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Bigg Boss 17 Winner Munawar Faruqui 10 facts.

Munawar Iqbal Faruqui is well well-known Indian stand-up comedian known for his sharp wit and fearless humor.

Munawar Iqbal Faruqui launched his YouTube channel in 2010, featuring music videos and stand-up comedy. With a total of 4.61 million subscribers, he has become a notable presence in online comedy.

Munawar Iqbal Faruqui won Kangana Ranaut’s Reality TV show Lock Up Season in 2022.

Munawar Iqbal Faruqui lost his mother to suicide when he was 14, and his father later succumbed to paralysis.

He has three sisters, and one of them is named Shabana. She appeared as a guest family member in Bigg Boss 17.

Munawar Faruqui also had a son named Mikhail with his first wife, from whom he later got divorced.

He participated in Bigg Boss17 and emerged as the winner.

Nazila Sitaishi was the ex-girlfriend of the Munawar Faruqui. She accused him of being involved with multiple other girls.

In Bigg Boss17, contestant Ayesha Khan accused Munawar of being in a relationship with her while committed to Nazila.

Munawar appeared in the “Halki Halki Barsat” song with Nazila, which garnered 98Million views.

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