Bharat Jain World’s richest Mendicant(beggar): let’s Unlock his sources of Rs 7.5 crores net worth.

World richest beggar Bharat Jain.
World richest beggar Bharat Jain.

A Man who changes thoughts for Beggars

Bharat Jain is a beggar who pulls the limelight on himself through his shocking income. Beggar Bharat Jain creates havoc thought in the public mind about begging.

A seed of begging in the mind of people indicates a person who does not have a house to live in, food to eat, and clothes to wear. The story of Bharat Jain has made people think twice before giving charity to beggars.

Who is Bharat Jain?

He is a beggar who begs on the streets of Mumbai. Like everyone else, he also has a family that includes a wife, two children, one brother, and a father. His two children attend a convent school in Mumbai for education.

He ears up to 60,000 to 75,000 in a month through begging. He has two BHK flats in Mumbai that cost Rs 1.2 crore. He also owns two apartments for Rs 70 Lakhs each.

Despite having total assets of 7.5 crore, which is the dream of most middle-class people in India, he continues to beg. He earns up to 2000-3000 money per day through begging.

Bharat Jain total assets
Total assets

Let’s Look at the Bharat Jain family.

Bharat Jain has a wife and two children in his family. Additionally, his father and a brother also live with him. His family never support him in his profession. Once he did not have a penny, but through begging, he has made a large amount of assets. His family always forces him not to beg more and change his profession.

He never listens to his family and continues to beg. As said, greed for money is the worst thing in human life. Despite his steady income and relative comfort, he is trapped in a cycle of Unfulfillment. His greed never allows him to come out of the begging profession.


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