Tanuja Kanwar: An inspiring journey from small-town Cricketer to Rising star.

Tanuja Kanwar is an Indian cricketer who has made significant strides in the world of women’s cricket. She is known for her bowling prowess.

Tanuja Kanwar biography
Tanuja Kanwar biography


Full NameTanuja P Kanwar
Batting styleSlow left-arm orthodox
Playing roleBowler
Bowling styleSlow left- arm orthodox
TeamGujrati Giant Women
Salary50 Lakh
Basic details of Tanuja Kanwar

Birth Details

BIrth DateJanuary 28, 1998
Birth PlaceHimachal Pradesh
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sun SignCapricorn
Birth Details
Tanuja Kanwar Birth Chart
Tanuja Kanwar Birth Chart(Kundli)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorns are ambitious, practical individuals with a strong ethic and a penchant for responsibility and reliability.

Nakshatra: An individual born under the Shravan Nakshatra is often known for their knee listening skills, intelligence, and diplomatic nature. They possess a natural curiosity and are eager to learn from their surroundings.

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Tanuja Kanwar Family

Tanuja Kanwar was born in the small town of Shimla, into a middle-class family. Growing up, she began honing her cricketing skills by playing with boys in her local area. Her father played a pivotal role as a supportive figure in her life, encouraging her passion for cricket and guiding her towards opportunities to nurture her talent.

Tanuja Kanwar brother
Tanuja Kanwar brother

While further details about Tanuja’s family background are not widely known, it is known that she has a brother named Mohit Thakur.

How she entered the cricket platform

Tanuja Kanwar enjoyed playing cricket with her siblings and friends at home.  She had always been interested in the game since childhood and spent much time honing skills in the nearby fields.  Her style and technique set her apart, keeping her ahead on the field.

One day, she learned about a women’s cricket coaching academy in Dharamshala. This news sparked a new direction in her dreams. Tanuja was determined to seize this opportunity and decided to register herself for the academy’s trial.

Tanuja was selected for the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Academy (HPCA) located in Dharamshala.

Tanuja Kanwar practicing cricket
Tanuja Kanwar practicing cricket


Up to 10th gradeKuthar, Shimla
SecondaryJamuna Girls School, Dharamshala
Pursuing final year of Bachelor’s degreeAmritsar College

Tanuja completed her schooling up to 10th grade in Kuthar, Shimla. After joining the cricket academy in 2011, she continued her education at Jamuna Girls School in Dharamshala. She pursued her Bachelor’s degree at Amritsar College.

In school, Tanuja Kanwar found studying difficult, but she shone in sports. She played lots of different sports and even represented her district in Badminton and volleyball, showing she was talented in many areas.

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Himachal Pradesh Team

In 2011, Tanuja made her debut for the Himachal Pradesh U-19 Women’s team, marking the beginning of a promising journey. Her outstanding performances led to her promotion to the senior team the following year. In interviews, she emphasized the pivotal role played by the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) in shaping her career, highlighting the crucial support they provided.

Tanuja’s role in the senior team became crucial, especially during the 2016-2017 Senior Women’s One Day League. This Season marked a turning point in her career. She played a significant part in Himachal Pradesh Women’s victory against Uttar Pradesh Women in the Plate Group final. This win was vital as it secured their promotion to the Elite Group for the following season. Tanuja’s performance not only helped her team but also propelled her career forward.

Tanuja emerged as the top bowler in the tournament, claiming 17 wickets across four matches. Her standout performance included a four-wicket haul in the semi-final and a three-wicket haul against Uttar Pradesh Women in the final. These impressive displays not only showcased her bowling but also contributed significantly to her team’s success in the competition.

In 2017, Tanuja played for the Himachal Pradesh U-23 Women’s team. They competed in the Under-23 North Zone Women’s Cricket Championship and ended up winning it. In the final match against Jammu & Kashmir, Tanuja was outstanding, taking seven wickets. Her team won by a massive 266 runs. Tanuja was the star of the tournament, finishing as the top wicket-taker with a total of 15 wickets from four matches.

