Who is Shruti Hassan’s Hairstylist, Surekha Gavli?

Surekha Gavli is known as the mother of the well-known Indian actress Jiya Shankar. She is the most skillful hairstylist for the model and actresses.


Who is Surekha Gavli?

Surekha Gavli, an Indian hairstylist, has curated hairstyles for numerous Indian actresses. She also holds the distinction of being the mother of the renowned actress Jiya Shankar. Her hairstyle craft extends beyond the Indian borders, illuminating her talent for International models.


Surekha Gavli hairstyle work:

Let’s spark light on her hairstyle work for different actresses.

Shruti Hassan Hairstyle:

Surekha-Gavli is primarily known for styling the hair of Indian actress Shruti Hassan. If you have noticed various hairstyles on Shruti Hassan, there is a good chance they were created by Surekha-Gavli. In the Image below, you can see how she crafted a hairstyle that perfectly matches Shruti Hassan’s outfit that enhances her appearance


Actress Nadhiya Moidu Hairstyle:

South Indian actress Nadhiya Moidu assists Surekha Gavli in creating her stunning hairstyles. The picture below showcases a hairstyle that harmoniously complements the actress’s face and outfit.


Actress Jiya Shankar’s Hairstyle:

Everyone knows the big boss Ott2 contestant Jiya Shankar. She is well known Indian actress and the daughter of hairstylist Surekha Gavli. Her mother decides her hairstyle with outlooks. In the below picture of Jiya Shankar, you can see that her hairstyle was crafted by Surekha making her beauty more sparked.


Fashion model Milena Panic Hairstyle:

Her hairstyling craft isn’t limited to showcasing Indian actresses: It extends to working with international models like Milena Panic. The picture below features model Milena Panic, whose stunning hairstyle underscores Surekha Gavli’s exceptional skills in hairstyling.

Model Melina-Panic-hairstyle-by-Surekha-Gavil
Model Melina-Panic-hairstyle-by-Surekha- Gavli

Surekha Gavli Family.

Surekha Gavli’s journey took a significant turn when she entered into matrimony with Shankar Gavli during her early years. Their Union was blessed with a single child, Jiya Shankar, who come into the world on 10 October 1995. However, as the year Unfolded, the couple’s path diverged, and in 2008, they made the difficult decision to part ways, a time their daughter Jiya Shankar was merely 13 years old. This transition marked a chapter of change in their lives, one that navigate the complexities of family dynamics and personal growth.


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