Abhinav Dwivedi: Graphic Designer to Famesroot CEO to Director of “We Are Earners”: Biography, Family, Salary and More.

Abhinav Dwivedi, currently a director of the upcoming web series “ We Are Earners” and a highly recognized CEO of Famesroot Celebrity Management, has traversed an impressive journey from his origins as a graphic designer to his present role as an entrepreneurial force in the digital marketing arena.

Abhinav Dwivedi biography
Abhinav Dwivedi biography

Who is Abhinav Dwivedi?

Abhinav Dwivedi is an energetic entrepreneur originally from Ranchi. He is passionate about using social media to make businesses thrive, focusing on digital marketing and brand endorsements. He began his career as a graphic designer and evolved into a digital marketing expert. Now, as the CEO of Fameroot Celebrity Management, he connects celebrities with brands for successful endorsements.

Abhinav’s journey highlights his innovative approach to reshaping how celebrities and brands collaborate in the digital age, making him a rising star in creativity and entrepreneurship.

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Biography/Wiki

Real NameAbhinav Dwivedi
Nick NameAbhinav
Birth Date18 August 2004
Birth PlaceRanchi, Jharkhand
Age20 years
FatherArun Kumar Dwivedi
MotherKavita Dwivedi
Married StatusUnmmaried
SiblingsOne sister
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Actor and Director
Net WorthUnknown
Biography/ Wiki

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Family

Family MembersNameOccupation
FatherArun Kumar DwivediGovernment Employee
(Police Department)
MotherKavita DwivediHousewife
SisterNot KnownStudent
Abhinav Dwivedi’s family members
  • Abhinav Dwivedi has a younger sister who is currently studying engineering in Delhi.
Abhinav Dwivedi family tree
Abhinav Dwivedi’s family tree

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Education

Abhinav Dwivedi is a dedicated student currently pursuing his education journey in Ranchi. Starting from his foundation education at DAV School Ranchi, he continued his academic endeavors at DAV College, Ranchi. Currently, he is in the process of completing his graduation at NLU Ranchi.

Education StageInstitutionLocation
SchoolDAV SchoolRanchi
CollegeDAV CollegeRanchi
GraduationNLU RanchiRanchi
Abhinav Dwivedi education

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Journey From Graphic Designer to CEO

Abhinav Dwivedi began his journey into graphic design during his 11th-grade year at DAV Ranchi. He got a freelancing offer and enthusiastically pitched his skills to various companies. This marked the start of his career, where he discovered a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship that would shape his professional path.

Early days of Graphic design

Back then, he didn’t know much about digital marketing. Initially, he was freelancing as a graphic designer for a company. In the early stages, he earned just 50 Rs or 100 Rs for each post, and these were slider posts with more than 7-8 graphics.

Abhinav Dwivedi early life
Abhinav Dwivedi’s early life

Even though the pay was modest, this was the starting point of his journey into graphic design, setting the stage for what was to come.

Unveiling Potential: Abhinav’s Rise at Famesroot Agency

Abhinav Dwivedi’s journey took a transformative turn when his skills caught the eye of the Framesroot agency founder Dev Mishra. Recognizing not only his graphic design prowess but also his adept communication, the founder saw untapped potential in Abhinav and recognized a potential beyond graphic design.

Offer a permanent job in Famesroot

This recognition led to a significant opportunity- the execution of the Mama Earth campaign involving 50-100 YouTube creators, showcased his adeptness in handling complex projects. Dev Mishra, the founder of Famesroot agency, was thoroughly impressed by Abhinav’s managerial prowess, leading to an offer of a permanent position within the agency.

Famesroot celebrity management
Famesroot celebrity management

Revisited the offer of Famesroot

However, Abhinav’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire for independence led him to decline the offer. Acknowledging Abhinav’s unique qualities and realizing the need for a partner to effectively run the organization, Dev Mishra revisited the offer. He proposed a groundbreaking role for Abhinav- the CEO of the organization with a 50% company partnership.

 Embracing this revised offer, Abhinav not only gained the independence he desired but also the chance to work alongside experienced individuals. The 50%-50% partnership arrangement symbolized the perfect opportunity for Abhinav to take ownership of the organization and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

In this transformative journey, Abhinav Dwivedi’s acceptance of the CEO role and partnership underscores the power of recognizing individual strength, fostering independence, and building collaborative, visionary leadership in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Abhinav Dwivedi Brand Endorsements

Abhinav Dwivedi’s journey with Fameroot has been remarkable, marked by visionary leadership and a commitment to transforming the landscape of celebrity management and brand endorsements.

The Easy Brand Endorsement Gateway

Abhinav’s entrepreneurial vision extended beyond conventional celebrity management.

He conceptualized and initiated the“Easy Brand Endorsement Gateway,” a revolutionary platform to streamline the collaboration process between brands and content creators. This gateway aimed to create a space where authentic connections could flourish, fostering a new era of brand endorsements.

“ We are Earners”: Abhinav Dwivedi’s Tale of Friendship, Struggle, and Triumphs

Abhinav Dwivedi, known for his entrepreneurial spirit, is stepping into the world of storytelling with his upcoming web series, “We are Earners.” In this heartwarming series, Abhinav wears the hat of both actor and director, presenting the inspiring journey of five friends facing life’s challenges and emerging as warriors.

The story unfolds in different locations- The vibrant landscapes of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan serve as the backdrop for the friend’s adventures. Alongside Abhinav, the ensemble cast includes Dev Mishra, Divyanshu Yogi, Shivanshu Yogi, Shivangi Sharma, and Arpita Sahu, creating a diverse and engaging narrative.

With roots in Jharkhand, Abhinav aims to inspire villagers facing limited opportunities. The series revolves around five friends who, searching for better opportunities, leave their villages in Jharkhand, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh to try their luck in Mumbai.

Abhinav Dwivedi Web Series
Abhinav Dwivedi Web Series

However, the struggles in the city prompt them to rethink their approach. Through social media, they reconnect, return to their villages, and start their businesses, becoming a source of inspiration for others to create opportunities in their hometown.

“We Are Earners” is set for release in December 2024.

Abhinav Dwivedi philanthropist

Apart from entrepreneurship, he is also a philanthropist. He established the Abhinav Dwivedi Foundation, an NGO through which he worked to uplift society.

In addition to his entrepreneurship pursuits, he wears the hat of a philanthropist. He founded the Abhinav Dwivedi Foundation, he actively works towards making a positive impact on the community and contributing to its betterment.

Abhinav Dwivedi Foundation
Abhinav Dwivedi Foundation

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Net Worth and Salary

Abhinav Dwivedi, who is still in college, is making an impressive monthly income of around 1.2 lakhs through his 50% partnership with Fameroot agency. It’s quite noteworthy for a student to earn this much, highlighting both his business skills and the agency’s success. Abhinav gets half of the annual company turnover as part of his partnership, showcasing a unique blend of academic commitment and entrepreneurial achievement.

Abhinav Dwivedi’s Social Media

Abhinav Dwivedi’s social media

Abhinav Dwivedi’s physical appearance

Height5’8″ (172cm)
Weight60 kg
Body measurementChest- 30
Waist- 28
Eye ColorBlack
Hair colorHair Color
Physical appearance

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