Tanuja Kanwar has been selected to play for the Indian A team warm-up matches against the Australian Women’s Team. These matches were set to be held on the 6th and 8th of March 2018 in Mumbai.

Tanuja Kanwar
Tanuja Kanwar

In 2018, Tanuja Kanwar earned a spot in the Women’s Red Squad for the 2018-2019 Women’s Senior T20 Challenger Trophy.  However, in the final match, India Blue emerged victorious over India Red, securing the win by a margin of 4 runs.

Indian Women’s Emerging Team

In October 2019, Tanuja Kanwar received a prestigious opportunity when she was chosen to represent the Indian Women’s Emerging team. This selection was for the inaugural Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Emerging Team Asia Cup, a significant tournament held in Sri Lanka.

Tanuja Kanwar Asia Cup
Tanuja Kanwar Asia Cup

In 2020, Tanuja Kanwar earned a spot on the Indian Women’s B team roster for the  T20 Quadrangular series hosted in India. During the final match against the Bangladesh Women’s team, Tanuja showcased her bowling prowess by claiming three wickets. Despite her commendable performance, the Indian women’s B team suffered a setback, losing the match by 14 runs.

In 2021, Tanuja Kanwar was selected to represent the Himachal Pradesh Women’s team in the BCCI Women’s Senior One-Day Trophy. On 21 March 2021, she delivered a remarkable performance against the Meghalaya Women’s team. Tanuja displayed her bowling prowess by claiming six wickets in just ten overs, maintaining an outstanding economy rate of 1:00. Her stellar bowling contribution played a crucial role as Himachal Pradesh secured victory in the match within Just four overs.

Tanuja Kanwar Women senior T20 Trophy
Tanuja Kanwar Women Senior T20 Trophy

Player of the Match

On February 7, 2023, Tanuja Kanwar was awarded the Player of the Match title in the final match against Karnataka in the 2022-2023 Women’s Senior One-Day Trophy. Her exceptional performance played a pivotal role in Railway Women’s victory. Tanuja showcased her bowling prowess by claiming three crucial wickets during the final match, demonstrating her skill and effectiveness on the field. Her contributions were instrumental in securing the win for her team, further solidifying her reputation as a standout player in women’s cricket.

Tanuja Kanwar Senior Women's One day trophy winner
Tanuja Kanwar Senior Women’s One-day Trophy winner

Central Zone Women’s team

Tanuja Kanwar played a significant role as a member of the Central Zone women’s team, which emerged victorious in the inaugural edition(2022-2023) of the Women’s Senior Inter Zonal T20 Cup.

Central zone team after winning the Senior Women’s Inter Zonal T20 Trophy (2022-2023)
Central zone team after winning the Senior Women’s Inter Zonal T20 Trophy (2022-2023)

Joining Gujrat Giant Army

In 2023, Tanuja Kanwar made headlines by becoming the most expensive uncapped domestic player in the inaugural season of the women’s Premier League. This milestone was achieved when the Gujrat Giants secured her signing for an impressive sum of Rs 50 lakhs. However, the Royal Challenger Bangalore initially showed keen interest in acquiring her talents, raising the bidding price from her base price of Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 45 lakhs. Ultimately, they withdrew from the bidding process after the Gujrat Giants escalated their offer to match the Rs 50. Lakhs bid, securing Tanuja’s service for their team.

Tanuja Kanwar join Gujrat Giant
Tanuja Kanwar join Gujrat Giant

Some Interesting facts

  • Tanuja Kanwar’s academy coach, Pawan sir, suggested she transition from being a pacer to a spinner, a change that ultimately proved beneficial for her career.
  • She loved to watch South Indian movies more than Bollywood movies.
  • In an interview, she said that from the Indian women’s cricket team, her favorite player is Smriti Mandhana.
  • From the  Indian  Men’s cricket team, she likes Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma.

Physical appearance

Weight55 Kg
Figure Measurement33-28-33
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Physical appearance