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Quick information on Kamal Hassan.

Real NameParthasarathy Srinivasan
Date of Birth7 November 1954
Birth Place Paramagudi, Ramanathapuram district,Tamil Nadu
Father NameD. Srinivasan
Mother Name Rajalakshmi Srinivasan(housewife)
SiblingsNalini Raghu
Chandra Hassan
Charu Hassan
SpouseVani Ganapathy(1978-1988)
ChildrenShruti Hassan
Akshara Hassan
EducationThe Hindu Higher Secondary School
ProfessionIndian Actor, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, politician, playback singer,
Net Worth $100 million
Kamal Hassan Quick information

Kamal Hassan Birth Chart.

Date of Birth
7 November 1954
Time of Birth 06:15:00
Place of Birth Paramagudi, Ramanathapuram district,Tamil Nadu
Day of BirthSunday 
Rashi SignPisces
Purva Bhadrapada
Sun signLibra

Some facts about his birth Chart.

Vyaghata yoga: He was born on a Vyaghata yoga, according to his birth details. This yoga gave him multiple talents in different fields, like Acting, singing, and dancing. As all know, he is always active in politics.

Mars Exalted in the 4th house: He was born in Vyaghata Yoga, with Mars exalted in the 4th house in his birth chart. This yoga gives him a straightforward personality. Whatever he feels, he says without any bias, openly putting his point of view in front of the public. Exalted Mars gives him strong willpower.

Pisces Moon: Pisces Moon helps him to think creatively. His moon in pieces shows that his personality is emotional.

Cancer Jupiter in 10th house: Cancer Jupiter in the 10th house gives enormous fame in his career.

Who is Kamal Hassan?

Kamal Hassan is a well-known Indian actor. Along with his acting skills, he also presents his personality as a politician, dancer, playback singer, filmmaker, and screenwriter. He is the youngest actor who received the Rashtrapathi Award for his acting skill in the movie Kalathur Kannamma(1960).

Early life: Kamal Hassan was born on 7 November 1954 in Paramagudi town of Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. His upbringing was in the Tamil Brahmin family where his father D. Srinivasan was a well-known lawyer. His Mother Rajalakshmi was a simple lady who take care of her family with dedication.
He is the youngest child born in his family. Initially, his name was given as “Parthasarathy Srinivasan” but his father changed his name to Kamal Hassan. Since his childhood, he had knee interest in acting and performing creative skills. His father supported him to pursue his interest in fine arts.

Kamal Hassan Family:


Kamal Hassan’s father, D. Srinivasan, was a lawyer and freedom fighter. His father had a significant influence on his success. He supported and encouraged Kamal Hassan in both his acting and political career. It is an intriguing coincidence that the father’s death anniversary and son’s birthday fall on the same day, 7 November.


Kamal Hassan’s mother, Rajalakshmi, was a housewife who raised four children Kamal Hassan(youngest), Nalini, Chandra, and Charu(eldest). She is the one who supports him with emotions and gives him the right direction in his decision.


Nalini Raghu: She was born in the Year 1946. She is the elder sister of Kamal Hassan. She is a classical dancing teacher. She is fond of dancing and loves dogs.

Chandra Hasan:

Chandra Hassan, the elder but not the eldest brother of Kamal Hassan, was born in the year 1934. Professionally, he was a film producer as well as an actor. Chandra Hassan married Geethamani in the year 1965. He began his acting career in 1995 with his debut in the drama Indira. The couple had one son, Nirmal Hassan, and one daughter, Anu Hassan.

He died on 18 March 2017 from a cardiac arrest, preceded by the passing of his wife, Geethamani, two months earlier. Kamal and Chandra Hassan shared a strong bond in their personal and professional life.

Chandra Hassan brother of Kamal Hassan

Charu Hassan:

Charu Hassan, the eldest brother of Kamal Hassan, was born on 5 January 1931. He was a well-known Indian actor and director who worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi movies.

In 1953, he married Komalam, and they had three children: Nandhin, Suhasini, and Subashini. He won the Rajat Kamal Award for Best Acting in 1987 for the Kannada movie “Tabarana Kathe.”



Vani Ganapathy(1978-1988):

Vani Ganapathy was born on 6 June 1950 in Kolkata. She is an Indian Bharatanatyam dancer who made her cinematic debut in the Hindi movie “Piyaasi Naadi.” Kamal Hassan and Vani Ganapathy first met while working on the film “Melnattu Marumamal.”

