Anjali Chauhan: Gaav Ki Gori From Tik-Tok sensation to Bhojpuri Movies.

Anjali Chauhan a small-town sensation who soared as a social media influencer from Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, proving that success knows no boundaries.

Anjali Chauhan biography
Anjali Chauhan biography

Anjali Chauhan Biography/ Wikipedia

Real NameAnjali Chauhan
Other Name(Gaav Ki Gori)
Birth Date26 Feb 1998
Birth PlaceAmora Village, Maharajgan District(UP)
MotherManisha Chauhan
FatherSiddhant Chauhan
Siblings3 brothers
1 sister
BoyfriendKaran( Rumour)
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Net Worth15-20 Lakh
Personal Information

Who is Anjali Chauhan?

Anjali Chauhan, known affectionately as “Gaav ki Gori,” is a social media influencer born in Amora Village, Maharajganj District, Uttar Pradesh, on February 26, 1998, into a middle-class family. She rose to prominence through her captivating dance and lip-syncing videos on platforms like Tik-Tok and YouTube, often drawing comparisons to Bollywood icon Madhuri Dixit. She not only features her family in daily vlogs but also shares behind-the-scenes videos.

Anjali Chauhan Old house of Maharajganj
Anjali Chauhan Old house of Maharajganj

Anjali Chauhan Age, Birth Information, and Birth Chart(Kundli).

Date of Birth26 Feb 1998
Time of Birth12:00:00 am (Unknown)
Birth PlaceAmora Village, Maharajgan District(UP)
Birth DayThursday 
Zodiac SignAquarius 
Sun SignPisces 
Birth Information


Anjali Chauhan Birth chart
Anjali Chauhan’s Birth chart

Zodiac sign: Aquarius zodiac individuals are very hardworking, so they can achieve difficult goals without much trouble. They are also independent and smart. When they talk, they are clear and to the point.

SATABHISA Nakshatra: People born under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra are usually brave, generous, determined, clever, and not big eaters. They like to achieve big goals, live a good and righteous life, respect holy people, and are very religious.

SIVA Yoga: Individuals born under the Shiva yoga are highly intelligent and dedicated to helping others. They are known for their generosity and selflessness, often putting the well-being of others ahead of their own.

Rahu in Leo: When Rahu is in the Leo sign, it bestows the native with a highly creative mind, often leading to significant fame and recognition.

Anjali Chauhan Family

Anjali Chauhan hails from a family in Michol, Maharaj Ganj, Uttar Pradesh. She has two sisters and three brothers, all of whom are married. Anjali is the youngest among her siblings.

In the beginning, Anjali made videos without her family’s knowledge or support. However, her middle brother’s wife was aware of her hidden video-making passion, and she supported Anjali in her efforts.

Anjali Chauhan family pic
Anjali Chauhan family pic

Initially, family members did not support her and scolded her for making videos. This led to the start of shooting videos without their knowledge. Over time, as Anjali gained popularity and recognition, her family members started to support her, and she continued to follow her passion for creating videos.


Siddhant Chauhan(Father)

Siddhant Chauhan, Anjali’s father, was a significant presence in their family. He was a farmer. However, he is no longer with them.

Anjali Chauhan Father
Anjali Chauhan Father

Manisha Chauhan(Mother)

Manisha Chauhan is Anjali’s mother. She, too, actively participated in farming alongside other family members. She always supports Anjali in her career path.

Anjali Chauhan mother
Anjali Chauhan mother


Sona Chauhan(Sister)

Anjali Chauhan has an elder sister named Sona Chauhan, who is married. Further details about Sona are not provided.

Anjali Sister
Anjali Sister


Anjali has three elder brothers, one of whom is named Mohan Chauhan. They also engaged in farming activities. Unfortunately, special details about Mohan and her brothers are not available.

Anjali Chauhan brother
Anjali Chauhan brother

Vinay Chauhan(Brother)

Vinay Chauhan is one of Anjali’s third number elder brothers. Like the rest of the family, he is involved in farming activities. He is unmarried.

