Radhika Merchant: A Rising Luminary with Ties to the Illustrious Ambani Dynasty- Discover her inside story.

Radhika Merchant is a prominent figure due to her engagement to Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, highlighting her connection to the renowned Ambani family.

Radhika Merchant Biography
Radhika Merchant Biography

Radhika Merchant is widely known because she’s set to marry into the Ambani family, headed by Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in the world. Her relationship with the Ambanis has made her famous, with people curious about her life.

Radhika Merchant isn’t your average woman, she is a true all-rounder, often described as a beauty with brains. Besides her association with the Ambani family, she is known for her exceptional capabilities and achievements.

Youngest Business Women

After she graduated from New York she joined Cedar Consultants in Mumbai as an intern and then joined  Isprava Group, a luxury home developer backed by Nadir Godrej, Anand Piramal, and Dabur’s Burman family as an intern.

Radhika Merchant now reportedly serves on Encore Healthcare’s board of directors. Her sister, Anjali, also works there as a director. Their father is the CEO and vice-chair, while their mother serves as the managing director.

Radhika Merchant’s board at Encore Healthcare highlights her as a beauty with brains, showcasing strategic decision-making and corporate governance prowess, reflecting her multifaceted leadership skills.

Radhika Merchant’s Dancing skills

Radhika Merchant Bharatnatyam Dance at Jio world Plaza
Radhika Merchant Bharatnatyam Dance at Jio world Plaza

Radhika Merchant isn’t only smart in academics, she is also a fantastic dancer. At the Arangetram ceremony during the Lunch of Jio World Plaza, she wowed everyone with her graceful Bharatnatyam performance. Her talent in both academics and dance proves her multitalented.

Radhika Merchant Family

Radhika Merchant hails from a distinguished family background, deeply entrenched in business and entrepreneurship, with roots originating from the vibrant region of Kutch, Gujrat.

Radhika Merchant mother and father
Radhika Merchant’s mother and father

Father: Viren Merchant

Radhika’s father, Viren Merchant, is the CEO of Encore Health Care, a prominent figure in the business industry with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He has contributed significantly to the success of Encore Healthcare and holds directorial positions in several other esteemed companies.

Mother: Shaila Merchant

Sahila Merchant, Radhika Merchant’s mother, is a co-founder of Encore Healthcare, showcasing her business acumen and dedication to entrepreneurship. She played a crucial role in establishing and growing the family business alongside her husband.

Elder sister: Anjali Merchant Majithia

Anjali Merchant Majithia, Radhika’s elder sister, is a dynamic entrepreneur who co-founded initiatives such as ‘Turn the Campus’ and ‘ Dryfix.’ Alongside her entrepreneurial ventures, she serves as a director at Encore Healthcare and Mylon Metals, displaying her versatility and business prowess.

Radhika Merchant Sister
Radhika Merchant Sister

Anjali Merchant’s husband, Aman Majithia, founded the clothing brand Vataly India, adding another dimension of business success to the family.  Anjali and Aman both have a son.

Radhika Merchant and Anjali Merchant close bond

Anjali Merchant was born in 1989, and Radhika Merchant came into the world in 1984, making an age gap of five years. Despite the age gap, the sisters share a close bond and are often seen together, smiling and posing in pictures on social media

Radhika Merchant Education

  1. Radhika Merchant attended Cathedral and John Connon School, Ecole Mondiale World School, and BD Somani International School in Mumbai for her schooling.
  2. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from New York University in the US, graduating in 2017.

Radhika Merchant Joining the Ambani Family as Future Daughter-in-Law

Radhika Merchant’s engagement to Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, catapulted her to widespread recognition. Their upcoming wedding, scheduled for July 12, 2024, has captured public interest, making Radhika the subject of much discussion and attention.

Radhika Merchant family
Radhika Merchant family
  • Their relationship was officially formalized through a roka ceremony held at the Shrinathjii temple in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district on December 29, 2022.
  • Radhika and Anant Ambani publicly announced their engagement in January 2023, solidifying their commitment to each other.
  • In March 2024, the Ambani family hosted an elaborate pre-wedding festival for three days, establishing Radhika’s connection to the prestigious family.

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Radhika Merchant Levish’s lifestyle

Radhika Merchant enjoys a lavish lifestyle, especially when it comes to fashion. Being set to join the Ambani family, she has a taste for luxury since her upbringing. She owns a big collection of designer clothes and bags.

One of the standout accessories is a Hermes pink bubble gum leather bag, which costs about 48 lakhs. She also loves wearing diamond jewelry, especially necklaces from brands like Polki and Emeralds.

Radhika Merchant with Hermes pink leather bag
Radhika Merchant with Hermes pink leather bag

At Deepika-Ranbir’s wedding, Radhika was seen carrying a Judith Leiber clutch from Italy worth 30 lakhs. Recently, she’s been appearing at weddings wearing stunning lehengas designed by Manish Malhotra, costing around 90 lakhs.

Radhika Merchant pre wedding lehanga
Radhika Merchant pre wedding lehanga

Her Lehenga was embedded with 300,000 Swarovski crystals and took 5700 hours to be made.

Radhika Merchant’s extravagant lifestyle, marked by her passion for luxury fashion and designer items, speaks volumes about her love for the finer things in life. As she prepares to marry into the Ambani family, her penchant for luxury becomes even more apparent. Whether it is her collection of designer bags, her preferences for diamond jewelry, or her stunning wedding attire, Radhika’s lifestyle embodies elegance and sophistication.

Radhika Merchant Birth Details

Date of Birth18 December 1994
Time of Birth12:00:00(Unknown)
Birth PlaceMumbai Maharashtra
Birth DaySunday
Zodiac SignGemini
Sun SignSagittarius
Birth information

Radhika Merchant Kundli

Radhika Merchant Kundli
Radhika Merchant Kundli

Zodiac Sign: Being a Gemini, Radhika Merchant probably loves learning new things and chatting with people. She’s outgoing and enjoys being around others, rather than being shy or reserved.

Nakshatra: Born under the Mrigasira Nakshatra, Radhika is deeply committed to her work, putting her heart and soul into every task she undertakes, and this nakshatra makes her appearance beautiful.

Yoga: The Subha Yoga blesses Radhika with a charming personality, earning her respect in society, and bringing her good fortune in both finance and career endeavors.

With her Saturn positioned in its own house, Radhika is inclined to work diligently for the advancement and welfare of society.


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