During their time together on this project, they fell in love and decided to get married. In 1978, Kamal Hassan and Vani Ganapathy tied the knot. Initially, they enjoyed a happy married life. However, after ten years, specific disagreements began to arise between them. These conflicts eventually led to their separation, and in 1988, the couple officially divorced.

Sarika Thakur(1988-2004):

Sarika Thakur, the second wife of Kamal Hassan, was born on 5 December 1960 in New Delhi. Professionally she is an Indian actress and a costume designer. At the age of 5, she began her acting career by portraying the character of a boy for the first time.

Kamal Hassan had an affair with Sarika instead of having his first wife. Kamal Hassan divorced her first wife in 1988 and tied the knot to Sarika Thakur in the same year. The couple welcomed two daughters Shruti Hassan in 1986 and Akshara Hassan, in 1991. The couple separated in 2004.

After her divorce from Kamal Hassan, she struggles hard to re-establish her acting career. In 2005 she won the National Film Award for the movie Parzania.

Sarika-Thakur Kamal Hassan second wife.


Gautami Tadimalla (2004-2016):

Gautami Tadimalla is a well-known figure in the Tamil industry. She was born on 2 July 1968 in Srikakulam, a city in Andhra Pradesh. Professionally, she is an actress as well as a politician.

Following Kamal Hassan’s divorce from Sarika Thakur, he entered into a live-in relationship with Gautami Tadimalla. However, in 2016, she chose to separate from him due to unclear commitment within their relationship

Gautami Tadimalla live in relation with actor Kamal Hassan.


Shruti Hassan:

Shruti Hassan, the eldest daughter of Kamal Hassan, was born on  28 January 1986 in Chennai. She was born to Kamal Hassan’s second wife, Sarika Thakur. Professionally she is an Indian actor as well as a playback singer. She has worked in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies.

She did her schooling at the Lady Andal Venkata Subba Rao School. Later, she moved to Mumbai to pursue a graduate degree in psychology at St. Andrew’s College. She appeared in the Celebrity 100 list of Forbes India in 2015 and 2016.

 Shruti-hassan, Kamal Hassan daughter.
Akshara Hassan

Akshara Hassan is the youngest daughter of Kamala Hassan and Sarika Thakur. She was born on 12 October 1991 in Chennai. Professionally she is an actor and dancer. She started his career with her debut in the movie, “Shamitabh” in 2015.

She completed her schooling at the Indus International School of Banglore. She converted to Buddhism as she find attraction towards the religion.

Kamal Hassan Family Tree.
Kamal-Hassan-Family-tree. amal Hassan Family, biography

Kamal Hassan Education

Early Education:

Kamal Hassan completed his primary schooling from the Hindu Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

University Education:

Kamal Hassan joined Loyola College for higher studies and pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. During his studies, he participated in college drama and theater groups to quench his thirst for acting.

Kamal Hassan Career.

Early Career(1959-1970) Entry into the cinema world.

Kamal Hassan entered the cinematic world as a child artist. In 1959 he played his debut as a child artist in the Tamil movie ‘Kalathur Kannamma.’ Throughout the 1960s, he continued to work as a child artist in various films.

Kamal-Hassan as child artist.
Kamal-Hassan as a child artist.

In the 1970 Movie ‘Maanavan’ Tamil language movie, he acted in the lead role for the first time.

Journey to Become Star(1970s-1980s):

During the 1970s and 1980s, Kamal Haasan emerged as a mega star in the cinema world. His first leading role movie was ‘Maanavan’ a Tamil-language movie. This movie did not achieve a good score of success, but the movie was the entry gate for him as a lead actor.

During this period, he acted in multiple film industries, such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. He made his appearance in front of the public through his versatile personality.

Some of his versatile roles:

  • Apoorva Raagangal (1975): It is a Tamil drama in which he plays the role of a romantic man caught in a love triangle.
  • Moondru Mudichu (1976): It is a Tamil romantic movie in which he played the second lead role with renowned actors Rajinikanth and Sridevi.
  • Neeya (1979): It is a Tamil horror movie. In this movie, Kamal Hassan played the lead role. The story of the film is about a snake woman who wanted revenge. This movie added his personality as a versatile actor through its success.
Kamal Hassan Neeya-Movie.
Kamal Hassan Neeya-Movie.
  • Varumayin Niram Sivappu (1980): In this movie, he played the complex character of a man who focuses on unemployment and the struggles faced by young individuals. The character in this movie shows his ability to perform complex roles.
National and State Awards:
  • Tamil Nadu State Film Awards: He received the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for best acting for the movies 16 Vayathinile” (1977) and “Sigappu Rojakkal” (1978).
  • Filmfare Awards (South): Kamal Haasan won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his role played in the movies “16 Vayathinile” (1977) and “Sigappu Rojakkal” (1978).
  • Nandi Awards: He also received the Nandi Award for best actor in the Telugu film “Maro Charitra” (1978).
  • Cinema Express Awards: He also received Cinema Express Awards for his performance in the movies like “16 Vayathinile” (1977) and “Sigappu Rojakkal” (1978).
  • Kalaimamani Award: In 1979, the Government of Tamil Nadu honored him with the Kalaimamani Award for his exceptional contribution to the cinema.