Anjali Chauhan brother
Anjali Chauhan brother

Niece- Pankaj

Pankaj is Anjali’s niece and frequently appears in her videos. He assists Anjali in shooting her content, including handling the camera. Pankaj is currently studying in the 11th class.

Anjali Chauhan niece Pankaj
Anjali Chauhan niece Pankaj

Niece-Fulkhi and Preet

Fulkhi and Preet are the children of Anjali’s elder brothers. They occasionally appear in Anjali’s videos.

Anjali Chauhan Niece
Anjali Chauhan Niece

Anjali Chauhan Boyfriend

Anjali Chauhan is currently single, prioritizing her career over a relationship to fulfill her dreams. While there have been rumors about her and Internet personality Karan Patidar.

However, she clarified that she and Internet personality Karan Patidar are just good friends.

Anjali Chauhan and Karan Patidar
Anjali Chauhan and Karan Patidar

Anjali Chauhan Education

  • She did her schooling at the government college of Maharajganj.
  • She completed her higher education, earning a BSC degree, at Maharajganj College.

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Anjali Chauhan Career

Certainly, here’s the revised career journey for Anjali Chauhan, with the change that she transitioned to YouTube after the Tik-Tok app was banned.

Childhood Aspiration: Anjali, Chauhan had a childhood dream of becoming an actress. Since her childhood, she has liked to dance like the actress Madhuri Dixit.

Discovery of TikTok: Anjali learned about the TikTok app through her friends and joined the platform. Recognizing her talent for dancing, and began creating and sharing videos.

TikTok Stardom: Anjali gained popularity on TikTok with her dance videos. Despite not initially aiming for fame, her videos went viral, and she started to attract a substantial following.

YouTube Transition: Anjali Tik Tok success was abruptly interrupted when the TikTok app was banned. After that, she decided to transition to YouTube as an alternative platform for sharing her content.

Dancing videos on YouTube: Faced with equipment limitations, Anjali focused on uploading dancing videos on her YouTube channel. These dance videos received a positive response, motivating her to continue creating and sharing them.

Anjali Chauhan Youtube channel
Anjali Chauhan Youtube channel

Versatile Content: Anjali’s YouTube channel features a variety of content, including lip-syncing, dancing, and expressive videos. Her engaging personality and infectious smile helped her connect with her audience.

Viral Success on YouTube: Over time, her dancing videos on YouTube started to go viral, further boosting her online presence and fame. Her channel reached the milestone of 1 million subscribers, signifying her growing popularity and influence on the platform.

Mumbai Dreams: Anjali Chauhan aspired to go to Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India. However, her financial constraints initially hindered her from pursuing this dream.

Debut Movie: Anjali made her debut in the Bhojpuri film industry with a small role alongside Bhojpuri superstar Amarpali Dubey in “Mare Rang Main Raangne Wali.”

Debut movie of Anjali Chauhan
Debut movie of Anjali Chauhan

Third Bhojpuri Movie: She played a significant role in her third Bhojpuri movie, “Amanat,” alongside lead actress Kajal Rangwani.

Amanat movie of Anjali Chauhan
Amanat movie of Anjali Chauhan

 Official video songs: Anjali ventured into the music video industry with releases like the rap song “I Phone Wali Ladki”(2021) and “Oh Maan Re”(2021) with Karan Patidar, as well as “Jaaniya”(2022) with Prince.

Oh Maan Re song of Anjali Chauhan
Oh Maan Re song of Anjali Chauhan

Bhojpuri Albums: She featured in Bhojpuri albums, including “Dauri Me Paar Ke Adauri Balam”(2022) and “ Ghare Rahita Balam”(2022) sung by Punita Priya.

Dauri Me Paar Ke Adauri Balam Anjali Chauha Bhojpuri song
Dauri Me Paar Ke Adauri Balam Anjali Chauha Bhojpuri song

Event Performance: Anjali Chauhan’s career also included live performances. Her first event performance took place at Nilansh Water Park in Lucknow for the VIDSCOP event, where she showcased her talent and entertained her fans.

