udariyaan Twinkle Arora

However, her supportive colleagues and co-workers offered unwavering support and condolences during these difficult times. Twinkle’s authentic portrayal, driven by her personal experiences, resonated with viewers and contributed to the show’s success.

“Udariyaan” became a pivotal milestone in Twinkle’s acting career, marking the rise of a talented star in the world of Indian television.

She also played a role in ‘Dear Lotteries’ to promote the lotteries in Punjab.

Twinkle Arora Car Collection

Twinkle Arora owns a Range Rover, valued at an estimated price of 75 Lakh.

Twinkle Arora car collection
Twinkle Arora car collection

Twinkle Arora’s Net Worth

Her primary source of earning is through signing television serials and music videos. Additionally, she also earned from brand endorsement, entrepreneurial ventures, Modelling, and Instagram posts. Through these sources, she collected an estimated net worth of 3 Crore rupees.

Twinkle Arora Interesting facts Facts.

  • Her Favourite Hollywood Actress is Salena Gomez.
  • She will not prefer to do bold scenes if it is not necessary for the story.
  • According to her Long working hours make you strong.
  • Her hidden Talent is that she can sleep within minutes.
  • Her Hobby is dancing and reading.
  • Her Favourite Actor is Ritik Roshan.
  • Her Favourite Actress is Priyanka Chopra.
  • Her Favourite food is Indian and American.
  • She has a pet dog named Kiwi.
Twinkle Arora pet Kiwi Arora
Twinkle Arora pet Kiwi Arora

Twinkle Arora’s Physical appearance

Height1.62 m
Weight50 kg
Eye colorBlack
physically appearance


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