His versatile performance during this period makes him a mega star in the movie industry.

Kamal Hassan Experimental approche (1900s to 2000s):

Kamal Hassan notably knows for his experimental approach through his roles in movies. Some of his examples of experiments are.

The Movie Pushpaka Vimana (1987) is a silent black comedy film in which he played the role of storytelling with a unique approach without any dialogue. The movie’s international recognization is due to Kamal Hassan’s unique way of delivering words.


Hey Rama(2000): Hey Rama is a Tamil crime drama produced and acted by Kamal Hassan. The movie includes a different way of storytelling related to communal violence. The movie has won three National Film Awards.

Anbe Sivam (2003): Kamal Haasan experiments with his role, delivering a thought-provoking performance in this movie. The movie, written by Kamal Haasan, serves as an experiment where he raises social issues and delves into themes of communism and humanism.

Dasavathaaram (2008): In this Tamil science fiction action film, Kamal Haasan experiments with his performance by portraying ten distinct characters. Each character showcases a unique personality, allowing Kamal Haasan to demonstrate his versatility and range as an actor.

Vishwaroopam (2013): It is an action spy thriller movie. It is directed and acted by Kamal Hassan. Through this movie, Kamal Hassan portrays the complex characteristic of using new innovative ways through technologies to enhance storytelling and action sequences.

Political career

In 2018, Kamal Hassan founded a new political party Makkal Needhi Maiam. The introduction of the new political party was the beginning of his political career. The party officially launched on 21 February 2018 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He was actively involved in politics through political gatherings to raise issues related to the Tamil Nadu people. He has also contested in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections held in 2021.

Kamal Hassan Political Party Logo
Makkal Needhi Maiam

Kamal Hassan Controversy:

Vishwaroopam Controversy: Kamal Haasan’s 2013 movie “Vishwaroopam” faced objections from the Muslim community, who raised their voices to ban the film due to its negative portrayal of Muslims and Islam. Muslim organizations expressed their concerns about the movie’s content, leading to objections and a request for a ban. The matter was taken to the Madras High Court, and following mutual understanding, the restrictions on the film were lifted.

Hindu Makkal Katchi Protests: In 2017, the Hindu Makkal Katchi, a right-wing Hindu organization, protested against Kamal Haasan over his remarks on Hindu extremism. They demanded an apology and threatened to halt the release of his film “Bigg Boss Tamil.” Through discussions and clarifications, the situation was resolved.

Remarks on “Hindu Terrorism”: In 2017, Kamal Haasan made controversial remarks using the “Hindu terrorism” term during a public event. This led to a backlash from certain Hindu groups, who accused him of hurting religious sentiments. Kamal Haasan later clarified his statement, stating that he meant “extremism” rather than labeling an entire religion.

Caste-based Comments: In 2018, during an interview, Kamal Haasan made comments about the caste system in India, which sparked controversy and received criticism from various quarters. Some accused him of promoting divisiveness and exploiting caste sentiments for political gain.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How did Kamal Haasan enter the film industry?

Kamal Haasan started his cinematic career in the late 1950s with his debut as a child artist in the Tamil film “Kalathur Kannamma” in 1959. His performance in the movie garnered immense acclaim, earning him the prestigious President’s Gold Medal.

What are some of Kamal Haasan’s most iconic roles?

Velu Nayakan in “Nayakan” (1987),Raja/Kamal in “Pushpaka Vimana” (1987),Sakthivelu in “Thevar Magan” (1992),Chappani in “Indian” (1996), Senapathy in “Dasavathaaram” (2008),Nallasivam in “Anbe Sivam” (2003).

What are some of Kamal Haasan’s upcoming projects?

STR 48, Thevar Magan 2, Kamal Hassan 234, Bharatheeyudu 2, Leo, Indian2, and SK21 are the upcoming project of Kamal Hassan.

What is the salary of Kamal Haasan per movie?

Kamal Hassan charged up to 20 to 30 Crores per movie.

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