Tanu Rawat: From Tik-Tok star to MTV Roadies 19| Biography, Age, Education, Birth Chart, Family, Controversy, and More.

Tanu Rawat gained social media stardom by starting on TikTok and gaining popularity through her Instagram reels. Later on, she also participated in MTV Roadies 19 as a contestant.

Tanu Rawat Biography
Tanu Rawat Biography.

Who is Tanu Rawat?

Tanu Rawat is an Indian social media influencer, model, and dancer. She is recognized for her devotion to Lord Shiva and her distinctive head tilak. In her videos, she frequently portrays herself as a devout follower of Shiva.

She showcases a range of Yoga poses, dance performances, and devotion to the Hindu Gods Shiva and Krishna in her videos, which have earned her immense popularity among the public.


Tanu Rawat Personal Information.

NameTanu Rawat
Birth Date19 June 1999
Birth PlaceRishikesh, Uttrakhand
FatherMahavir Singh Rawat
MotherNot known
SiblingsAnjali Rawat(sister)
EducationSecondary education.
School/CollegeOpen School
ProfessionIndian Dancer,
Social media influencer
Net Worth2 Crore.
Personal information of Tanu Rawat.

Tanu Rawat Birth Chart Analysis.

Birth Information.

Date of Birth19 June 1999
Time of Birth12:00:00(Unknown)
Place of BirthDelhi
Day of BirthSaturday 
Zodiac signLeo
Sun SignGemini 
Birth information



Zodiac Sign: She was born under the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are known for their strength, courage, and creative abilities. They are very focused-minded on their goals.

VAJRA Yoga: Individuals born under Vajra yoga are known for their exceptional strength and unwavering determination. They exhibit great courage and possess a strong immune system.

PURVAPHALGINI Nakshatra: Individuals who are born under this nakshatra possess a great deal of optimism and are gifted with innate creativity.

Rahu Venus Conjunction: When Rahu and Venus are conjunct, it tends to indicate a strong inclination toward the field of creativity. This conjunction often leads to careers that involve creative and artistic talent.

Mars in the third house: Individuals with Mars in the third house tend to have a strong inclination towards physical activities. Their hobbies often involve activities that require physical strength.

Tanu Rawat Early life.

Tanu Rawat was born on June 19, 1999, in Delhi. Since childhood, she has had a keen interest in dance. Although she was an average student in her studies, she always actively participated in extracurricular activities.

Throughout her life, her mother has been her biggest supporter, always encouraging her to participate in various dance shows. When she decided to move to Rishikesh to learn dance from a teacher, her mother fully supported her on this journey.

Tanu Rawat Family.

Mahavir Singh Rawat(Father): Mahavir Singh Rawat is her father who is a teacher in Dubai.

Mother: The identity of Tanu’s mother remains unknown, but sources suggest that she is a homemaker. Tanu’s mother and sister collaborate to determine what attire is suitable for her in videos.


Anjali Rawat( Sister): Anjali Rawat is the eldest sister of Tanu. She is preparing for Charted Accountant. She worked as Manager for Tanu Rawat in her videos and reels.


Tanu Rawat Education

She completed her primary education at a school in Delhi.

She is currently pursuing her secondary education from an open school.

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Tanu Rawat Career

She began her career on TikTok and gained 1 million followers. After TikTok was banned, she moved to Instagram Reels. Luckily, she received more recognition on Instagram Reels than TikTok and became a successful social media influencer.


She launched her YouTube channel, “Tanu Rawat,” in June 2020. Her content primarily focuses on travel and dance.

In 2021, she got an opportunity to appear in the Harvyanvi Music video ‘ Young Age.’ After seeing her skills, she got more projects in Haryanvi Music videos, such as ‘Resham Ki Dor(2021)’, ‘Lifeline(2021),’ and ‘Naina Ke Teer(2022).’

Tanu-Rawat-Young-Age-music Video.

Gaining popularity in the Harvyavi music industry, she was given the biggest opportunity to appear in the music video for the song “Haule Haule (2023)” alongside well-known Indian model and actor Prince Narula.

She also appeared in ‘Jaanleva(2021)’ a Hindi music video.

She also performed in the devotional music video titled’ Hey Shivay’ and ‘Damru Tere Naam Ka’ in 2023.

Tanu Rawat.Damru-Tere-Naam-Ka
Tanu Rawat. Damru-Tere-Naam-Ka

In 2023 she got selected as a contestant in the reality show ‘Roadies Season 19’.

She achieved over 10 lakh subscribers on her channel in May 2023 and was awarded with both the Silver Creator Award and Gold Creator Award.

Tanu-Rawat-Youtube-silver-and-gold creator awards.

Tanu Rawat Earning Sources

  • Paid Promotion and Collaboration.
  • Youtube video ads.
  • Instagram Reels.
  • Modeling and Music videos.

Tanu Rawat’s some interesting facts.

  • She is a devotee of the lord Shiva and Krishna.
  • Her favorite actress is Noora Fatehi.
  • She does not have an account on Twitter, and Facebook till now.
  • She likes to travel specially Pilgrimage.
  • She used to Put tilak on her forehead as a devotion to lord Krishna.
  • She often wore her hair in Jata Dhari style as a symbol of her devotion to Lord Shiva.
Tanu-Rawat at-Kedarnath
Tanu-Rawat at-Kedarnath
  • Her hobby is to do yoga and dancing.
  • In 2022 she was awarded with Uttrakhand Icon Award.

Tanu Rawat Controversies.

Viewers have often criticized her for wearing short clothes and applying tilak on her forehead, which they personally find insulting to the Hindu religion. In addition, some people have accused her of using religion to boost her viewers.

Physical appearance(approximately)

WeightHair Color
Hair colorBlack(Curl)
Eye ColorBlack
Physical appearance

Social Media

Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/tanurawat33/3.9 M
Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/@Tanurawat33T/1.51 M
Social Media accounts of Tanu Rawat.

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Frequently Asked Question

What did Tanu Rawat’s father do?

Her father Mahavir Singh Rawat is a teacher in Dubai.

What is the age of Tanu Rawat in 2023?

In 2023 her age is 24.

From where is Tanu Rawat From?

Tanu Rawat’s hometown is Delhi, but she later moved to Rishikesh to pursue her passion for dance.

What is the Net Worth of Tanu Rawat?

Her Annual income is 7 lakh in Indian Rupees, and her net worth is 2 Crore.


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