Anjali Chauhan Luknow event
Anjali Chauhan Luknow event

YouTube Behind-the-Scenes: On her YouTube channel, Anjali shared behind-the-scenes videos, showcasing the making of her dance videos and offering insights into her daily life.

Anjali Chauhan’s career journey reflects her versatility as a performer, from online content creation to live event performances, showcasing her talent and connecting with her audience in multiple ways.

Explosive Controversy Erupts Between Anjali Chauhan and Nisha Lamba Over 5000 Rupees!

In the world of beauty and social media influencers, a heated argument has broken out between two well-known figures, Anjali Chauhan and Nisha Lamba. The whole thing revolves around 5,000 rupees, which might sound like a small amount, but the drama unfolding had turned into social media controversy.

Nisha Lamba, the Makeup Pro:

Nisha Lamba is a renowned makeup artist in Delhi who owns a prominent beauty salon. She accused Anjali Chauhan of failing to pay her 5000 rupees.

Nisha alleged that when Anjali visited her salon on August 3, 2022, she received hair treatment and also made some product purchases online. Anjali, however, stated that she bought these products online for 5,000 rupees after her salon visit.

Anjali Chauhan at Nisha Lamba salon.

The dispute arose because Anjali had initially promised to promote the products but hadn’t done so even after 25 days.

Nisha asked Anjali for the money, but Anjali replied that she had posted Nisha’s album on her Instagram. She charged 5000 rupees for this single post, but she hadn’t taken this fee from Nisha Lamba.

In response, Nisha argued that Anjali had never informed her about this charge, and she had also never asked her to promote the products; it was Anjali herself who suggested promoting the products.

Nisha then publicly accused Anjali of being a thief in a YouTube video.

Anjali’s Tearful Side:

Anjali had a different story, and she was in tears when she shared it on her YouTube channel. She denied Nisha’s claims, saying Nisha had offered her a deal. Nisha supposedly said she had to pay Anjali 40,000 rupees per month if Anjali made 15 videos and one social media story every day. Anjali denied this offer.

Anjali further explained that she had only opened one of the three products she purchased from Nisha and discovered it to be poor quality. Consequently, she made the decision not to review the other two items. Anjali also expressed her intention to return the products to Nisha, but Nisha declined to accept them.

Online Outrage

Many of Anjali’s friends and fellow YouTubers supported her, criticizing Nisha for her accusations. They questioned why Anjali, who apparently makes a lot of money, would harm her reputation over just 5000 rupees.

Anjali’s supporters pointed out that she had already promoted Nisha’s work on her channel for free and even stayed in Delhi for several days at her own expense for a collaborative project. They felt Nisha’s accusations were unjust.

Rakhi Sawant Support Anjali Chauhan in Nisha Lamaba and Anjali Chauhan controversy.

Nisha’s Apology

Under mounting criticism from the online community, Nisha Lamba eventually posted an apology video, saying sorry for hurting Anjali’s feelings.

Anjali Chauhan Salary and Net Worth.

Anjali Chauhan’s income primarily stems from various sources, including YouTube video ads, brand endorsements, participation in album songs, and movie roles.

Her monthly earnings are estimated to be in the range of 2-3 lakh rupees. As a result of her successful career in social media and the entertainment industry, her net worth is currently estimated to be around 30 lakh rupees.

Anjali Chauhan interesting facts.

Favourite ActressMadhuri Dixit
Favourite ActorAkshay Kumar, Sunny Deol and Govinda.
Favourite FoodChole Bhature
Instagram Id
Known asGaav Ki Gori
HobbyDancing and acting
She is also a good Mahendi designerMahendi Design of Anjali Chauhan
YouTube followers12.2 Lakhs
Instagram followers2.5 Million
3 brothers and 2 sistersShe is the Youngest of all 5 siblings
YouTube Id
Interesting facts

Anjali Chauhan Physical appearance(approx)

Anjali Chauhan Physical appearance
Anjali Chauhan’s Physical appearance
Weight52 Kg
Eye colorBlack
Physical appearance


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